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  2. I am polytheistic. I "subscribe" to the Greek Gods and Goddesses. I personally serve Aphrodite directly. I swore an oath to Her when I was 17. I have suffered Her wrath before and lived to severely regret it. I even have a room in my house that is a temple to Her. I have tried looking for others that are polytheistic, but it's starting to seem that I am the only one. The Great Gods and Goddesses could offer a lot to our family, and help a lot of our brothers and sisters through their struggles. Ares possibly could help you with your inner wars. Aphrodite obviously could help you to learn to see your own beauty and to love yourself. And don't forget the gifts we received from Prometheus, and the punishment he is suffering for it.
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  4. Briannah

    We survived moving day 1.0!

    Unfortunately, there will be a 2.0, as our friend's big trailer was unavailable, but he brought the 'smaller one' and we moved most of it. So we're going back Saturday with him again (he's so sweet, volunteered to do it again for us!) and get the last of it. I can't find anything, unpacking is really random, but it feels great to be here. This town is amazing! People are REALLY friendly here. When I smile and say hello to random strangers they stop and strike up a conversation instead of looking at you funny and hurrying away like our last city. And it's a pretty little town. The house is wonderful, and we're slowly settling in box by box. Nikki says hello to everyone!
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  6. I just found out about this conference in Fort Lauderdale September 6-8, 2018. I was wondering if anyone is going? I would like to go learn something’s and meet people. It should be fun as well. I guess this conference used to be in Atlanta for a long time. Let me know if you are going. Christy
  7. Check it out, this is awesome! https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2018/08/10/us/politics/10reuters-usa-election-lgbt.html
  8. Christy

    See you all when I get to Sidney!

    Safe travels!!!
  9. Briannah

    See you all when I get to Sidney!

    The computers are going down tonight, and I"ll be off in no internet land until I get settled. Take care!
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  11. MichelleLea

    Moving On Update

    Thanks. Will do.
  12. MonicaPz

    Moving On Update

    Dear MichelleLea, May I suggest you check out Google maps and look at the pictures of the properties and surrounding neighborhoods. It is literally like walking through the neighborhoods. This will save you time and money. There is also Bing maps, too, and I am sure there are many others! Your friend, Monica
  13. I do agree. After I posted “click bait “ I watched the video and it was pretty good. Simple but good. I should have watched it before hand but I hate giving “click bait” any attention. I guess my head is just spinning lately and I just reacted. The way I see it is anything that might help someone to understand the meaning of a very complicated topic is a positive thing. It was very hard for me personally to wrap my head around what this all means and what the differences were in regards to terminology. It does seem to focus on the “in your head distress “ leavening out the external a bit. Yes, something did bother me a tiny bit while watching the video where I was feeling uneasy with what was being said. Kind of like “uhmmmm aaaa Naaa aahhh” if that makes any sense. But information is good and someone who knows nothing about this might have a better understanding after watching. Add more Specific information after that and maybe a truer understanding is around the corner. So thank you Emma for posting this. Christy
  14. Does appear to be clik bait simply because of the title. But I'm wondering if that was a ploy to get those who NEED to hear that information to check it out. We KNOW what "transgender" and "gender dysphoria" are, and we know they are not mental illnesses. It's the people who think we are mentally disturbed who need to learn something. Perhaps the vid was aimed at them.
  15. Briannah

    Well this might not end the way Nikki wants it to.

    Well, we had mixed results. He can charge it now, but it's awkward and jerry-rigged and not really 'fixed'. So half success half time to start considering what replacement phone is best going forward. I need too also, Nikki washed my phone last winter. In the washing machine, and murdered it. SO we got a refurbished iphone 6 which is supposed to be a step up from my iphoneSE, but I hate it. We can worry about that after moving though. : ) Have you tried all the channels available on your phone? I know when I lived in an area wehre landlines were more common it could be hard to find a channel that some neighbors use didn't interfere with mine when we were on them at the same time.
  16. Briannah


    While we're on the subject of shoes, good grief take a lesson from my recent experiences and get those orthodic inserts even if you don't have a problem to keep you from getting a problem. Women's shoes are designed awfully with flat insides for the most part (although those Earth Spirit ones make an effort at actual foot support) and over time you can injure your feet in variety of ways. I spent the last few months feeling there was a knife in my heels because my fascia thing got injured over years of wearing these shoes that are pretty ubiquitous. And yeah, part of this is on me because I never asked myself why dress shoes are flat and sneakers have all this foot support design. I'm dumb sometimes, but it was just 'how things are' and in the grand scheme of things I had no brain power left for my shoes apparently. Until I paid the price. So get whatever cute shoes strike your fancy, but for your foots sake, get and use the inserts.
  17. MichelleLea

