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  • Interests I Love spending time with Our Family Cat. Other Interests, include Lingerie, clothes, being feminine, shopping, wearing perfume; music of all kinds; coffee ( I Live on it sometimes ! )

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I Am a 53 year old, MtoF Transitioning Transsexual. I Came-Out, on Thursday, 30th. April, 2015. I then started Fully, Full-Time, Female-Dressing, on Friday, 1st. May, 2015.  Coming-Out, was like having a massive weight, lifted off Both My Shoulders ! I Am typically Female, in the fact, that I absolutely Love, buying Sexy Female Undies, And Clothing !  I feel more Feminine, as each day goes by. I am growing My Hair Long, and I have had Both My Ear-Lobes pierced, 3 times each. I Love My Feminine Ear-Studs. I Am Really Happy, for the first time in My Life !  My Friends are All being really supportive, so I Am very Lucky. (My Wife is the only person, who is being difficult ! )  I Do want to Fully Transition, And, I Also want Gender Reassignment Surgery.   Since the Age of 3, I have known, that I Am Female, Trapped, in A Male Body !  To Be On the Outside, the Female I Am on the Inside, would make Me Feel Full And Complete !  I Love wearing Perfume ! Giorgio is My Favourite, and I wear it Every Day !   I Am More Than Happy, For Anyone To Call Me Steph/Stephie/Stephanie.  I Do Not Mind Which Anyone Uses. (I Use Any Of The Three ! )  I have since the Second Week in September, been going to the World Famous "Pink Punters", Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. I usually go Friday Night's, into Saturday Morning's.  "Pink Punters" is A Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender Location. It Is very safe, with over 200 Security Camera's, Very Friendly Security Staff, and all The Staff, are Very Friendly. I Enjoy going, because being Transsexual, I can be Myself, Wear what I want, and if I want to Wear Make-Up, I Can. I Also enjoy being with other Like-Minded individual's !  I Officially Registered My Transsexuality, with My Doctor's, on 25th. June, 2015, and They, in turn, Officially Registered it with London's Charing Cross Hospital -,Gender Identity Clinic. I have completed, and returned All the Consent Form's to The Gender Identity Clinic. I had My First Appointment, at The Gender Identity Clinic, on Tuesday, 25th. October, 2016. My Next Official Appointment, is on Thursday, 3rd. August, 2017. I Officially; Legally; Changed My Name; at U.K. Deed-Poll Headquarters, at Witham, in Essex, in England, United Kingdom, on Tuesday, 20th. December, 2016, My " 55th. " Birthday. I Changed My Name, In A " One-Hour "; " Express-Service "; and I Am So Glad, that I did do so !!  I Am Now, Officially Separated !!