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  1. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Sometimes people make me sad.   

    I do mean the human race.  We is everyone who would use it for normal purposes both social and news/information spreading, but abandoned it to what it is now.  It didn't used to be like this at the start, I'm told from people back in the day who used things like Chatroullette and Omegle that i used to just be conversations, people reaching out trade news of the regions, or just bored people who wanted to meet ohters, but we as a global community let it fall to the wayside.  People who don't use a thing for good things, who just say "it's full of garbage, I'm not going there!" and leave it to be exactly that.  And yes, it is tough to filter them out, but we are supposed to be a world that doesn't shy away from things because they are hard.  And at the end of the day, that next button makes them vanish.  No, I don't mean anyone in particular on this site, I mean the whole internet population.  We as a whole.  All the normal people who don't get on it and have normal conversations.  I'm still scrolling through things I can't mention here becuase I'm not ready to give up on meeting even just ONE person out there who I can have a conversation with (That Turkish dude's body language seemed normal, so while I admit he could have been saying extremely kinky things in Turkish, I would be sorta surprised).  B
    ut I picked mysefl back up and slogged through some crazy again, and almost had a conversation.  Some man in Micronesia and I were doing really good (or horribly gone wrong) pantomimes.  It was weirdly fun.  He was trying to explain how to prepare a fish I believe, as he kept turning his camera to the food he was working on while he was talking, and I was showing him pictures of my area.  Language barrier again, but ti was 
    I think what makes me really sad is that we COULD reclaim it, if the army of people across the world with webcams got on, just nexted the gross and ignored them, without reinforcement and with just ordinary chatter boring them it could be reclaimed.  And I think with so many governments going crazy, it's probably important that it we do take it back and start talking to people beyond our normal daily run ins.  *shrugs*  but I"m just one turtle, I'm not really the revolutionary type no matter how hard I Try to be.
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  2. Briannah added a blog entry in Learning to grow   

    Sometimes people make me sad.
    So I got the new webcame to skype and roll20 game with my son now that he's moved, and I Thought, ya know what?  I wanna say hello to the world.  Omegle, here I come!  So I loaded it up.  Now, I FULLY expected to run into a lot of pervyness.  I went into it with the realization I will see things, there is no way around that, the next button is my friend.  But I had it in my head that there were other normal people who just wanted to talk to the world, and after I waded through the unspeakable things, I would find and chat with interesting people.  But it seems like the ENTIRE thing was unspeakable things. 
    And it makes me really sad.
    Random video chat is a lifechanging technology.  It has the power to connect people around the world, to talk, meet, share their lives and stories, educate each other about different places of the world, and learn the truths in the world for yourself through contact instead of media.  And we've let it languish into some sort of perverts only waste.  We could change the world here, and we just...don't.  I wouldn't even mind wading through the random body parts and weirdness if it meant there would be gems of awesome somewhere.  I"m an adult, I can push the next button and not be irreparably harmed.  But there was nothing no matter how many times I nexted.   If you are under 18, stay off these things, even the ones rated 13+ the users really don't care.

    So my webcam sits off quietly, until someone I know someday might also get a webcam other than my son.  And I'm still lonely at night hwen it's quiet, and I could have spent that time broadening my understanding of the world, and I think I"M a little mad at the world for not being there.  To tell me why Togo is an awesome place, why I need to fight pollution to try to save the Maldives from vanishing because they have this awesome thing, what this custom I don't understand is all about, or to answer any question they have about american weirdness.  Lonely turtle.
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  3. Briannah added a blog entry in Learning to grow   

    Spousal Perspective of tools.
    How Nikki sees the new tool kit we got today (because I broke the drill, don't ask) - Ooh, cool, I can do cool things like built in book shelving and better closeting!  I can be all sorts of productive!  These things are kind of dangerous though.
    How I see the new tools: Hm..if anyone breaks in again, I could totally kill a person with those....and not have to worry about a cord.  I wonder if it would get stuck in the bone?
    Some days I think there is something really wrong with me.  In my defense, it was IF someone breaks in, not I could just go out and drill into someone.
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  4. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Judy's Transformaton   

