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    Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.
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    I Love spending time with Our Family Cat. Other Interests, include Lingerie, clothes, being feminine, shopping, wearing perfume; music of all kinds; coffee ( I Live on it sometimes ! ) I Love Socialising, and I Am A Very Sociable Girl.

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Hello, I Am Stephanie.  I Am a 56 year old; MtoF; Fully; Full-Time; Transitioning; Transsexual; Trans'Female !! However, I Identify as A Female, or as A Trans'Female ! I Knew, at 3 Year's of Age, in Early 1965; that I should have been A Girl, and NOT a boy !! I made 3 Serious Suicide Attempt's, on Tuesday, 16th. August, 1988; then in Early--November, 1992; and then in Early--February, 1996; Because, I wanted to " Come--Out ", as A Trans'Female; But, there Just was NOT the Acceptance, with Family; or Friend's; or Colleague's; or Aquaintance's !! I " Came-Out ", as A Trans'Female; on Thursday, 30th. April, 2015, aged 53. I then started Fully; Full-Time; Female-Dressing; on Friday, 1st. May, 2015.  Coming-Out, as A Trans'Female, was like having a Massive-Weight; Lifted-Off; Both of My Shoulders ! I Am typically Female, in the fact, that I absolutely Love, buying Sexy Female Undies; And Clothing; And Nightwear; And Footwear ! I feel more Feminine, as each day goes by. I am growing My Hair Long, and I have had Both My Ear-Lobes pierced, 3 times each. I Love My Feminine Ear-Studs. I Am Really Happy, for the first time in My Life !  My Friends are All being really supportive, so I Am very Lucky. (My now Estranged Wife is the only person, who is being difficult ! )  I Do want to Fully Transition, And, I Also want Full Vaginoplasty Gender Reassignment Surgery.   Since the Age of 3, I have known, that I Am A Female, Trapped, in A Male Body !  To Be On the Outside, the Female I Am on the Inside, Would make Me Feel Full And Complete !  I Love wearing Perfume ! Giorgio is My Favourite, and I wear it Every Day !   I Am More Than Happy, For Anyone To Call Me Steph/Stephie/Stephanie.  I Do Not Mind Which Anyone Uses. (I Personally, Use Any Of The Three Name's ! )  I have since the Second Week in September, 2015;  been going to the World Famous "Pink Punters" Nightclub, 2, Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, near Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK2 2BS, England, United Kingdom. I usually go on Friday Night's, into Saturday Morning's.  "Pink Punters" is A Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender; Location. It Is Very Safe, with over 400 Security Camera's, Very Friendly Security Staff, and all The Staff, are Very Friendly. The Owner's Frank and Mary McMahon, are Very Friendly, and Pink Punters is Frank and Mary's Home, as well as it being Their Business !  I Enjoy going, because being A Trans'Female; I can be Myself, Wear what I want, and if I want to Wear Make-Up, I Can. I Also enjoy being with other Like-Minded individual's !  I Officially Registered My Transsexuality, with My Doctor's, on Thursday, 25th. June, 2015, and They, in turn, Officially Registered it, with London's Charing Cross Hospital - Gender Identity Clinic. I have completed, and returned All the Consent Form's to The Gender Identity Clinic. I had My First Official Appointment, at The Gender Identity Clinic, on Tuesday, 25th. October, 2016. My Second Official Appointment, was on Thursday, 3rd. August, 2017. I Officially; Legally; Changed My Name; at U.K. Deed--Poll Headquarters, Freebournes Court, Witham, Essex, CM8 2BL, England, United Kingdom, on Tuesday, 20th. December, 2016, My " 55th. " Birthday. I Changed My Name, In A " One-Hour "; " Express-Service "; and I Am So Glad, that I did do so !!  I Am Now, Officially Separated !! I have been on H.R.T. since Tuesday, 31st. October, 2017 ! I had My Third Official Appointment, at the Gender Identity Clinic, on Tuesday, 27th. March, 2018, which was also, My First Official Surgical Assessment Appointment. I have received the First Surgical Sign--Off; from the First Consultant, to Move Forward's Again ! My Fourth Official  Appointment, will be on Wednesday, 27th. February, 2019, which will also, be My Second Official Surgical Assessment Appointment ! Before that however, I Should be seeing The Lead G.R.S. Nurse !   This Information, was Updated, on Tuesday, 10th. April, 2018.