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  1. Lori added a post in a topic: Is Being Transgender A Mental Illness?   

    It seems the title may be a "click bait" type headline. That isn't always a bad thing. It's just something journalists and video marketing people use to get more views. I agree though, I don't care for the title. 
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  2. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: girl jeans   

    Boots never go out of style! 
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  3. Lori added a post in a topic: Transgender deaths so far in Subcontinent Pakistan since 1st January '18   

    I thought of your post here, as I published today's news on Transgender News Channel. 
    History made as scouts association welcomes: Pakistan’s first-ever transgender recruits https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/282084-history-made-as-scouts-association-welcomes-pakistan-s-first-ever-transgender-recruits
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  4. Lori added a post in a topic: Transgender Memorial Vigil held   

    Thank you for showing support for the victims. 
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  5. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: My First Bra Fitting   

    Reminds me when I stopped by one of those "free makeovers" at a Clinique booth in Macy's. $650 later I walked out with all sorts of moisturizers and toners and makeup. I never used most of it, to be honest, but it felt great to have that makeover and I left with a better idea of what works best for me. I eventually opted for lower priced makeup options. 
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  6. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Guess who showed up.   

    You HAVE come a long way in 47 days. I can see it in your posts.   Congrats to you. I hope all continues to go well. There will be bumps so be ready for them. Seems you have good support with your therapist so I think you'll do well. 
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  7. Lori added a post in a topic: Transgender deaths so far in Subcontinent Pakistan since 1st January '18   

    Our sister site Transgender News Channel has been covering stories of transgender news in the Middle East. Transgender people have a very difficult life in some countries. There are some small signs of progress and acceptance. For example;
    ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on Saturday approved the draft on rights of transgender persons that would soon be tabled at National Assembly to become a law.  Read More http://menafn.com/1096452533/Pakistan-Senate-Standing-Committee-approves-draft-on-rights-of-Transgender-persons 
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  8. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Time   

    Hey, let's not get crazy here!  Girls ride motorcycles too, and look darn good on them! I think I know what you're experiencing. I went through the same thing. I actually threw away every single piece of male clothing and I quit riding my motorcycles for a period of time. Gradually, as I settled into my new gender role, I allowed myself to enjoy things I used to and started riding my street and dirt bikes again. I even wear the occasional piece of male clothing -- like motorcycle gear. Why not, if it is better suited. 
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  9. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Awareness   

    There are some trans people (cisgender as well) that I don't care to be around because they become a spectacle everywhere they go, whether through appearance, mannerisms, speech or behavior.
    I agree we should be free to live our lives however we want, but the reality is different. 
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  10. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: A good day   

    I hope your days continue going well and that everything works out for you.  
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  11. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Time.......   

    Same here. Plenty of similarities. I went through the same exploration when I was younger, followed by parental disapproval and futile attempts to repress my identity. I had a family and career and just tried to dismiss it. Eventually my inner identity could no longer be denied. Fortunately, I have managed to maintain a good relationship with my children and with my now ex-spouse. Wishing you the best as you explore your gender identity.
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  12. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: stalkers   

    There will always be a few people who don't like to see you move on. They may be envious of your success. Some may feel left out and need some help understanding. Some will have other motives. I agree on the helpfulness of qualified counseling and a plan to rid anything negative from your life.  
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  13. Lori added a post in a topic: Pinterest and other social media   

    One option on Facebook is to create a page using your "real" profile. You can name the new Facebook page anything you want including a personal name. Authors and entertainers frequently use this feature. So, using a real Facebook account you create a page and name it something like "Cruella DeVille" and then you can like, comment and share things as your page rather than your real Facebook profile. ​
    Facebook seems pretty comfortable with transgender topics even though they have not been understanding about the need for pseudonyms among the trans community. ​
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  14. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Getting on the bus 😱   

    Love the post!  My own test of my inner courage to live life on my terms came at the shopping malls. I loved shopping (more back then than now) so the mall seemed a great way to get exposure and experience interacting with the public in a somewhat safe setting. I'm surprised I was never stopped by mall security because some days I would show up and just drive around, park and then drive around some more, trying to summon the courage to get out and go inside. In the early days I frequently failed but I kept at it.  Eventually I made my way inside and  slowly developed my confidence. I was terrified when anyone looked at me and especially when someone engaged me in conversation. Occasionally I was read and that was always emotionally devastating for me. I know, I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but it's a special gift I have -- to kick myself around for failure. There was some point along the way that I knew I had made it. Once I lost the fear and just became more confident the instances of being read were virtually eliminated. 
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  15. Lori added a comment on a blog entry: Crazy   

    Whole lot of ground covered in that post. Stuff most of us go through to some extent as we come to terms with our gender identity.  There are a couple thoughts that came to my mind as I read. I've come to realize that most people are so absorbed in their own lives that they pay little attention to those around them. There will always be those who are negative, but try to surround yourself with positive people who can help you, rather than bring you down. You don't need many good friends. Even one will do, but having some kind of support network is critical. I had some mighty wonderful people who helped pick me up when I was at my lowest points in life. That happened to be about the same time as my transition but not entirely due to the transition. Try to keep a positive attitude and always move forward toward your goals. Hugs to you.
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