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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Woman says billboard's message slams gender equality   

    Pictures and news video HERE
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Apologies for the Interruption   

    Thanks for your input, Dawn - I will email Lori to be sure she sees this post in case there is anything she can use in figuring out or fixing this problem.  If it's a timeout of some sort, I think I understand that issue as I ran into a similar situation on another website.
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  3. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Trump administration poised to change transgender student bathroom guidelines   

    Hmmmm, I had posted to this thread, but it's mysteriously gone...
    UPDATE ----
    Greg Toppo , USATODAY Published 7:57 p.m. ET Feb. 21, 2017 | Updated 4:57 p.m.
    "Fifteen states have explicit protections for transgender students, and many individual school districts in other states have adopted policies that recognize students on the basis of their gender identity, Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) told The Associated Press. Just one state, North Carolina, has enacted a law restricting students' bathroom access to their sex at birth. But so far this year, lawmakers in more than 10 states are considering similar legislation, according to the National Conference of State Legislators."
    Trump administration changes transgender student bathroom rules
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  4. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Kansas has legislated endangering gay people.   

    NOTE:  This article is from 2014.  From what I can tell, it appears that more intelligent heads prevailed, and Kansas House Bill 2453 never made it into the law books.*
    Though this thread has been locked due to the age of the information, now outdated, it is being left up for members to read the linked article if for no other reason than so we do not forget how bigoted and hateful too many people can be when it comes to the the TGLB community, that those bigots and haters are still out there, and they will probably continue to create and [try to] pass laws to keep us down.
    Kansas Senate leaders won’t pass religious freedom legislation this year
    Kansas House Bill 2453
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  5. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Washington State Supreme Court rules against florist who turned away gay couple   

    Ya know, sometimes, the poor, improper or inappropriate wording of an article ticks me off just as badly as the issue being reported --
    "The case is one of several involving Christian wedding vendors that have emerged in recent years amid a dramatic expansion of gay rights."  --Sandyha Somashekhar,
    Gay rights... Have not.  Been.  "Expanded."  AND, the rights that have been finally afforded gay people, aren't "gay" rights, but simply rights - rights that straight, cisgender people already enjoy/ed, liberally garnished with entitlement and impunity.  Gay people are NOT getting any special treatment or any special rights - they are not being given something that others are not getting.  It's the other way around - it's the straight/cis people who are getting what must be "special" rights.  They must be special - 'cause we don't ALL get them.  People who just happened to be gay WEREN'T getting what everyone else already had.  Rights that should never have been denied to begin with.
    And of course, the same exists for trans people.  Being different equates to getting less, and having what little you do have - taken away from you!  You have the nerve to ask for what you deserve, and suddenly... those rights become "special."
    Wow.  Just, WOW.

    ::: steps down off soapbox :::
    Anyway - yay! Washington State Supreme Court.  We can only hope for our gay brothers and sisters that the US Supreme Court will side with Washington if the case goes that far.


