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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Is the chatroom down?   

    First... Kendra, welcome.   Which chat are you talking about?  The one up above between the Calendar and Blog links?   Or are you talking about the chat at   ?
    I signed in just now (approx 10pm Central time US) without issue at the link in the previous paragraph, and I've heard nothing about it being down.  If you've been having problems for the past few months, perhaps your browser, java or flash needs to be updated.   When is the last time you've cleared your cache?  Have you somehow disallowed any cookies?
    Try those remedies and see if the situation changes.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Canadian Poll on Bathrooms and Gay Rights   

    I like that pic of the sign that reads, "WE DON'T CARE."  
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  3. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Crime   

    Vermont man dies after attack
    By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN | Updated 2:12 PM ET, Mon May 30, 2016
    "Chief of Police Brandon del Pozo said in a news release Sunday that the primary motivation for the attack appeared to be unrelated to Beede's gender identity but the department "has not ruled out the victim's transgender status as a possible additional motive." Police "will continue to view this homicide as a possible bias incident," he said."  --
    Vermont transgender man dies after attack
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  4. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender News & Happenings   

    Transitioning Sisters
     Johanna Li | May 26, 2016
    "Through drag, Jamie said she began exploring her own gender identity. Even though their mom, who is a lesbian, has asked many times whether Jamie thought she was transgender, it was not until she began speaking with her transgender friends more did she begin questioning it." --
    Former Brothers Help Each Other in Their Transition to Becoming Sisters
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  5. UsernameOptional added a topic in Religion & The Transgender Community   

    Pastor Writes to Dispel Misconceptions
    Pastor Writes To Dispel Embedded Misconceptions About Transgender People (Audio)
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Woman Harassed in Bathroom   

    Did ya happen to see the story and video on the butch lesbian that was PHYSICALLY escorted OUT of a WOMEN'S bathroom by two idiot wannabe [mall] cops??   That one even got some airtime on a Young Turks youtube vid.   In another vid, they discussed a new ad that's been created - this one has a trans man in it, and addresses how bills like the one in NC would force him into a women's restroom.
    It's getting pretty ridiculous.
      NOTE:  Vids may contain language/content not suitable for all viewers
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  7. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender News & Happenings   

    Woman Harassed in Bathroom
    Beth Greenfield, Senior Writer | May 17, 2016
    "While the details of the situation are disturbing — particularly in light of various transgender “bathroom bills” being debated in North Carolina and beyond — similar episodes are neither rare nor new for women seen as being on the male end of the gender spectrum. And Toms’ experience is shining a light on how such confrontations can affect women on the receiving end — as well as how the growing national frenzy around bathroom use is emboldening citizens, more than ever, to become restroom gender vigilantes."  --
    Woman Harassed in Bathroom for Appearing Transgender — and She’s Not Alone
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  8. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Changing the Sex on a BC
    Janell Ross May 18 at 7:30 AM
    "So too is the fact that Grace did so in protest against North Carolina's so-called bathroom law. Grace said she wanted to voice her opposition to what she considers North Carolina's "ridiculous law," requiring people to use public restrooms which correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate or run the risk of criminal charges. Grace told reporters she wanted to make a point: Trans people will not live in fear."  --
    How easy is it to change the sex on your birth certificate?
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Christian Arguments Against Transgender People Will Collapse On Their Own   

    Really good article.  Let's just hope the conservatives don't learn anything from it..
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Patrons Praise Gender-Neutral Bathroom   

    ​Not all children are gender fluid, bi-gender or genderless, and therefore no reason to teach [all] trans kids to use both bathrooms.  And as far as using both, I see only those who are gender fluid having reason to use both bathrooms.  Everyone else should be able to pick one or the other and stick with it.
    Until all hang-ups with who uses what bathroom, the conservatives come off their fear-mongering, and we can all just go to the bathroom whether gay, trans, male or female, we really shouldn't toss more confusion into the mix.  Nor should we try to convince [trans] children to be both male and female if that is not what they are.  Not all trans people want to present as one gender and maintain another.
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights in Canada since the late 60s   

    It's amazing how countries that have had a history of much stricter, much more severe laws against homosexuality and transsexuality, have progressed in the various areas of equal rights better, faster and more strictly than the Almighty Great United States of America - a country that has the nerve to try to address the human rights issues in other  countries.
    Go figure...
    You GO, O' Canada!!
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic U.S. Orders Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms   

    So to appease a few homo-/transphobic, far right, ultra conservative bigots... ALL of Texas' children will suffer yet another blow to their already floundering educational system.
    Wow.  it would be laughable if it wasn't so freakin' sad.  Talk about cuttin' yer nose off to spite your ugly mug!!

