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  1. eveannessant

    Happy Birthday Nikki!

    Happy Birthday to Nikki, and get in that kitchen and rattle them pots and pans...............
  2. eveannessant

    Trans Workers UK

    Trans Workers UK is a Facebook closed group that advances Trans rights in the UK workplace, I'm a member of the group and regularly advice is sought and given by trans workers on most aspects of being trans at work. However by far the most numerous postings are for trans who are still "in the closet" as far as work is concerned, who are wanting advice from those of us who are fully out in the workplace and in life. Most of these folk have come up against the societally conditioned old barrier, that they'll be ridiculed, or lose their jobs and workmates, this is by far the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome, it's our pre-judice, based on experience in society at large. Most don't realise that it's 2016 & not 1975 anymore, and that attitudes have moved on. Anyway I posted my recent experience to help them overcome their fears; "Last week my employer (a County Council) sent me on a Fire Risk Assessors course, with a view to my carrying out Fire Risk Assessments for the Council's properties. This sort of fits in with my existing role as a H&S Advisor. Anyway I was kinda nervous about attending the course which was held at the Firefighting College in Moreton in the Marsh. I had imagined it as being a very male orientated place, and half expected to be stared at or have the occassional joke or wise crack made at my expense. I couldn't have been more wrong, I was pleasantly surprised to find that doors were held open for me by smiling young firefighters, who were also very polite. I thought wow, if anyone had told me 3 years ago that I'd be wearing knee high boots, treggings, leopard print top, make-up and attending as a woman at the firefighters college, I'd have said "yeah, in your dreams". But there I was doing it. So to all who are contemplating gender change at work, but think it's impossible, think again, I've done it, it's so much easier than you might think. No, as a male I was not a small built effeminate man, I was a 100 kg 5'10" bloke with wide shoulders and narrow waist, and yeah, I thought it impossible to do what I've done, and yet here I am as Eve, my true self. I hope that this helps to inspire others to to do what they really want and not hang about wasteing time, I regret not doing what I did much earlier in my life. Good Luck to you all xx". Cheers, Eve
  3. eveannessant

    New path

    Good Luck Chrissy. And happy 1st Anniversary. Cheers Eve
  4. eveannessant

    I aint a Cait fan...........

    Yes Emma, I did think about that, I 'spose that really it's left versus right wing politics just the same as it is in the UK, no matter what your gender or sexuality is. Except the toilet issue thing, which is unforgivable. Very glad that you're Democrat, I think it's fairly obvious to all that I'm a Labour party member. Briannah, it was pretty much exactly as you describe on the show. I don't really care what anyone else's political beliefs are, as long as they don't impinge on others, the toilet issue does though, & I guess the others in the group expected Cait to be trans before Republican, which if she was, she would have complained bitterly about not being able to use the female toilets, no matter that she's Republican.
  5. eveannessant

    I aint a Cait fan...........

    There were a couple of really hot trans girls on the show, and they were sensible too............Canit, I like it!
  6. eveannessant

    First professional make over

    Oh, you're with your twin sister again! Is she the same twin sister as in the photo posted last year? I think you were at a party or similar event? Yeah, you're looking good ! Cheers, Eve
  7. eveannessant

    I aint a Cait fan...........

    I watched I am Cait series 2 epsiode 1 last night, it's the first one that I've watched, it was shown on a TV channel called E, which I think is new to the UK. Anyway I had wanted to watch Caitlyn Jenner shows for quite a while but they were not shown in the UK until recently. The episode that I watched was some sort of road trip and seemed to centre around the grand canyon, she had a group of around 10 transgendered friends with her, but I just could not believe her attitude to hearing any political views other than her own. The debate seemed to spring up after one of the group read out news about transgendered people being stopped from using the correct toilets by republican politicians and religious people. Caitlyn seemed to think it was the correct thing to do !!!! She also slagged off democrat politicians too. Please keep her in the US, I really don't want her over here, even if she has placed trans issues in the public eye, not supporting going to the correct toilet is bad for all of us, and sends out a totally wrong message. US political party's seem to bear great similarities to ours, although admittedly not identical. In a similar fashion over here it's easy for those rich people (born with a silver spoon in their mouths or just good at ripping people off? - few have gotten rich by being hard working and fair at the same time) to vote for issues that benefit themselves, they've never been anything other than rich or lived on easy street's gravy train. It was our Labour party over here who gave UK LGBT people most all of our present rights, the conservative party have done very little for us other than same sex marriage in some churches where the vicar (or whatever equivalent devil dodger in some other branches of the church) isn't anti-everything other straight heterosexual partnerships. Anyway, I won't be watching Caitlyn Jenner again............... Cheers, Eve
  8. eveannessant


    As always a thought provoking entry from you Jay, no-one took much notice of my pieces regarding my transition either, so why did I bother! Well it was because I felt the need to do so at that stage of my transition, in the first 2 months of real life experience, looking back it was probably because it was such a big step, yeah, RLE is a massive step to take. So it felt to me like I was justifying my transition.................. Seems to me like you've pretty much just come through a similar thing? Glad you've gotten rid of your writers block, and if you want? - I'd love to read your Trans articles, I'm curious to see if there are any differences and similarities of thought between F to M and M to F. Cheers Eve
  9. eveannessant

    Where Nikki's gender questioning messes me up a bit.