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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    UPDATE --
    By Ralph Ellis, CNN | Updated 2:31 PM ET, Thu February 9, 2017
    "The law also stops local governments from passing their own non-discrimination laws that would expand rights for LGBT people or allow them to use bathrooms and other public facilities that correspond to their gender preference."
    North Carolina legislation aims to repeal 'bathroom bill'
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  7. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Many Don't Want Laws That Allow Discrimination
    (... but it seems that politicians aren't listening.  -DML)
    Nico Lang | Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 03:00 AM -0700
    "In a Thursday briefing, press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that the president would remain committed to the religious liberty issue. Spicer claimed that religious faith is being “pushed out in the name of political correctness” and further action will be taken by the government to reverse that trend."
    Most Americans don’t want “religious freedom” laws that allow anti-LGBT discrimination
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  8. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Attacks On Transgender People Increase
    Naomi Goldberg | 02/06/2017
    "At the core of this report is the critical role of state level laws in the fight for transgender rights and the patchwork of protections state-level progress has created. Just since January, legislators in 15 states have introduced nearly 40 anti-transgender bills that intend to restrict access to bathrooms, health care, and/or the ability to update identity documents."
    Despite Shocking Inequality, Policy Attacks On Transgender People Increase
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    Here's something else to consider...just as some states (like SC) have illegalized protections that any of their cities have adopted, and made it illegal for others to try to do the same, Drumpf could scrawl his signature onto some executive order illegalizing any protections that any state has adopted.   Might not happen... but they might try.  Just because he's backed off removing protections at the federal level [for now], doesn't mean it won't be revisited.  And who's to say he and his cronies won't try to brainstorm for some legal way they can make a country-wide sweeping law that makes ANY protections - existing or future - illegal?  For now they've got their hands full with that other issue about who can or can't enter the country, and the constitutionality of it all.  After that's ironed out... that loose cannonball will be rolling all around again.
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    Whether it's banning people from a particular country, or banning people of a particular faith... transgender people are worried because Drumpf has an anti-gay and anti-transgender history.  In the past, he has made some VERY derogatory statements about transgender women - check out this thread (hopefully any associated links are still good).  Personally... I don't believe he's changed.  Not to mention he has a vice-prez who's anti-TGLB stance is even more rabid than his own, AND he's surrounding himself with people notorious for their respective anti-TGLB attitudes.
    Therefore, no matter what this latest ban is really all about, the fact remains, he is doing whatever he can so far to over-ride, dilute, erase, erradicate, undo, unravel, or otherwise reverse many things accomplished or put into place in the last eight years.  Considering the way he lies, twist facts and flip-flops on topics, we could wake up one morning and find everything that has been put in place to afford trans people what little  we have - wiped out.
    So, is the fear logical?  Maybe not.  But it's certainly expected and understandable.  From where we stand, it's harder to trust politicians than it is for the average, cisgender individual.  Remember, they are the ones who feel it's perfectly alright to deny certain groups the same rights that others have.  Marginalized people too often are forced to walk a narrow path, never knowing if the path will be widened, or if they'll just be pushed smooth off that path.
    And while I don't wanna push this topic too far out in left field, the media has not portrayed Drumpf as anything but what he is ......
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    I hope this blind fear doesn't cause some to go out and do things in the direction of transition... such as getting their names changed... and outing themselves before they are ready.  We might have to see a therapist before beginning hormones, but I think all barriers to getting one's name changed have been all but dropped.  It would be bad for a person to change their name, especially if that name is one that is traditionally gender-specific, if they are not quite ready to go full head on.
    There is no doubt that this administration is causing discomfort for the TGLB community... and I think especially for those of us in the "T" part of the family with all the threats of un-doing everything that's been gained over the past eight years.
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Republicans decide to eat one of their own !   

    Archangel -
    I don't want to take this thread too far off topic... but there are a few things that need to be explained to you before we can get back on track with bathroom bills since you are here to learn and broaden your understanding of humans --
    1.  TRANSGENDER is an umbrella term used to bring together crossdressers, gender fluid, transsexuals, gender outlaws, androgynous, a-gender, non-binary and in some circles, the intersex, all together as one big happy little family, and is intended to mean anyone who does not strictly identity along the male/female binary system, or does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, or does not identify as either gender.  As far as crossdressers, it's just my opinion that ALL crossdressers are transsexual, just some don't want to admit it [yet], and could be why they are included under the transgender umbrella.  But let's not digress ...
    2.  A person who identifies as the gender opposite of what they were labelled at birth based solely on genitalia, is uncomfortable with that genitalia, and needs to be seen as the opposite sex... is transsexual whether they medically transition or not
        a.  Not everyone can go on HRT, or hormone replacement therapy
        b.  Some do not wish to go on HRT, NOT because they are not transsexual or medically unable to, but some believe that it is not good for the body, dangerous, or a poison they can do without
        c.  Some never transition, or delay transition because they feel there are obligations in their life and/or social pressures that prevent them from doing so - that does NOT make them any less transsexual, or real
    3.  That said, a transsexual does NOT have to be on HRT in order to legitimately transition.  There are transsexuals who physically and socially transition, meaning they dress and act as the sex/gender they identify with, living full-time as that gender
    4.  People who cannot medically transition, and those who simply physically and socially transition are not just "playing" at being transsexual
    5.  Transsexual does NOT equate to "real" or "genuine."  That one has physically, socially, medically and/or surgically transitioned does not make that person any more transsexual, "real" or "genuine" than one who has not, or can not.
    6.  Transgender does NOT equate to "fake," "disgenuine" or "playing games," but instead as I mentioned above, is simply an "umbrella term."   Look at it this way:  There are Russians, Brits, Americans, Africans, Japanese, etc., but they are ALL people.  Different, each of them.  None of them are "playing at" being people, being human.  All different, with different cultures, but under the same big human "umbrella."
    7.  On this board, ALL members are to be accepted for however they identify, respected for the people they are, and addressed with the appropriate pronouns OR by the pronouns they prefer.
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Republicans decide to eat one of their own !   