    Moving On Update

    We had two showings on the house yesterday, and the feedback was very positive. One party is still debating over my house and another one. At this point, I hope they pick the other one. There are still some finishing touches to be done, and my guy is starting tomorrow with them. It will also help us pass inspection when that time comes. Besides, I am not quite ready to move, although that is rapidly becoming out of my hands. I did talk to Ricki Barr who was introduced to me by Monica. She felt that I should definitely seek some financial advice when the house does sell so that I make the best use of the money and avoid tax issues. Not a bad idea at all. We could have chatted all night, but I am in somewhat of a time crunch and had things that needed doing. I started writing down the addresses of places I find on the internet, and as I'm out and about, I am going to check them out. They look good in the ads, but I have to see what the neighbourhood is like. I want to live where I don't have to fear for my life. I am pretty much of a recluse, so I don't think I'll have to worry too much about my future neighbours (my grammar/spelling checker must be British)--as long as they mind their own business. My stepdaughter, Jilly, is coming for a visit on the 24th to help me pack. I am giving a lot of dishes and knickknacks to her, and it will be helpful to have her here to select what she wants. What I don't keep or give to the kids is being donated or thrown. I am trying to purge. I have to pack all my feminine things before she gets here, though. She's pretty conservative, and I don't want the hassle. I feel it's best kept a secret for now. Later.
  18. Hi Emma didn't know about BBC service documentary, I will be making video upload on my YouTube Shazy Jeo link video https://youtu.be/VO5E47JuYGY channel 😀
  19. Okay here is the thing about the title, as far as to stretch it to being mental & illness at the same time. Only signify the importance of being a transgender specific gender. Now being about all in your thoughts, what if something triggers you into taking drastic measures, than does transgenders become a mental health risk or Illness etc? Unless you're Kaitlyn Jenner who had several voilent crimes and a car accident where victim was killed than only for that type of transgender person of community interest becomes a health risk to be labeled as mental health Illness. Watch my YouTube Shazy Jeo channel videos of TRANSGENDER topics 😀😃
  20. Russia LGBT activists detained during St Petersburg rally It may sound lgbt folk are becoming accepted in certain countries, but on large lgbt folk aren't even recognized in majority of countries. Source https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45072583
  21. MonicaPz

    Well this might not end the way Nikki wants it to.

    Dear Bree, Recently have had trouble with my 6 year old, $12.00 vtech wireless phone. Wasn't sure if it was the cable company's equipment, the intercom, or from "the other ends." The confusing part is that it is intermittent. Got a new battery, but it doesn't help much, except now I can listen to two hour webinars. Am keeping my eye out for a new phone . . . Hope you and Nikki solve your communications problem! 😕 Your friend, Monica
  22. He's taking his phone apart to try to repair it. *blinks* I'm going to hope for the best and will be happy to cheer Nikki on if this works, and go check out the hours of the phone store as back up.
  23. Briannah

    It's almost over.

    YAY! We're closing on the house Tuesday!!!! Then on Saturday a coworker friend we've been making is coming all the way up here to help us move. He's aware of my hernia issue and my ability to live/carry things being compromised and wanted to help Nikki out and I'll just be organizing and using the wagon I won last year at a picnic giveaway (I love that collapsible canvas wagon, they are the best things ever! Lightweight, maneuverable, but roomy and strong!). I"M MOVING! One more week here at crazy mom's and I"ll be free. Nikki will be able to have whatever girl time he wants, I'll be able to get out of a corner (I literally have spent the last year either in bed or living in my computer corner of the sunroom with occasional visits to the bathroom as needed) and walk around the house, NO CARPETS (they are really unhealthy to people with asthma and allergies), it's going to be lovely! We don't own a couch right now due to cancer kitty's issues at the end so we're still going to be on high savings mode to get some things we need for it after buying it, but that's okay. Especially with all the overtime I'm working lately. Nikki's salary, he just has to do it, I get financial rewards. Sometimes it pays to be hourly! Nikki is going to set up my rowing machine and dance dance revolution game as a sort of home gym for me to get back on the health improvement bandwagon. I think I am going to try to find a therapist that does late evening appointments though. I'm not in the right head-space, and I"ve lost a lot of internal ground as well as need to pursue Nikki's theory that was misdiagnosed add instead of adhd. There might be more behavioral therapy appointments in my future as I was never able to conquer some of the aspects of my disorder, and if they were treating it wrong that would explain a bit. IF not, meh, we all have a few personal failings. But right now it's joy to the Bree cuz I survived! Moving day will probably be less stressful this time with the extra help too. : )
  24. Briannah

    Where to shop

    I"m in the same boat as Monica, and have used women within a lot, but I tend not to use Roaman's so much. T he clothing is lovely, but they are really pricey. Catherine's is a good option also, moderately pricey but not as high as Roaman's, but the clothes habe been great quality and they have some really lovely and fun items. So Nikki tends to favor those two shops also, he had the same opinion of the costs that I did even though he liked the clothing. Roamna's has some gorgeous evening wear options though, more than ww or catherines. If you want a more fun youthful look Torrid is a great option with a decent selection of larger sizes, I have quite a few pieces from there that I love. Torrid does both really fun things like limited time disney collections(these are for adults, not children) as well as everyday wear. Also, there is a website fullbeauty.com that sells from MULTIPLE large size stores, and can be a great option for getting a look at the various asthetics of the other stores in one place (and they always label what 'brand' it's from so you can persue the individual store websites of the ones you like more).
  25. Well, at the risk of beginning to sound like a broken record, seems the world around us is moving forward by leaps and bounds... leaving us behind to deal with haters and bigots, and watch as the current regime slowly chips away at the few advances we achieved in previous years.
  26. Wow! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/01/world/europe/uk-freemasons-transgender.html
  27. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Today I was called "she and her " twice. I was at a Rural King getting birdfeed and the teller first asked if I needed help unloading. I told her that I could handle the heavy bags - because I was able to put them in the cart. Then another teller came over and started to put the feed bags in my cart. She said I " just wanted to help her." (Me) Then I muttered something but did not mention I was a he. She said again "I thought she needed help." The other lady was heavy built and she must have seen my thin almost feminine looking arms and possibly that I was wearing a bra, and she must have thought I really needed help handling the heavy bags. Made my day! Dawn Just added one of my never posted shots from when I weighted about 138. I hope to get back to that weight soon.
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