    Well thanks for your comment Nikki, I didn't realise that you weren't on HRT. This throws my previous comment into a bit of doubt, when I started transitioning as a cross dresser or transvestite if you prefer, I went to a bar in Birmingham (UK) every 1st and 3rd Monday evening of a month, a group called "Outskirts" met there and it was a place where I built up courage, picked up tips etc from others, whom I made friends with. Not all of those friends went any further than cross dressing, which I know they still do, and they still dress ultra girly, and use lots of make up. I progressed through to HRT and living full time as female, it's HRT that changes the way you think and act. Point is that those early friends behaviour hasn't changed, so please take my previous comments about Bree's entry with a pinch of salt................sorry. I'm not advocating that you should change your mind regarding not taking HRT either, it's your life to do with as you wish, you only get one shot at it, shame there isn't a practice or dry run................ Cheers, Eve
  10. eveannessant

    Where Nikki's gender questioning messes me up a bit.

    Hmmm, there is an initial huge attraction to the girly side of femininity when first transitioning, at least that what I found, look at it like a small girl wanting to be grown up. It's a phase that I passed through, and as you actually do grow up as a new female you do begin to see the other myriad aspects of femininity, a lot of which is quite everyday humdrum, the desire to be ultra girly all the time subsides, and surfaces at times which is useful for special occasions. I well remember people talking to me in my early stages of transition about all of this, and yes I had a blank stare too! Long term don't worry. I'm still married to a beautiful cis woman, the same one that I married when I was male. We get along fine and still love each other. Cheers, Eve
  11. eveannessant


    ?? I've never met up with anyone from any site, some of those who I know on Facebook I knew previously, however I have wanted to, but other things just seem to get in the way, I think it's called life ! but I should make more of an effort......... Cheers, Eve
  12. eveannessant

    Unforseen knowledge

    Veronica, I had no idea about your ancestry, how fabulous to have that extra wisdom passed on to you, added to your knowledge of the "western world" - for want of a better term. So, similar to my posting, very few people will have that extra knowledge, I guess the trick is to use it in a modern day setting, with modern language so that all the "ignorant" (I use the term ignorant without any malice) people out there can start to understand it? Karen, thanks for your comment, nice of you to say so, as you've probably guessed my post was an extension of thought from your recent posting & my earlier posts. We learn in small steps at a time, but we don't individually have to climb every step, others can climb some of the steps for us, I think this is called teamwork or collaboration or something similar........... Cheers both, Eve
  13. eveannessant

    Unforseen knowledge

    I have posted entries before regarding things that I did't see coming, added comments to others entries about hormones and consequently thinking differently. I have read (somewhere on the web) about the indigenous peoples of North America accepting trans people as twice blessed, and other cultures around the world having similar attitudes. It strikes me as strange that some of the religions around today, seem to have leading lights that refuse to accept trans people, and also villify us. Perhaps I should have titled this entry "beware people bearing crosses", ..............anyway I've digressed. It seems to me that the North American indigenous population were quite right, I am now starting to realise that I have gained extra knowledge, that if I hadn't transitioned, I otherwise wouldn't possess, ok, of course you would, so what did I expect, I hear you thinking. Well I never really gave much thought, in as much as it never occurred to me, how females would be mentally and subtly so different from males, sometimes massively so, other times only nuances of difference. Of course not all cis females think the same, nor do cis males, nor for that matter do all trans people think the same, but they have all had their eyes opened if they have been exposed to the hormones missing from their birth gender, for long enough. However, unlike the cis population I now understand more than one gender alone, - if I ever was one gender in the first place? Anyway I don't want to digress again. It seems to me that trans people are in a much better position to understand the actions of either gender (sorry to be so binary however it's only the begining of my realisation - hopefully more will follow), and consequently would make excellent counsellors, and anybody who in fact has to make judgements, or offer advice. No wonder there is so much advice on the web for trans people. Perhaps I'm really talking about "insight", you know feminine or male insight, well perhaps now we might be starting to have the term trans insight? Cheers, Eve
  14. eveannessant


    I agree with all that Karen has said, I felt similar after about 18 - 20 months on hormones, and can add that mind changes carry on changing after 3 years. Tastes change, emotions continue to intensify, yes V, I too even when I was male used to get upset watching killings etcetera on the TV, but hormones really intensify emotions, I've also noticed that I'm much more tolerant, and I think more restful or peaceful too. I'm much more prepared to watch soaps now than before, previously this always seemed to me to be a female thing........ I suspect that as I carry on along my chosen path I'll find that changes will continue to happen, it's all part of growing up!
  15. eveannessant


    Amazing how little time it takes for the procedure, compared with the time one has to wait to become eligible for it, hope you get what you want with the surgeon of your choice. I well remember that elated great feeling (it must be about 4 years ago now?) when I walked away from Worcester Hospital after being diagnosed after a second opinion as having Gynecomastia (male breast growth). I was elated, "wow I'm going to have - no I've got boobs - fantastic". The Pueraria Mirifica (plant estrogen) that I had been taking had worked. It was shortly after that, I told my GP that I wanted to start the gender change pathway on the NHS, the rest is recent history as told in earlier blog entries. Point is I found having boobs to be a real milepost on the pathway to becoming who I wanted to be, I'm sure it must be similar for you too Chrissy, hope you have a celebration...................