    As I mentioned in my post above, "all the big fuss and hullabaloo is ALWAYS about a "man in a dress" going into a women's restroom."
    The man in the picture is Michael C. Hughes.  He is a transgender MAN.  The very type of person that these politicians don't think about.
    Now...I'm playing devil's advocate here.  I don't know the details of Hughes' transition - for all I know he could be transitioned up to and including "bottom surgery," or gender confirming surgery.   He may also possess an amended birth certificate, or perhaps was issued a new BC with the proper sex marker.  But there are many trans men who look like any other man, who have not had bottom surgery (GCS), and it is those men I wanted to bring to your attention, and the kind of man that needs to be brought to the attention of lawmakers, too.
    The reason the men need to be considered - there are a few states that will not make ANY changes to a person's BC.  In such states, I'm sure it's difficult to get the sex marker on other legal documents and ID changed.  In some states that do/will change a person's BC, a requirement is that the person has to have had GCS, and provide proof that they have.  
    So if a guy is unlucky enough to have been born in a state that either will not change the marker on his BC, or will not change the marker unless he's had bottom surgery, laws like those in NC, and like the one that was just flushed down the crapper in VA, would REQUIRE that HE use the WOMEN'S restroom.
    Here are a few possibilities if a trans guy, looking like Hughes was to go into a women's room:
        1.  All hell would break loose in that bathroom
        2.  There will surely be one woman seek out authorities, or
        3.  Some woman, who's husband is waiting for her just around the corner, will run to him to tell him some guy is in the women's room - he might blow a fuse and decide to play the Knight in Shining Armour and run to the rescue of the women
        4.  He could potentially be dragged out of that bathroom by men in the area who believe they need to protect the women-folk and children, and hold him until authorities arrive, or
        5. believe they have the right to beat him into the cracks in the floor
    ...and other possible scenarios - I think perhaps (I hope) you get the picture.
    And as is obvious, by your own reply above, "I would challenge him," you never considered the mayhem that could ensue, because all anyone is EVER concerned with is a trans woman... or as the fear-mongers call her, "a man in a dress," or a "pervert" out to take advantage of women and children.
    Now that I've pointed out what could happen to a trans man who looks like any other man, think of what a trans woman would endure, if she were forced into the men's bathroom (something else the lawmakers are not able to wrap their tiny little heads around), looking like ANY OTHER WOMAN.
    Just wanted to offer you food for thought    And a little more understanding of the situation, too.
    Note:  The reason you see Hughes with a camera, it was a campaign of sorts, to bring this very thing to the attention of the public - the fanatical fear-mongers are so busy labelling trans women as perverts looking to do harm, and not thinking about what would happen if trans men were forced into women's spaces.  The camera was to record the event, and everyone present at the time was advised as to what was going on.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Republicans decide to eat one of their own !   

    But what about the guy pictured above?  What would you think...what would you do... if you saw him enter a women's restroom?
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  15. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Republicans decide to eat one of their own !   

    ​1.  As far as I know, there's never been a case of a "legit crossdresser" going into a women's space to harrass, molest, attack, rape, etc
    2.  If a man dressed in men's clothing has it in him to do harm to a woman or a male or female child, he's gonna do it... and chances are, he's gonna do it in some place secluded, and usually on his own turf - not in a public place where the chances of getting caught are very good
    3.  If a trans woman is going to go into a women's space, chances are, she is NOT going to be wearing men's clothing.
    Now... all the big fuss and hullabaloo is ALWAYS about a "man in a dress" going into a women's restroom.   What would you think if you saw this guy go into a women's restroom?  >>>

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  16. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Blogs   

    ​Yup... me, too -  Win7 and Firefox.
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  17. UsernameOptional added a blog entry in Michael's Blog   

    In the thread, The Ladder, Monica expressed her desire to read the entire poem from which I took four lines to use in a post in that thread.
    The poem doesn't flow very well - I just hammered out enough words at the time in an attempt to rid myself of the hurt I was feeling at the time.  I might have been trying to write thru tears in the middle third of the poem.  It wasn't until the last four lines that I was able to bring it all into some kind of statement --

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  18. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Blogs   

