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  1. ​Yup... I'm tellin' ya - as a country, we're moving backwards. Our only hope is that more states will become more inclusive, and put an end to bigot laws. -Mike
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    Changing Screen Name

    No Problem Judy. Just let me know when so there will be no problem in you signing in. -Mike
  3. January 20, 2018 "Instead, the sweeping move, announced by the Department of Health and Human Services, appears to open the way for a doctor or nurse to turn away a transgender individual with a broken arm — for no other reason than by their gender identity." -- bostonglobe.com A new rule allows discrimination against transgender individuals for medical care
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    No Chat For You!

    ​Christy - Profiles/accounts could not be migrated. If you haven't already made it there... yes, you must re-register... https://tgguide.com/transgender-chat/ -Michael
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    No Chat For You!

    Hiya Squirrely .... Thought I saw you in chat a few days ago... so I guess you finally made it. I don't look in on the blogs too often, otherwise I'd have seen your blog for help with chat. See ya on the flip side... Michael
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    how to enter vchat room

    Stephanii - The old Addon Chat is no longer in use... the program went belly up and we could get no support. Our new chat platform is [temporarily] a ChatWee software. You can get to chat via https://tgguide.com/transgender-chat/ You will have to re-register as the old profiles/accounts were not/could not be migrated. Once the page linked above loads, a log in box will appear in the bottom right corner of your display. In there you will register and/or log in -Michael P.S. I'm not sure what you mean by "vchat," but if the "V" is for "voice," we never had a voice chat.
  7. The Christian Takeover of the U.S. Military - Commentary By Amanda Kerri | March 29 2018 12:54 PM EDT "Pence and his friends at the Family Research Council, pushing the ban that the military was against, are part of an evangelical movement that sees this as a regained opportunity to carry out their “Great Commission.” Trump is in all likelihood entirely apathetic about who can serve but feels pressure to appease his eager evangelicals, who have all but come to see him as little more than a useful idiot and a signature for their policies so that he can maintain a solid support base." --advocate.com
  8. Trump Sticking With Trans Military Ban By Trudy Ring | March 23 2018 9:35 PM EDT - Updated March 24 2018 2:35 PM EDT "Because of those court injunctions, the memo issued by Trump will have no immediate effect, according to LGBT organizations involved in the legal fight against the ban. And earlier in the day, a Defense Department spokesman told the Washington Blade that the department would obey the court orders and retain trans troops no matter what Trump announced." -- advocate.com
  9. Lawyers Won't Say Who Trump 'Consulted' on Trans Military Ban By Trudy Ring | March 23 2018 2:18 PM EDT "“The government has said that it simply will not provide information about the process that led to the president’s Twitter ban,” Borelli continued. “As the government well understands, this means that it will not be able to rely on that information to help defend the ban, which exposes a fatal flaw in their position: There is no justification for this discrimination. The government isn’t willing to pull back the curtain, because there’s nothing behind it.” It’s “yet one more reason for the court to permanently enjoin the ban,” she said." -- advocate.com
  10. Good for Pakistan. Seems one more country moving forward while the U.S. is steadily sliding BACKWARDS.
  11. So... sounds to me this leaves two situations - 1. Don't ask, don't tell, or 2. A person can be trans as long as s/he doesn't seek to transition, and will have to tolerate being treated according to his/her birth sex Considering it would probably be best not to tell anyone you are trans, that means whatever this watered-down policy is will mean absolutely nothing. Circle right back around to DADT. Geez... even gay and lesbian troops don't have to deal with that anymore. See related: Judge blocks enforcement of Trump's transgender military ban
  12. "In the end it all comes down to what is cheaper, cost of running the Court fees than settle cheaper long term cost. "And it wasn't about morals but cost at the end of day." --cross2play Sadly, at least on the part of the school system, this is probably too true. They couldn't care less about the student and his rights, emotional well-being, or anything related to being transgender.
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    Site Upgrades

    NOTE: Upgrades mentioned in this thread may no longer be relevant as newer upgrades may have been since applied, therefore this thread has been closed. Please begin another thread if you experience any issues so that they may be better addressed.
  14. In at least two places in the country, people have beat out homophobes, haters, and just run-of-the-mill sheeple - A woman in VA wins an election over an incumbent homophobe who brags about being Virginia's "chief homophobe," and "earlier this year introduced a 'bathroom bill' that died in committee." That woman, Danica Roem, an openly transgender democrat and local journalist. AND, wait for it --- THERE'S MORE.... In Minneapolis, Andrea Jenkins won in a race for City Council, representing the city's Eighth Ward. She was endorsed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and she beat out three other candidates for the seat. She was also endorsed by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Also, two other TGLB people are running for seats in Minneapolis - Phillipe Cunningham (trans man) and Jillia Pessenda (cisgender lesbian). The results of their races were not in a the posting of this news.
  15. More on Beggs here... Transgender boy 2 wins away from girls state wrestling title
  16. At least one country on the North American continent is moving FORWARD. Kudos to the powers-that-be in this situation. I hope this will make a bad situation a little better to deal with for Ms. Aubee.
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    FTM and masculinity