    Not surprisingly, I don't really remember thing.    I was only 20 when we left it, and engineering sadly was not on my radar.  I do remember Johnson's Park, and the village on the end of it with the Really Old houses they preserved.  There was a racetrack for horses too, but I'd never even once managed to see it used for actual racing, just one or two horses getting excercises.  The mall used to be great (now it's kinda gutted and weird) and we all hung out there a lot, eating Bavarian Pretzels, browsing the record store (how excited we all where when it flipped from a small store front to a huge one across the way!), movies, and this neat little nautical theme gift shop called Poopdeck Galley that weirdly also sold plush puppets and is where I got my two gorgeous dragon puppets!  They had a great bookstore too, I spent hours in B. Daltons back in the day.  LOL  We also hung out at the library a lot, there were to, but we mostly hung out at the JFK one way out by the school, until they moved the New Market one from this TINY store front to a big building actually built to be a library.  It was right near the Carvel, so we used to get ice cream then go hang at the library, no parents!  LOL And there was this little park called Columbus Park near my freind Lisas, they had handball courts we used to spend a lot of time just practicing with tennis balls.  We never really did learn the rules of that game, only tennis. 
    I miss home. 
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  5. Briannah added a post in a topic: Many Don't Want Laws That Allow Discrimination   

    The only reason anyone is listening to that crap is that we as a country have lost the ability to tell between practicing and worshipping in our faith and forcing OTHERS to do the same through legislation or discrimination.  It in no way infringes on anyone's faith to treat a customer in a business the same way as everyone else, and allowing others to make the choices that are right for them.  They don't want religious liberty, they want religious tyrrany, which aren't the same thing.  The problem with religion is ALL of them teach they are right, and everyone else is wrong, and therefor they feel like forcing their religions callings on people who don't follow that religion and would amke other choices is 'right'.  So many people have compeltely lost the ability to tell the difference between 'my religion is against gayness, so I have the right to choose not to be gay and associate wtih them in my personal life' to 'I want it legislated and socailized out of existance no one has the right to be gay!' for example.
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  6. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: How do you know the difference?   

    Maybe I really should start stocking up on this creepy food in the basement once we decide where we're going to be living.  Cheeto has me really worried, not just on what he can do to the social fabric of our country, but he says of lot of dangerous things to dangerous world leaders. 
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  7. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: How do you know the difference?   

    I'm starting to really read the prepper websites, and I can't tell if I've joined the tinfoil hat brigade or if that Cheeto is goinna wreck it all and turn into a giant mess of we're all gonna die.  I"ve been consdiering gun lessons.  I don't like guns.  But so many people around me have them, and if it gets really bad, might need to have and undersatnd them.    That man has been in office less than a month and he's done so many illegal and dangerous things that I'm really starting to fear for my long term safety.
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  8. Briannah added a blog entry in Learning to grow   

