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  • Interests I Have to say I am flattered BY your glances But I hold nothing within other than a Little Knowledge , if this is what you seek then by all means , lets walk for a whille .

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  1. stephani

    Sorry, all about my extended time away, Life is a busy one as always but since Its just me tending to the Two of us Plus our dog I have little time to relax and sleep a bit before I get back at it, so I let my brain go blank in meditation and free myself from the onslot this world offers up.

    I watch my email and read the happenings and I keep an eye open for a subject that might need my help, or comments on. Plus its not ideal reading or typing on my phone. Giggles.


    Hugs all

    Stephani R. 

  2. AprilRose » stephani

    I love you so much, Stephani!

    1. stephani

      I Love You Too Tinky Bell

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  3. stephani

    I am So, very Happy and SO much in Love with My Fiance April Rose. I love being home and holding her every day.

    1. Lori

      Happy for you :)

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    2. tbirdgal

      What dis , no mo road runnin hon, ya need to phone me sometime ...... ellen

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    3. AprilRose

      I love you being home and getting to old & kiss you as much as I want. I love you Stephani, nothing or nobody will or can change that.

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  4. stephani

    ahhh I haye andriod phones....

  5. Lori » stephani

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  6. stephani » lillian

    Hello and Welcom Lillian , sorry I dont get to get on much , thanks for the friend add. hugs

  7. MsBeth » stephani

    Hi Stephani ;)

  8. stephani

    I would Like to say Yippi and My life is starting to Look up and within two more years I and My Girl will be getting Married , I am So very Happy as of late and I owe it to her . so in a couple years your going to see a new girl around here .

    1. tbirdgal

      Hey, I like the one that's here already...........

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    2. PlagueBubonic


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  9. stephani » bbwtggal

    Sorry Hun , I have been away for awhile , Please accept my appology , and Let Me Welcome You to Tgguide.

  10. stephani » MsBeth

    All My Love Hun , Your In My thoughts

  11. stephani » Luse

    Welcome , So glad You Came . :)

  12. stephani

    Ok Video Posts are Up... Reactions and comments Please and thank You Hugs

  13. stephani

    I am ........ Yeah thats it ..... No ..... Blank Yup ... Nothing is on my mind

  14. stephani » Fate2099

    Welcome To The Forum ... Look , Post , Respond , Enjoy .

    1. Fate2099

      Thank you Stephani :)

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  15. stephani » vonniezhot

    Welcome Vonnie

  16. stephani » Elise

    Happy Birthday ..... May it Bring you all the joys and happiness you so desired

  17. stephani

    My mind Nothings on my mind other then my skull and this hair , oh man I need to make an appointment to my beautician soon.. giggles

  18. stephani

    I want you all to Know I have Been SO busy I am so sorry , I so want to come around more yet with every thing that accures during the first of the year for this girl it leaves me so tired I cant even make it to the bed I usually just fall asleep in the chair , I will try to slow down so I can be Useful again to the Forum .and the loving family here . Kisses and Hugs

  19. stephani » samantha

    Welcome Samantha , what a wonderful name , I hope to see more of your posts and insites within the forums , Welcome

  20. stephani

    Hello Hun , I thought I would stop in and wish you a Happy Birthday , May it be filled with joy and happiness. Hugs

  21. stephani

    just about to call it a night its already morning yeash were does the time go...

  22. stephani

    Thinking about , well , thinking .... hmmm , what a perplexing thawt to think about thinking ..

    1. Lori


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  23. stephani

    Just admiring the handy work others have laid down before I arrived , I can sprooce this up no problem LOL

    1. Lori

      Nice profile :)

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  24. stephani

    oh what a week, i feel like a turkey myself, oh well gobble gobble..

  25. stephani

    popped in for a second , and the second was gone ...Byya . Kisses