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  • Interests I Am A Male-to-Female; Fully; Full-Time; Female-Living; Transitioning; Transsexual. I Love spending time with Our Family Cat. Her Name is Chicken Licken, and She was named by Our Friends, Who owned Her previously. She is a Beautiful White And Black Cat. My Other Interests, include Female Undies, and Female Clothes. Being A Fully, Full-Time, Female-Dressed, MtoF Transsexual, I Love Buying, and Wearing Female Undies and Clothes. I Also Love wearing Perfume. Giorgio Perfume, Is My All-Time Favourite. Plus, I Love My Pretty Sweet Ear-Stud's ! Both My Ear-Lobes, Are Pierced, 3-Times Each ! I Love Music, especially Guns'N'Roses; The Waterboys; Pink Floyd; Queen; The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; Rod Stewart; Sir Elton John; Jean-Michel Jarre, Jools Holland; Phil Collins; Genesis; Black Sabbath; Iron Maiden; Plus. Classical Music :- Widor's Toccata, ( Played on a Pipe-Organ ); Bach's Toccata and Fugue in 'D' Minor; Nimrod, (From The Enigma Variation's, ) by Sir Edward Elgar; Trumpet Tune And Air; Trumpet Voluntary; Beethoven's 5th. Symphony; Jazz: and Much, Much, More !!
    I Also Love drinking Coffee. ( I Live on it sometimes ! )

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