    Hi Sara - LTNS.
    Yep.. that's exactly what has happened to me on several occasions.  I have found that sometimes simply reloading the page solves the issue.  I have yet to apply any rhyme or reason to why or when it happens.  It neither happens everytime, nor does refreshing page work each time I come up with a blank.
    Chances are, this is something that Lori may have to have tech support look into since it seems to have happened at the same time as the failed upgrade.  She was having problems even then getting help out of tech support.
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  19. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    "This in fact makes it legal to use facilities based on that M or F on your I.D.. It may circumvent HB2 even if that piece of legislation stays on the books for a little while longer. Just a thought."  - Erica
    It may make it legal in NY, and perhaps in other places.  But if I understand that HB2 correctly, nothing trumps what is recorded on one's legal BC.  As far as NC is concerned, you are what you were labelled at birth... and that's it.  Though they apparently will allow one to get a BC changed/amended (not sure which), it sounds as if the only way to get that accomplished is after GCS.
    I have no doubt that NC officials would be more than happy to toss one's buttage in the pokey if that person was found using (or found to have used) a bathroom intended for the alleged "opposite sex."
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  20. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Southern Comfort Transgender Conference Has Been Discontinued As Of December 10, 2016   

    "The details can be learned by Googling "Southern Comfort Transgender Conference," and reading some of the websites that discuss it.  Can't vouch for any of their accuracy."  -- Monica
    Sad indeed... I had hoped to make it there one day.
    Anyway... here's a wiki page, and the SCTC own facebook page, both with limited info on what happened.  Seems that a "gag order" was part of a settlement on a rather lengthy lawsuit that recently concluded.
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  21. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    Sometimes, I find some things so incredulous, so unbelievable, so mind-blowing, that the words I need to adequately express my feelings leave me and take a slow boat trip around the world.  That's what happened when I first read about NC's soon-to-be former governor and HB2 which not only enshrined discrimination primarily towards trans people, but also nullified the nondiscrimination ordinace passed by Charlotte, NC.
    After reading this latest article, that boat finally returned and docked.  I found the words I wanted ...
    It takes a level of bigotry that is totally unimaginable to me, to create and pass a law to deny a people something that all others enjoy and take for granted.  But it takes a deep, vile, unmeasureable amount of hate, to create and pass a law, meant to keep someone from treating another person right.
    And while NC may repeal HB2, it's sad that McCrory may still get some of what he wanted, in that Charlotte has agreed to do away with their nondiscrimination ordinance if the bill is repealed.
    Has anyone really won here?  I mean... anyone except bigots like McCrory??
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  22. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Transgender in America survey results   

    Just as the survey showed the U.S. average in the "Psychological Distress/Suicide" category, it would be nice to see averages in the "Harassment and Abuse" and the "Housing, Employment and Poverty" categories, as I'm willing to bet those are very much above the U.S. average.
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  23. UsernameOptional added a topic in Forum Help & Support   

    Hey Everyone -
    Is anyone having trouble accessing the blogs on occasion?  I've been having trouble ever since the failed upgrade attempt not long ago.  Some days I can get to the blogs, other days I can't.
    Please post here if you are having trouble on occasion so that it can be looked into.
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  24. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Tennessee bill would allow therapists to refuse LGBT patients on religious grounds   

    Just my opinion... but I'd say the lawmakers of Tennessee are wasting their time on such a law, because for the most part, it is recommended that people suffering gender identity issues, see a therapist experienced in...   well, gender identity issues.   So, their law is worthless, 'cause most of us don't wanna see a regular, inexperienced therapist anyway.  So let them pound on as many bibles as they want, as often as they want.  Chances are, some people probably already knew where such therapists stood on the matter anyway....
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  25. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic I Will Not Be Tortured Again   

    News like that makes me angry.  I am so sick of hearing the "sexual predator dressing as and claiming to be a trans women to get into the womens' restrooms" scare tactic.  How ignorant do you have to be NOT to know that this is not happening.  Oh wait... I forgot - they don't consider trans women, women, and [from the sounds of it] trans men don't exist so there's no issue in that regard.
    It will be hillarious when they start busting trans men for going into women's restrooms because their idiot laws requires they do.  I still say that all out trans men should set up an event somewhere in the country where the law says a person must use the restroom that corresponds with their birth sex, have a "bathroom bill convention," and be sure to use the women's restrooms everywhere in that city/state they go.  Some of these moron law makers and fear mongers need to be awakened to their idiocy and ignorance.
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