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    MS Man Sentenced for Hate Crime

    Thanks Monica - Here are some new links: Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing Official says Justice will aggressively pursue hate crimes | WTOP << this article doesn't mention hate crimes against the TGLB community, but instead repeatedly mentions religious hate crimes I cannot find a comparable article to the one that Emma linked... so in the meantime ---- More reading on Session - see article that indicates he has fought AGAINST hate crime protections for TGLB victims
  2. UsernameOptional

    MS Man Sentenced for Hate Crime

    First-ever conviction on federal hate crime charges arising from the killing of a transgender woman Jeff Amy, AP GULFPORT, Miss. — May 15, 2017, 6:57 PM ET "Demoya Gordon, attorney for the Transgender Rights Project of Lambda Legal, called the prosecution "significant" but noted it began under President Barack Obama's administration and added "the cake was already baked" on Vallum's sentencing when Donald Trump became president." -- abcnews.go.com Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing
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    Wednesday Evening Rant

    The day didn't start out all that great to begin with... so I guess there was no reason to expect that it would end on a good note. So why not just vent, get it out of my system, and start fresh tomorrow? So, after reading this article someone sent me .... I guess it's good that ANY exposure will bode better for us... but are poorly written articles, no matter how well-intentioned, any better than those that sensationalize news and other stories when there just happens to be a transgender person involved? I. This article, while informative to cisgender people about the health issues of trans people (has to be for them 'cause we already knew this), does nothing to help dispell the beliefs and misconceptions too many cisgender people have about transgender people. I think the reporter, Karen Kaplan, should learn a bit more before trying to take on a topic she obviously knows little about. Even though most of her article is simply passing on information from a study, her opening lines nearly kept me from even ready the rest of the article. Makes me sorta think she's meerly jumping on a bandwagon that she believes is suddenly popular and therefore a potentially better payday.* II. The reporter defines to her readers, most of whom I am sure are cisgender, what being transgender means, "their gender identity is not the same as their gender at birth." Hmmmm. This statement indicates that she clearly does not understand that that sex and gender are seperate, and that sex does NOT always guarantee a particular gender. And how can anyone determine/dictate what a child's GENDER is at birth since that child cannot communicate that to anyone yet? Of course the same applies to the reverse statement that followed. III. "Gender-majority?" WTH is that?? I think we have a good cross-cut of people who come to this board - I've not seen the mention of anything called "gender-majority." I see this [new?] term as nothing more than something else to further marginalize trans people. To emphasize that we are no more than a minority. That is what America did to the variety of peoples in this country - made smaller, especially non-white groups, "minorities." And where does that term come from? "Minor." And what does "minor" mean? Inferior. Not serious. Not up to par. Secondary. Less than. And then what did I find further down in the article? "Gender minority." God, I hope this doesn't catch on! So who coined this new term? Surely it wasn't a transgender person. I hope. Was it the researchers from Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center? I would think that such entities and the people who staff those places would own a good grasp of terminology. Or was this a brain-fart of Kaplan's, thinking she'd come up with something that she could go down in the books for, or perhaps a term she thought her cisgender readers might better understand or relate to? Or maybe to allow those who think that way, to continue to believe they are better than we are? Okay. Sorry for the rant. I'm done. I thought about emailing Ms. Kaplan... I mean, since her email addy was right there at the bottom of the article, and all. But I decided against it. I'm not sure I am capable of a diplomatic butt-chewing. And I wasn't in the mood to educate... least ways, not right now... * Of 25+ pages of so-called "recent articles" by Kaplan - all the way back to May 2015 - the article on the healthcare of trans people appears to be the first article she's ever written about trans people, despite the fact that she has many articles with topics for which she has reported on multiple times for one reason or another. Even in an article about bullying, there was no mention of transgender people, or even LGBT people. Why suddenly now?
  4. Amazing the lengths too many will go to just to deny someone else something, or deprive another of what they should already have had. This country has a history of just that. And humankind an even longer history of it. Must be in the DNA to be so hateful, judgemental and selfish....
  5. UsernameOptional

    net neutrality, please join in

    Yup... saw this on his show. Gotta love the creativeness in that link
  6. UsernameOptional

