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  1. Chantel

    Back home

    Hi Chrisrty, It sounds like you are very close to coming out of the cupboard. Its a leap of faith which fortunately is normally no where near as bad as we expect. Indeed most people are very supportive. The bottom line is to become you, you will have to le go of the past and start a new life. Its sort of sad saying goodbye to who we were but we cannot move forward without doing that. I hope that you find what you are looking for. Love Chantel. x
  2. Chantel

    On Coming Out

    Well thats the way to go. There is no easy way. I have lost maybe one or two friends but mostly they have been very supportive. I think its much better coming from me than them finding out from others. Good luck and hope everything goes well. X Chantel.
  3. Chantel

    girl jeans

    Sorry I dont know your name. I found that I grew in confidence as time passed and now I dont think about it any more. Whether in a skirt a dress or jeans. The secret is to look and see what other women your age and body shape are wearing and copy. That way you'll soon be just another woman. Its really great once you begin to get gendered correctly. You will meet Mr and Mrs Pratt on the way but just ignore them or report them. Often they work for big shops and are wearing name badges and it is so easy. I reported 2 over Christmas and one since who I didnt. Small café with no name badge. On the other hand I have been called Madam lots and lots of times. I can remember thinking who? hey thats me she is calling Madam. Its the best feeling. So even if your not out just wear girl jeans anyway. Bet no one says anything. Just remember if you want to go to the gents you can't stand in Girls jeans. :-)
  4. Chantel


    Hi Christy, I have also had similar experiences and can relate to what you are saying. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Chantel

    Two year anniversary

    Thanks for sharing Karen. I have heard similar stories from other ladies too. I look forward to the day when I am post transition and hope I can say the same. Big hugs. X
  6. Chantel

    8 Month Update

    Go, go, go. :-)
  7. Chantel

    Small and Treasured

    Hi Emma, I can share some of your reflections and add some of my own. I remember playing mummy in the Wendy house as a five year old too, playing tea parties. Joining the girls and wanting to be one of them. It was ok for them to play with me if they were alone but not so much when they were in a gang. They wanted to be mummy or a model and being a boy I was last in line for that role I was also confused and just didn't understand why I had a boys body when I was a girl. I had no interest in being a boy and so I became isolated. My boy friends were always those like myself who didn't quite fit in. Well no good getting maudling. I know I learned that it was wrong to be how I felt and learned how to suppress it even at that early age. My shame and guilt guided me into pretending to be a boy. My advice to anyone reading this is not to do as I had to. Things are so much more open now. Don't build walls around yourself to keep yourself safe. Take a risk, knock down the walls and take your inner girl out to play. She will love you for it. X
  8. Chantel

    Good night

    Hiya Jay, wow you sound so good and positive. Best of luck with the script. X
  9. Chantel

    Observations, the female voice in LGBT M to F

    Hi Karen, What you say is very true and I am sure most of us would like to sound right but our aptitude and abilities vary. I know how difficult and how silly I feel when I am practising my voice. I have every sympathy but you are right we should try harder. Thank you for spurring me on. X
  10. Chantel

    Haha! Turned tables!

    Sounds like your in love? X
  11. Chantel

    Coming out to family

    Hi Nicky, I totally agree with Steph and Brianna. Best wishes. X
  12. Chantel

    Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try.

    Hi Brianna, big hugs, you're better than this. Dump the shame, it's from controlling stuff that society or others have dumped on us. Once it's out it's out and cannot hurt us or control us anymore because it just is if that makes sense. Then realise that It's not you that should feel embarrassed in this case and finally a great big snoggy kiss from me. :-) (oh dear how embarrassing is that) lots of love and snogs.
  13. Chantel

    What next

    As above, my love and best wishes for you too.
  14. Chantel

    Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try.

    Take a deep breath. Count to ten, scream and shout then cry a bit and look for the positives in your life. Sometimes life is like a shed full of stored stuff. When it's full we have to sort what to keep and what has to go. Not easy. I had a hundred old shirts once. Lots of hugs and cuddles.
  15. Chantel

    What Is It...

    Ahh thank you Emma, sorry I got the wrong end of the stick. Big hugs. X