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  1. Lori added a post in a topic: Duggar Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations   

    The Family Research Council is despicable at best. They hide behind self-righteousness and try to stir up fear with their gross misrepresentations and outright lies. How many times does this have to happen before the larger society realizes that these types of churches and religious organizations don't really hold the key to morality. 
    But next week they will be clutching their bibles, as if they are the official spokesmen of God, railing against transgender people who need to use the restroom.
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  2. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    Gallery photos are back! 
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  3. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    You will notice the MtF cross dressers discussion forum is back online at http://tgguide.com/message/forum/2-male-to-female-mtf-crossdressers-discussion/ 
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  4. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    I believe the galleries will be back online, with all member submitted photos, very soon! Still working on it but I think we have a handle on it now.
    The gallery has been the most problematic part of the software upgrade, for some strange reason.
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  5. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    I have a support request in with the software vendor (Invision Powerboard) to see if we have fixes for these reported bugs. I expect we'll get an answer early this coming week. If we cannot resolve most of the bugs I have requested that we revert to their prior version. It will be a shame if we have to because there are some nice features in this new version, especially the mobile responsiveness. I will keep you informed. 
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Being the optimist I am, I believe the upgrade will be worth all the aggravation in the long run.  
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  6. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    The forum upgrade will take place in the next few days. It is a major upgrade which will include a responsive design so you will be able to navigate the forums more easily on mobile devices. Once upgraded usernames and display names will be merged so that only the display name remains in our system. I will rebuild our forum skin (background, graphics, etc) once the new software has been installed. The forum should remain operational throughout this process. There may be a few hiccups along the way but these changes will be beneficial for our forum community.
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  7. Lori added a post in a topic: Welcome EmmaSweet - Our Newest Moderator   

    Please help welcome EmmaSweet as our newest moderator here at TGGuide.com Message Forum. Emma always seems to have something to add that is positive and beneficial for our community. It is a pleasure to have her as a member.

    Welcome aboard the moderators team EmmaSweet. You're an awesome addition. :)
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  8. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    Yes, let's see if the forum software update fixes the problem. If not we can look further for a solution. I think the update will repair a few bugs we've seen lately. Overall, it is quite stable software. Some of the old-timers around here may remember more than one crash and burn before we found this platform. :wacko:
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  9. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    Thank you Emma

    TGGuide is pretty stable and safe, although we put some stress on the server at times. The site and forum are backed up so things should be pretty secure. TGGuide isn't going anywhere and we appreciate everybody's participation.
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  10. Lori added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    Hi Everybody. I wanted to let you know that we're doing some fairly major updates of the TGGuide.com website and this forum. The updates will increase our forum security and will make the site more accessible for mobile devices. We could experience temporary site disruptions during installation but these should be brief.
    Updates being performed:
    Update TGGuide.com main site software and plugins [COMPLETED 4/21/15]
    Install TGGuide.com mobile responsiveness [COMPLETED 4/19/15]
    Software License renewed [COMPLETED 4/20/15]
    Added Forum Chat - See "Forum Chat" Tab. Currently limited to 5 members [COMPLETED 4/21/15]
    Update message forum software [COMPLETED 5/7/15]
    Update blogs software [COMPLETED 5/7/15]
    Update gallery software [COMPLETED 5/11/15]
    I am now working on some design elements to make the site more appealing (hopefully) and on privacy features, regarding what content non-members are able to view prior to registering. Please let me know if you spot any bugs during the upgrade process. The evolution will still take some time but we're past the worst of it now! Thank you for hanging in there and for making TGGuide one of the best transgender peer support sites on the Internet.  
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  11. Lori added a post in a topic: 4ft 4in Weightlifter Finds Love With 6ft 3in Transgender Woman   

    Awww, what a sweet story and what an amazing man. Wow!
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  12. Lori added a post in a topic: More States Could Pass Discrimination Bills   

    I saw the video of the nice Governor explaining that he would NEVER approve such a bill if it were truly discriminatory. I would have more respect for him if he just came right out and said he doesn't like LGBT people and he doesn't mind discriminating.

    Props to NBA legend Charles Barkley for speaking out against discrimination of any kind, directly in response to this legislation.
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  13. Lori added a post in a topic: What is your favorite parfum ?   

    Oh the allergies! I have them too and many fragrances result in instant stabbing headache for me. I do however enjoy perfume on occasion but I have to be careful. One that I really like, and it doesn't affect my allergies, is White Musk by Jovan. I know it isn't fancy but that suits me fine. It is a very pleasant perfume in my opinion and I have been complimented on many occasions.
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  14. Lori added a post in a topic: Transgender Latina Woman Killed In San Francisco   

    Transgender Latina Woman Killed In San Francisco

    "Taja Gabrielle DeJesus was fatally stabbed Sunday morning in San Francisco... SF Weekly reports that DeJesus, 33, died at the scene... DeJesus’s Facebook shows she worked for TRANS: THRIVE, a drop-in center for transgender people"

    Read the article at http://www.buzzfeed.com/dominicholden/transgender-latina-woman-killed-in-san-francisco#.xk0agQl5q

    Excerpted from article: Nationally, transgender women of color were the victims of 67% of all hate-motivated homicides against LGBT people in 2013, according to a report on hate violence last May by NCAVP.

    Sadly, this happened in a city that prides itself on diversity and acceptance. Please be safe! It seems for every step forward that we take, we encounter even more obstacles. It seems to me that transgender people are the latest minority group that US society tolerates discrimination against. The crime against transgender people isn't anything new and transgender women of color have always been especially vulnerable. What has changed is the wider acceptance of gay and lesbian people, so that leaves transgender folks in the cross hairs of every comedian looking for a cheap laugh, every bible thumping bigot and every idiot who is frightened by someone different. ~ Lori
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  15. Lori added a post in a topic: Transgender man: I met with Pope Francis   

    Transgender man: I met with Pope Francis [with Video]

    Plasencia, Spain (CNN) -- "Has Pope Francis taken another step to push for tolerance in the Catholic Church? Yes, says Diego Neria Lejarraga, a transgender man who says he had a private audience with the Pope in late January"... Read More
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