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  1. MaryEllen

    Fantasia Fair

    Fantasia Fair is coming up in Provincetown Massachusetts, October 16 through October 23, 2016. A fun time for the GLBT community. MaryEllen http://www.fantasiafair.org/Welcome.aspx
  2. Hitler did that to Jews to identify them. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Nazi tactics are not acceptable.
  3. Yeah, that's what it sounds like.
  4. Police protect their own. Unless it was blatantly obvious that the officers shooting wasn't justified an internal investigation will find that the officer(s) acted appropriately.
  5. This is a question. Not trying to be a back seat moderator. Wasn't this supposed to be a G-GP rated site??
  6. Back in my motorcycle days we used to take daytrips down to Bar Harbor. Have been there many times and totally love the area. I'm from central Piscataquis county but am temporarily living and working in metro west Boston. :)
  7. Every journey begins with the first step. Congratulations. :)