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  1. Hey all, Krissy here to give ya some help at the request of olcharlie, a moderator, mobiles have been having issues logging on, due to seeing nothing but a white screen, well I'm here to guide you all and get you back to chatting with your buddies (This is the IPhone Instructions, if you own an IPhone click this link: http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/request-desktop-site-ios-8/) log into [tgguide.com] for the new chat rooms, to access with Android devices when you are in your browser (so far only Chrome, Puffin and Safari work, as far as I know) on the top right corner there is several (3) vertical dots (It is essential your on the three aforementioned Browsers, otherwise you'll be chasing your own tail), that is your browser option menu, go into the menu, and select "Request Desktop Site" (you MUST be on desktop view, or this wont work). Then you can go into the chat after that Also: on the java system it was possible to log in on as a guest account, using a password, without actually registering. So when we migrated the data base from there to here, folks who hadn’t actually registered had no information on the system to include. This misunderstanding cannot happen on the new system. Do please register a new account here, and let us know if we can help. Also, It is highly recommended that you clear your cache and cookies before switching to the new site, if you don't you'll just get booted back to the old chat
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