    Good advise from two very wise ladies. Welcome to TG Guide. -Mike
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    Pinterest and other social media

    I can't help but think that someone "reported" your Pinterest boards... someone so et up with bigotry and transphobia they felt it was their duty (and god-given right ) to make sure that people like us don't destroy their little corner of the internet and don't infect the "normal people." Happens on FB quite a bit - every time I turn around my g/f is telling me about gay men who have been bounced. I see no reason to believe that Pinterest isn't the same. I agree with Emma - write (snail mail) those people and [nicely] ask for an explanation. ::: grumbles ::: Just one more reason I don't do social media....
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    New Rule Allows Discrimination

    "I wonder if a trans doctor refused to care for an anti-lgbt patient if they would also find protection under this law" -- Bree You're probably right - it's likely the doctor wouldn't have a leg to stand on. But people should consider this. This is what happened to the late Robert Eads - he died of ovarian cancer because no [cisgender] doctor would treat him. Current events are no doubt rolling back advancements left and right. It's sad that Drumpf's hatred of our previous president is so blinding, that he's willing (and without losing any sleep - obviously) to sacrifice the safety and well-being of so many people. And PROUD of what he's doing, to boot! It was apparently made illegal under Obama-care to discriminate against trans patients in federally funded healthcare programs... but is that still the case now with this "new rule?" Here's an article from 2012 recounting several cases where care was either abruptly stopped or flat out denied when it was discovered that the patients were transgender. And in the case of the late Jay Kallio, a diagnosis of breast cancer was kept from him due to transphobia, hatred, bigotry, ignorance. Yes, you read that right - HE WAS NOT TOLD HE HAD CANCER!! We could be returning to just such an era...
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    Trans and Cis

    I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, but decided on this one since labels and privileges have a lot to do in affecting our rights..... By Mark Peters January 12, 2018 "Many conservative voices don’t care for the terms either. Tina Trent recently declared “I am a woman, not a cisgender” in the Canada Free Press. “Unlike all the shiny, happy, ‘non-binary’ sexual identities popping up in human resources training manuals and court dockets these days, calling someone ‘cisgender’ is, by design, a pejorative,” she wrote. “Think of it this way: in the world of gender politics, “cisgender” is the new white — white privilege, that is.”" Leveling the field between trans and cis ______________________________________________________________ Quite obvious Trent doesn't like being labled. Also appears she doesn't like it being thrown in her face that she is privileged...but whether she likes it or not, unless she works toward, fights for, or supports 100% inclusion of ALL people, she is a part of the problem, and thus is a part of that privileged group. It is her privileged status that causes her to dislike being "labelled." As has been the history at least this country (US)... only those considered "less than" are labelled. Those old enough have only to think back to a time when news media always named a person's race/ethnicity in reporting crimes...as if the crime was so much worse than had it been committed by a white person. -DML
  21. It makes me wonder though. So often, trans women are objectified just as cis women are. I can't help but think trans women are objectified even more and seen as disposable. I can't help but think she was perhaps treated differently (more violently) because she is transgender. We'll probably never know that, but as wrong is the objectification of women is, it is even worse for trans women. ​You have a point there, Lori. I never thought about the situation from that angle. So if that was the case, then in a somewhat indirect way, perhaps being trans did have something to do with her death. Being back in chat, I see that objectification all the time, and also see that it is (or damn sure seems to be) at a higher degree - no doubt because, as you indicated, trans women apparently are thought of as disposable. Bad part? As much as it ticks me off when I see someone come into chat with that kind of attitude, I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I didn't consider that could be the case here because they were a couple - and a married couple, at that. But even among cisgender marriages, there are sometimes such issues. -Mike
  22. Hopefully that means one more entity is moving in the right direction - we need the support!
  23. ​That's sad. Almost as disgusting as the bigotry and hatred in that city.
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    "The Art of Passing"

    ​Hiya Ace - Yeah... there be many women here! I guess over time, I've just gotten used to it. It also helped that back when I first joined, there were several women that often made it a point to include what few guys were here in on the many discussions. Though the threads are old... don't forget - there is a FTM forum here on the TG Guide Board. There's a lot of good reading there. I think it's safe to say that most of it is still relevant today. Check it out -Mike