    How do you know the difference?
    Between you've drank the Kool-Aid, joined the paranoid tinfoil hat brigade, or are having a reasonable response to something? How do you REALLY know? 
    Because I might be over that line.  *closes prepper information websites*  Or the line is over me, and I'm just starting to realize things can slide really quickly.  I don't know.
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  9. Briannah added a post in a topic: US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    Of course it depends on the culture.  However, that change isn't natural.  If it was, people would be over racism by now, we've been fighting that one for centuries and yet people still bring up thier children with it.  And racism isn't inhernetly natural, it's a learned behavior.  That we keep teaching as a large part of our society, the same society that advertises itself as the leaders of the free world and giant melting pot.  You're not really the leaders of the free world when you are condoning violence on your weaker members for being different by not standing up and saying stop, not okay.  That change requires laws enforcing the consequences of treating others poorly to slowly readjust the citizenry to the understanding that all people are just...people. 
    It's like hunting licenses and laws preventing personal water collection in the western states.  People view those laws as intrusive and infantilizing, and those are often cited as examples why the government needs to butt out.  But the reality is, without careful wildlife management and limits on harvesting, humans will hunt the animals to extinction and there won't be anything for the next generation.  And in those states water collection by a mass of individuals has a serious effect on the environment and availability of water to both people, plants, and wildlife.  But no one thinks about all the other hunters and water cisterns out there, they're all thinking "I don't take much, it's not a big deal'.  But they're not considering the aggregate consequences of all the individuals like them, or how big a deal it really is, and they don't have access to the data.  Rules are important to the survival of all of us, because we have some very serious psychological flaws as a species even in those with healthy brains functioning as intended.  When we evolved past the point of an even balance with predators and the environment, we seriously changed the rules, but our brains haven't caught up yet.  The same dynamic shows in why we need an epa, I worked for a small business, and despite being the part time receptionist, I got the EPA permits dumped on me to do because everyone at the business thought it was intrustive and ridiculous that htey had to answer questions about the pollutants they are putting into the air.  Like I'd ever even picked up a paint brush or even knew what brands of paint and chemicals we bought.  We don't do a LOT of painting, but we do enough, with all the other small businesses, to be an aggregate problem that SOMEONE needs to be responsible for tracking and managing for the health of everyone today and tomorrow.  It's an ongoing problem.  And the same is true for cultural issues where people harm others for being different.  Especially the potential damage the aggregate of people can cause. 
    The worse part is that we grew up in a country teaching us all are created equal, the rights to live, liberty, and happiness are inalienable, and the constitution applies to all, and we're still having to have the arguement over why not everyone has basic rights.
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  10. Briannah added a post in a topic: US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    Then look at the equality laws, and replace the word black/hispanic/asian/gay/with transgender.  Same social crazy, different minor detail.  There doesn't have to be new and exciting laws, just the same basic protections everyone else has.  And if people would deal with others that are dfiferent from them better, we wouldn't need that even, but they don't so it has to be codified into law or minorities suffer unfortunately.  The laws arleady exist, just for different groups.
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  11. Briannah added a post in a topic: US transgender people rush to legally change gender in wake of Donald Trump's win   

    The federal government's role with respect to transgender is the same as it is to ever other group, ensure their civiil liberties and rights are being maintained.  That means protections from discrimination, follow up on violence against people in the group (especially cases where it's not random violence but targeted hate violence), and that they are treated equally in public as everyone else by businesses, emergency personal, and authorities.  And yes they have the constitutional authority to do this, as these are protections that are written into the constitution that are supposed to be extended to ALL citizens, no exceptions.
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  12. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Judy's Transformaton   

    I grew up in Piscataway, then lived for a couple of years in Plainsboro after graduation and a brief time in Heightstown before I moved to Ohio to get away from crazy ex.   I really miss it, there was this little mom and pop pizza place across from Quakerbridge Mall that had the BEST CHEESESTEAK EVER!  It's called Red Moon Pizza if it's still there and you're in the area.  We spent a lot of time at Sandy Hook beach, but then changed to Island Beach State Park.  I know everyone loves Seaside Heights, but I liked a somewhat quieter beach.   
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  13. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Judy's Transformaton   

    Ah, I grew up in NJ.  I miss it hugely, but not the cost of living.  I would go back in a heartbeat if it wasn't so crazy expensive! 
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  14. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Anniversary   

    Thank you very much Emma!  We're enjoying a week of putting things in order to move forward with our plans and hopefully end up in a nicer future.
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  15. Briannah added a comment on a blog entry: Anniversary   

    I"m sorry, I didn't meant to make anyone thing I was leaving Nikki!  We have issues, like every couple, but we are pretty successful in working through them I think.  There were a few times it came close over the years, but we stuck it out.  At least we've held it together a long time.  We may be doing the separate cities thing for a while though, depending on how prepping/selling the house and his jobhunt drop into place.  But the days when you could wait for everything to align perfectly are long gone, and we gotta make it work in any order we can. 
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