    Transgender Christians

    I hope their main interest is letting those who wish to be a part of some Christian group, that they are welcome, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.
  7. I came to post an update on Varner and found that Charlie beat me to it. I had not read the whole article, the link for which was sent to me while chatting. It wasn't until I started reading Charlie's post that I learned Varner IS GAY ! How messed up is that?? Of all Zeke Smith's tribemates... A GAY MAN OUTED HIM. A person that should KNOW better. I just can't wrap my head around it... And ya know... Smith wasn't being deceiptful - he was living as his true self. If ever there is any deceipt, it's when a person has to pretend to be someone they are NOT exactly because of people like Varner. I'd say the only deceipt there was in Varner claiming to be Smith's friend. That is... if there is such a thing on that show.
  8. I'd say that guy just made his life difficult - at least for a while - until the next idiot in a spotlight does something ignorant.
  9. UsernameOptional

    Female voice improvement

    Hello Allison... and welcome. This entire forum is about voice. There is also the youtube video that Lori put the link for in the post just above your's. Go back to Transgender Voice... and you will find a variety of discussions on voice issues, vocabulary, tips and voice training. -Michael
  10. UsernameOptional

    Is There A Place For Short-Term Relationships?

    Hiya Monica - So much great input by two people. Bree and Emma have said a lot of the things I was thinking and intended to comment on. But I gotta add to the "gassy." Yes, we are all gassy. As Bree said... it's a by-product of digestion - there's no getting around it. Well... maybe with a little Gas-X But considering we are all four fairly close in age, we each know that such concerns are a result of primarily your mum and other female relatives hammering into your head what nice girls and women do and and don't do. No doubt one of them made it plainly clear more than once that 'only men do disgusting things like fart.' This kind of up-bringing applies to and has affected other alleged short-comings a person carries around with them. That said... I see a lot of your concerns as a product of the era in which we were raised. There were so many things that women weren't supposed to speak of, or even think about. Men weren't supposed to know certain things about women. Now, one would think that logically, as a lesbian, a woman wouldn't worry about things like being gassy - she's not trying to keep a man from knowing she farts too. Both of you are in the Women's Secrets Club. But because so many that were raised during the mid and late 50s thru the early to mid 70s (commonly known as baby boomers) were continually bombarded with all of what society expected of them...these things that were drilled into us are hard to escape. And it is some of those things that affect our relationships. As far as long- or short-term relationships are concerned and natural human imperfections notwithstanding, I dare say that religion, primarily Christianity, has played a big part in villifying short-term relationships - especially for women. I think we can probably all think of reasons why someone else would not want us. And the list of advantages for short-term relationships makes a little sense. But I don't think that list should be used to draw a line in the sand. One of those short-terms could end up being a long-term - if you let it. You never know where that long-termer will come from. No matter what age you are. -Michael
  11. UsernameOptional

    Apologies for the Interruption

    UPDATE ---- Lori is still working on things. She also had a support ticket submitted, which is just being responded to. Beause there were more issues associated with chat, she is working on that first. After that, she will be working on the site. She has indicated that this will be quite a job, so we may experience hiccups here and there for a while. Either I or Lori will try to provide updates as necessary. Hopefully, the overhaul will go smoothly and no one will even hear the hammering, sawing and cussing... -Mike
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    Apologies for the Interruption

