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  1. Due to an admin control panel error, I am forced to do a software upgrade of the message forum. I am backing up the forum now in anticipation of the update Saturday evening. Hang on tight and expect some forum service disruption while I get everything updated.
  2. World Health Organization Says Being A Transgender Is A Mental Illness: Will This Year Bring Changes? The report is disturbing (including transgender in the same category as pedophilia) but this may be the year it is revised. Read the article: http://edtimes.in/2018/05/who-says-being-a-transgender-is-a-mental-illness-will-this-year-bring-changes/
  3. Student creates network to provide housing for transgender people Daily Trojan Online Listings · Anyone can offer housing to transgender people through the website, which was created by a gender studies major. People from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom have started using the site. Transgender Housing Network
    • Messing around with the forum layout. Sound off if you have feedback.
    • You can post a status update within your profile control panel.
    • Feel free to check out the chatbox. Just remember our members come and go at different times.
    1. Dawn13


      So far so good!  Do like the changes.  Still simple to use but some good adds.  Photo loader is now working like it did in past. No need to resize photos.  I wonder if there is a way on the home page to show newest add? Be it photo or a new blog - maybe this is already there.  Thanks for this site - I can really be myself here.  Dawn


    2. Emma


      The Forums layout seems kind of odd to me. When it's first selected we see "Recent Status Updates," which is (at least to me) unrelated to the Forums, which is such an important component of the site. When I first navigated there I didn't realize that I needed to scroll down to the Forums. I'd suggest removing the "Recent Status Updates" from the Forums home page and move it elsewhere, perhaps to the Members.

  4. Hormone Therapy for Transgender Patients Potentially Safer Than Previously Thought Read the article: http://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/hormone-therapy-for-transgender-patients-potentially-safer-than-previously-thought
  5. VIDEO: 'I'm myself and I'm here' - Kiwi transgender model makes her mark at Dunedin Fashion Week Article and video: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/im-myself-and-here-kiwi-transgender-model-makes-her-mark-dunedin-fashion-week
  6. A transgender man explains why he’s suing President Donald Trump to join the Air Force Read more: https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/05/a-transgender-man-explains-why-hes-suing-trump-to-join-the-air-force.html
  7. Pakistan - The Tough Life Of Transgender People Read the article: http://blogs.dunyanews.tv/21430/
  8. Canadian Law Students Are Helping Transgender People Change Their ID Read the article: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/05/04/transgender-identification_a_23426457/
  9. Advocates for transgender prisoners applaud recent rulings Read the article: http://www.tampabay.com/advocates-for-transgender-prisoners-applaud-recent-rulings-ap_nationalf4be5733fb82447a97392cecba396d17
  10. Six organizations focused on the transgender community will occupy the Trans Wellness Center Read the article: https://www.metroweekly.com/2018/05/los-angeles-transgender-community-center-opens-its-doors/
  11. Laverne Cox praises Planned Parenthood for serving transgender community Read the article: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/laverne-cox-praises-planned-parenthood-for-serving-transgender-community/
  12. Successfully added Forums as a top-level navigation link on the top menu
  13. Changing the navigation menu is proving to be a huge task because of the nested pages, however, this will give the forum much more prominence. I have added a "Transgender Support Forum" button above the fold on each page of the site, so no matter what page they arrive on, they will see the green button directing them in here. Let's see how this works out. I'll still look at adding forums to the top level menu.
  14. That's a good point. I really struggled with the layout. The problem is we have limited room for the navigation tabs on the home page. I'll see what I can do.
  15. It appears we are back online Please report any bugs here.
  16. Lori

    Many Texans Haven't Changed

    Nothing in the statements made by the suspect sounds truthful! This is a horrible injustice. ​
  17. TRANSGENDER CHAT & SOCIAL NETWORK: We have replaced our previous chat platform with a more robust option that includes photo galleries (public and private sharing) and social networking features. We expect this platform to be much more stable and it will allow for virtually unlimited growth. No more chatter limits! I'd like to welcome you to come check out the new platform at https://chat.tgguide.com. Signup is fast and free . You'll find community chat where you can relax among those who identify most closely with your designated gender selection. There is also designated chat for transgender support. In addition, there are social chats for romance, regional and local and adult themes. Come check it out and make some new friends!
  18. Lori

    More On My Own

    Hugs to you MichelleLea. The human condition isn't an easy path. Sometimes just knowing that other people care is the difference that keeps you putting one foot in front of the other. I'm so sorry for your loss and sadness. Hang in there.
  19. Ashton Whitaker had been forbidden from using the boys bathrooms and felt degraded by administrators at his high school in Wisconsin. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/us/transgender-wisconsin-school-lawsuit.html
  20. Lori

    Therapy sessions

    Let us know if you would like to be known by a new username that might be more suited to your true self. If so, just let us know what you would like that name to be and we can make it happen. Wishing you all the best!
  21. Lori

    Site Upgrades

    I will be installing site upgrades on the TGGuide forums, as well as the main site. This will likely remedy some of the spam we've been getting lately. Thank you to the site moderators who have done a great job of keeping the spammers weeded out. Watch for the site upgrades and redesign in the coming weeks. Please bear with us during the upgrades and report any site performance problems to me.
  22. Lori

    The fantastic journey......

    Christy, I think you are handling things extraordinarily well! Congrats on finding yourself and taking such a responsible role in your spouse's life. However it ends up working out, you will want to try to remain close -- whatever that means for the two of you. I really admire the fact that you are focused on her wellbeing. Best of luck!
  23. Lori

    Being Alone

    I think we go through phases in life. Throughout my adult life I've been pretty outgoing and active, up until recently. I used to travel at least every other month. Lately I've lost the travel bug and prefer to stay closer to home. I used to thrive on adventure and adrenaline rushes. I no longer need all that. These days I prefer to stay home with my domestic partner and spend time with family and friends and the farm animals. I still have a social life but it is narrowing. I wonder if that will change or if this is the new normal for me. Your post made me think about how I would react if I lost my partner. It seems to me as long as you're not isolated and chronically sad and lonely that you're doing fine. It's definitely good that you have family and friends. Who knows, maybe a social opportunity will present itself at some point in the future. You just never know. Wishing you all the best.
  24. Lori

    Return of the Native

    Nice to hear the progress report. Congrats on your success!