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  1. ViBetaSCOT added a post in a topic: Guests - Please Read This!   

    As a SO I have no problem with my wife we share chores and clothes. The shirts and sweaters  that are too big for me I give to my wife and we enjoy our life together. When he came out to me about being tg I just ran and hugged,We have been married for 40 years. We are going strong and I personally love her more than now than I thought I could. I know being tg can cause problems for some people. I hope to maybe help  other SO to adjust to there new roles. Some people may have a hard time when the SO comes out, I know that some of us have hard time with our new partner. But I am all for my MtF ,I think people should be allowed to be who their are. I support as many people as I can .I hope to be of help to other SO a place to vent or just socialis. Please for give my sp mistakes I hope to be a help for others and to give people love and support.  I know their hurt but it really opened my eyes to have Veronica's (my Wife) came out. We share so much and our love seems to grow I totally understand why people are not using the SO forum. a notI check everyday and I left a note to all SO"s to.
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  2. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: HRT Update   

    Good luck and let us how your doing?
    Veronica n violet
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  3. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: Whats the point...   

    Ren you are a beautiful person you might not see it but others do and you will get through this time.You are a beautiful man and its time to let the light of you into the world.
    Blessed Be and hugs
    Violet(veronica's wife)
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  4. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: First professional make over   

    Hi Karen, Thanks for the reply and you two look like sisters I was an only child so someday I will have a sister too LOL DBH and Blessed Be. Hugs Violet
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  5. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: First professional make over   

    Hi Karen,
    Very pretty. And so are the other lovely ladies. Veronica & I both are amazed at the your resemblance to a high school friend of ours. I asked about your friend being related to you. Veronica said no, they are just very close friends, "think of them like you and your cousin". I understand. Best of luck on your adventures
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  6. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: Sharing a kink and a few other thoughts   

    wow your getting your boobs Congratulations and have faun and have fantastic work and my people surround you with love and support Love ViBett Scott. I am also I am married to Veronica" wifeWell more chatting to go too. we send our love and big HUGS Vibetascott
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  7. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: Update on Ren's Rampages   

    Ren, I am glad to hear that you are doing well by the I am Vibetascott My house wife takes care of everything I do you would know her as Veronica. If you want to talk please feel free to call us. With lots of Huge HUGS ViBeta scott & Veronica
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  8. ViBetaSCOT added a post in a topic: Were You a DES Baby? A CDC Tool May Help You Find the Answer   

    Hi all,
    I am a DES baby and have cancer from it then I' ve always been Bisexual so what beats up most that most DES like yourself have a higher rate of cancer or tumors. I've had six surgeries to remove cancer from my cervix and had a complete hytesroectomy and1 brain tumor and 4 breast surgries to remove those tumors.But I am tumor free right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee

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  9. ViBetaSCOT added a post in a topic: The Secret to Staying Together   

    My so and I are going to celebrate 39 years of togetherness you must give good support and tell them they are beautiful everyday, that's what I do I encourage tcg to talk to me or so.Lets be the support ayatem our so need
    Blessed Be &Lotsof Love Vi
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  10. ViBetaSCOT added a blog entry in Fortitudine!   

    Hi everyone,
    am veroncabetas so if anyone wants to chat just drop me a message. Will be happy to reply.I am a Wiccan HP and Reikimaster.
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  11. ViBetaSCOT added a comment on a blog entry: Hello Everyone - My First Entry   

    Glad to see you with us Art ! See you around the webiverse ! :)
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