    "Photos below 300kbs load - in-between appears to vary based on aspects of Width to Height pitzels." -- Dawn Yup... I was getting the same results -Mike
  13. Considering this "news" piece came from Breitbart, the radically-conservative-conspiracy-theory-mongering site that the 45th U.S. President trusts over all real, legitimate news, I don't know that I'd put too much stock in it. For one thing, first time I saw a big orange bus in the news with male and female figures on it, proclaiming that sex is biology and not politics, it was in Spain. The slogan splattered across the bus was: Los ninos tienen pene. Las ninas tienen vulva. Que no te enganan. which translates* to: [Boys] have penises. Girls have vulva. Do not be fooled. That bus was seized by Spanish authorities and a probe was launched to determine whether the campaign could constitute a hate crime. It's possible that some uber conservative American groups might have copied the idea...but who really knows considering the source? And who really knows if the vandalism really happened? When I googled bus boys have penises girls have vaginas before replying to this post, the majority of the returns on the first page had to do with the bus in Spain. Now the bad part, the sad part- 45 will probably eat this up because after all, Breitbart is not "fake" news. Whether true, false or twisted, we better hope 45 doesn't try to use this to justify more anti-TGLB actions. *Source: Google Translate
  14. "...the man in question came in power for reason being only, to build a wall..." -- C2P Yeah... that damn wall is part of why he's slashing the funding for anything and everything he can get his tiny little hands on.
  15. NICOLE PELLETIERE | 18 March 2017 "Maison said in June that Corey was bullied for being transgender when she was younger. The first incident was when a child pushed her down a hill covered in frozen ice, causing injuries to Corey's face. Eventually, Corey was moved to another school as a result of the bullying, Maison said." -- gma.yahoo.com Dad and daughter transition together from mother and son: 'If she can do it, so can I'
  16. After-school programs, PBS, the arts and "Meal-on-Wheels" are on the chopping block too. As one night time talk show asked, [paraphrasing] "how hateful do you have to be to cut 'Meals-on-Wheels'?" But what do you expect? His children don't need any after-school programs, PBS is not his style, he can buy whatever art he wants, and he won't be starving or trying to decide whether to buy food or medicines in his advanced years. P.S. ... You GO Joe!!!!
  17. UsernameOptional

    Apologies for the Interruption

    Dawn - I will pass this info on to Lori. I tried the system again - you'll remember that I had been successful in uploading an image some time back when we were discussing this in PM. I could not replicate the failure then - today I had different results. 1st try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 3.54MB. All that appeared in the album was an empty image holder 2nd try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 0.98MB. All that appeared in the album was an empty image holder 3rd try: Upload successful. File was 156kb (about .15MB) 4th try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 518kb (about .5 MB). This time, there was not even an empty image holder where the image should have been 5th try: Upload successful. File was 247kb (about .25MB) 6th try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 379kb (about .37 MB). Again, there was not even an empty image holder where the image should have been 7th try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 292kb (about .28 MB). No empty image holder where the image should have been 8th try: Upload failed - no error message, just a blank page. File was 253kb (about .25 MB). No empty image holder where the image should have been On my end, it appears that uploads might be a hit-n-miss kinda thing now. I was beginning to think that perhaps size was the issue as you can see the 1/2 MB file I attempted to upload failed just as yours did, but the first two smaller files loaded without any problem. But when I tried again to upload a file that was only .25MB, that one failed. I would think that if size was the problem, that last .25MB file upload would have been successful. So, it's likely that the problem is not ours unless we happen to have the exact same environments. This is what I'm working with: Window 7 Home Firefox browser, 50.1.0 Avast Anti-virus (free version) Windows firewall Cox broadband, 25mbps And of course, this issue with image upload failures did not begin until the failed upgrade just a couple or so months ago. -Mike
  18. UsernameOptional

    Apologies for the Interruption

    Hiya Dawn - I'll have to find out from Lori. In the PM where we were discussing this issue, I had mentioned that all I could find as far as sizing were dimentions... but 2MB is most definitely a pretty large file, and could very well be part of the problem. I'll try to find a large image file and see if I can upload it. I'll let ya know how it turns out. Stay tuned.....
  19. UsernameOptional

    "I Want What I Want" by Geoff Brown

    Pretty good movie. I especially like the end when the Doctor called her "Miss Ross."
  20. Miss Bonnie <GASP> for shame, for shame! But ROFLMAO anyway Anywhoooooo... "Think how "All in the Family" created real change in the U.S. and brought families together to watch and discuss what they learned!" -- Monica Yup... it would be so nice if shows like "Transparent" had a similar affect on society. Sadly, I don't think it's happening. And of course now, there are factors that have been thrown into the mix that are countermanding many improvements and advances, and even empowering the haters.
  21. If it wasn't a shame... it'd be almost be funny. THIS... after all the hullabaloo over the Texas boy who was FORCED to wrestle on the GIRL's team against other GIRLS. It's obvious, these people have learned ab-so-LUTE-ly... NOTHING.
  22. I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the murders of transgender poeple are NEVER immediately thought to be, believed to be, speculated that or suspected of being, a hate crime - only statements are made like (paraphrasing), "officials have not commented on whether the murder will be investigated as a hate crime," or "it's unknown if this will be concidered a hate crime," or "the murder is not being investigated as a hate crime at this time," etc., etc., etc.. Even in murders where their is unmistakable, viciously brutal over-kill, no one will even say, "this looks like a hate crime." It's like they go total stupid about it. I don't get it. 27 February 2017 | by Stefanie Gerdes "At least one news station – New Orleans’ WWL-TV – misgendered her, and a number of others used Chyna’s dead name." --gaystarnews.com Performer shot down in New Orleans is fifth trans woman to be killed in the US this year
  23. UsernameOptional