    Note:  This article was drastically re-vamped in the nine or ten hours following the OP.  As a result this reply appears somewhat out in left field.  So no, I haven't lost it, and you're not missing something! LOL
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Obama administration: Insurers must provide services regardless of gender identity   

    "The moves ... prompted an immediate backlash from conservatives who disparaged the measures as government overreach."
    Yeah...these people come from the same stock that would still be denying black people equal rights had it not been for the government.  But surprisingly, some of them seem to think the two situations are completely different, and are greatly offended when we have the nerve to point out the parallel to them.
    Somehow, we need to learn that what's right for one American, does not mean it right for all Americans....
    Yeah.  Right.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    FRC Member Can’t Answer Simplest Question
    Noah Michelson |  05/14/2016 08:58 am ET
    "“Maybe the issue is really not bathrooms at all,” she said. “Maybe because now gay men and lesbians can get married, and they’re no longer the whipping boys and whipping girls in this country, now maybe they’re trying to rile up people against transgender people. And it’s not right, and it’s not fair.”"  --
    ‘Family’ Group Member Can’t Answer Simplest Question About Trans Bathrooms
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  15. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic U.S. Orders Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms   

    That should REALLY  chap ol' Gov. Pat McCrory in the diaper...means his new bill isn't worth the paper it's written on.  Least ways, not the part bathrooms in schools.
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  16. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Eva Botkin-Kowacki, Staff writer May 10, 2016
    "Interestingly, 85 percent of those polled report that they don't have a family member or close friend that is transgender. In contrast, 58 percent said they have a family member or close friend who is gay."  --
    'Bathroom bill' debate continues in politics. But what do Americans think?
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  17. UsernameOptional added a topic in Not Necessarily the [Trans] News   

    Drag Queen is Chief Justice's Nightmare
     May 10, 2016
    "Moore has been tossed once before from the office of chief justice. Thirteen years ago he refused to abide by a federal judge's order to remove a Ten Commandments monument Moore had erected in the rotunda of the state judicial building, resulting in judicial ethics charges and his removal by the Court of Judiciary."
    Alabama drag queen is suspended chief justice's nightmare
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  18. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry Behind Blue Eyes   

    I've always liked Behind Blue Eyes.  I don't have blue eyes either, but replace "blue" with "brown" and the song just seems like it was written just for me and my situation.
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  19. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Breitbart Proves What [Trans People] Already Knew   

    I don't think Breitbart actually "got it right."  I think the author of the piece used the results and flipped it on [them], pointing out that the way the results were worded, was exactly NOT what the conservatives want to hear. 
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  20. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Transgender Policy Answers   

    The world uses symbols to ease language and reading barriers.  A simple sign with a toilette on it would suffice.  EVERYone knows what a toilette is, and I've never met one that was male, female or otherwise.  Just cold, hard porcelain.
    Just my zwei pfennige...
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  21. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Looks like he just might have to get over it somehow....
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  22. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Stephen Peters | May 4, 2016
    "The letter lays out the Department of Justice’s determination that HB 2 puts Governor McCrory and the state government in violation of federal employment law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) should the state comply with its recently enacted law.  The letter also states that public schools and universities that comply are in violation of federal education law (Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972).  If the state insists on implementing HB 2, it is now on notice that it risks a lawsuit by the Department of Justice. Further, for universities this puts 4.5 billion dollars in federal education funding at risk and endangers other federal funding streams as well.  Read more about how this bill puts Title IX funding at risk here."
    BREAKING : U.S. Justice Department Says HB2 Violates Federal Law, Gives Gov. McCrory Monday Deadline
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  23. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Text color and emoticons   

    Actually, while it's never happened to me, I was able to replicate the loss of font colour in text that was entered after applying an emoticon.   The reason I never experienced this [glitch, bug?] is because I apply font colour after I've composed my post or message.  There are times that I also go back and stick an emoticon in as an after-thought - the font colour already in place.
    In this case, it appears that the browser is not the issue, as I use Firefox.  Since Emma uses Safari and has not seen this issue (or was not able to replicate it), it could be something in Windows.  Because so many don't bother with any formatting, this could explain why we've never heard of this.
    As for the cursor, I have no explanation for that - that's crazy.. .  Usually the cursor corresponds to the font size immediately preceding it.
    Maybe some of our techie-members have some ideas as to what causes what you've described, and how to fix it, if it can be fixed.
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  24. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender News & Happenings   

    Breitbart Proves What [Trans People] Already Knew
    J. Bryan Lowder | April 27 2016 2:07 PM
    "Indeed, as the Breitbart post so helpfully demonstrates, it is cisgender men who we should all be fearing in the loo—and, contra the gross fearmongering about “men in dresses” out to get “little girls,” this sampling of cases shows that real predators are fairly equal opportunity in terms of the gender of their victims."
    Breitbart Proves What We Already Knew: Trans Women Are Not Bathroom Predators
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  25. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender News & Happenings   

    70 Companies for Transgender Rights
    Krystin Arneson | April 26, 2016 12:00 pm
    "Of course it's not just a human-rights issue they're taking a stand on: Businesses can suffer if discriminatory laws pass. In Nashville, for example, leaders in tourism and entertainment are worried about boycotts that could lead to lost hotel rooms and shows pulling the productions from the city. They might be right: Viacom—Country Music Television's parent company—has also been publicly condemning discriminatory bills. And Lionsgate, which films Nashville, in, well, Nashville, moved 100 jobs from North Carolina after the state passed a similar bill."
    These 70 Companies You Use Every Day Are Among Those Taking a Stand for Transgender Rights
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