    More Clarity

    Somewhere around here, I've shared the fact that my mother is NOT accepting of my transgender being. She was. At first. But then something changed, and she wanted to hear no more about it. She let me know she bore only ONE son [and that wasn't me]. She's also gone so far as to say that there is "nothing 'wrong'" with me, I was just adversely influenced and affected by my work environment and the people I worked around and with - all men. She refuses to accept that I wanted to be in job where I felt comfortable, and felt more myself - that being, with other men. I already knew that my mother was a "girly girl." She was the kind of girl growing up that laid across her bed, looking at fashion mags and dreaming of a big wedding, a husband, children and a family. In fact, my mother did not leave home until she was married. My mother also used to draw and water colour. What did she draw? Women in all the top fashions of the day. She could have been one of those people that illustrates the envelopes that women's sewing patterns come in. A few years ago, I learned that my mother is perhaps (I hate to admit it), a bit on the vain side. In a rant one day, the rant that pretty much shut down all future conversation about me being a transgender man (and despite that the topic really was irrelavent to a degree about me being trans), she talked about how any man she had ever dated had to be physically fit (no pot bellies, for example), had to be a good dresser (that didn't include jeans, or as they were most often called back then - dungarees), had to have neat [appropriately short] hair, and be the quintessentially perfect gentleman. She went on to let me know that my father was a very nice dresser and a gentleman. Now, yeah, nothing wrong in dressing nice when the occasion calls for it. And nothing wrong in a man being a gentleman. But my mother was the type of woman that expected and demanded those qualities to the Nth degree. Of course on the flip side of that coin, she expected that women should dress a certain way with strict attention to whatever the occasion was, AND there were things she felt that only [bio]men should do, be able to do, know how to do, and that unless you are a [bio]man, you don't know jack about those things. In those things, she would and still does defer to men and take only the word of a [bio]man. Example: cars. Doesn't matter what I know... if I try to tell her something, suggest something, advise her of a problem, give an opinion, offer to repair something...she will invariably ask me what do I know about it, how do I know it, who told me or how did I learn it. If it's something very minor, she may accept what I suggest or recommend. But anything more than minor, she will wave me off saying, "I don't know." Later, she will make it a point to ask a man about it whether that man is a mechanic, burger flipper, surgeon or pencil pusher. In fact, I have learned since my dad died that there are things my mother does not know how to do. Doesn't have a clue. Things that, if she'll let me, I do for her 'cause... she doesn't have a clue. She will let me know, "you father always took care of that - I didn't have to do those kinds of things." It's not that my father didn't let her do these things, it's that in my mother's world, those things were his job to do, and she expected him to do them. My father, being the quintessentially perfect gentleman, acquiesced. And so now, we come to the present. Over breakfast the other day, mother was telling me that she had stayed up a little too late the night before - she had been watching a movie that "had Madea in it." She couldn't remember the title of the movie and was describing some of the characters. When it came to Madea, she stumbled over what to call the character choosing instead to say "Tyler Perry." I said, "Madea." She said [paraphrasing], "he, Tyler Perry, he plays Madea." Then she went on trying to describe a scene, referring to Madea as "he." I retorted with, "she. Madea is a woman." My mother came back with, "but Madea is played by a man." This was supposed to justify her referring to Madea as "he" and "him." My mother is so steeped in a strict male/female society, that she can't even refer to Madea as a woman, like most people apparently seem able to do, though I'm sure for many it's only because it's entertainment. It hit me then -- how will I ever expect that my mother will see and accept me as a man, when she can't even use the proper pronouns for a fictional character in a movie? -Michael
  24. UsernameOptional

    More Clarity

    Thanks ladies for the kind and supportive words. Ya know, it's really funny... my mum is so loving. She loves babies and dogs and they love her. And she hurts for you when you are [physically] hurting. You'd never know that she would not accept someone being trans. Crazy, eh?