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  1. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Need help Crossdressing.   

    Come on, Sarah. You asked the same question with identical text a couple of weeks ago. Do you really belong here?
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  2. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: the best   

    ​Agree completely! Bravo!
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  3. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Judge Allows Person to Sue Under Disability Lawt   

    Right on!
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  4. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Texas set to pass transgender bathroom law for schools   

    I just hope we see the same kind of commercial rejection that we saw in North Carolina. Through that, like a boycott, everyone starts wondering if their bigotry is worth it.
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  5. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Reflection on the past year   

    Sounds wonderful Chrissy! You go girl!
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  6. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: A Wonderful Experience   

    Monica and Chrissy: thank you so much for your support. I was remarkably calm through it all which surprised me. I just felt good, like I was at home, if you know what I mean.
    Regarding the wig, maybe there are different types, I just don't know. I had bought another a couple of years ago (which I returned) and it was very warm too. But at that time the store proprietor said that I needed to wear a nylon wig cap underneath - which increased the heat a lot. This time it was okay for me to just wear the wig which one would think would be cooler but it was still very warm. I'm going to wait and see about the wig. For now I have the one I have and maybe in August/September I'll visit a wig shop to see what I can find out. You're experience is very helpful.
    I wish I could get away with as little makeup as you, Chrissy. For now I need to wear a foundation for beard cover and to clean up my face. The woman who gave the lessons to me has also put me on a daily/weekly regimen of face cleaning, moisturizing, and toning, which she says will show remarkable results in about six weeks. I started it yesterday and we will see how it goes! 
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  7. EmmaSweet added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    A Wonderful Experience
    For the very first time I went out to dinner dressed last week and spent a couple of days in skinny jeans, leggings, and my tunic tops. Also wore a couple of my skirt/top outfits. I also received a lot of lessons in makeup and wig care. I learned so much! And I just felt wonderful. 
    True, I also learned that, frankly, makeup is hard to learn, and I prefer to wear as little of it as possible. And the wig is hot and not very comfortable. Thankfully my natural hair may be okay so I'm growing it out to see. I guess that will take 6-12 months to know. 
    But I also learned that I really would love to transition. Not soon, as I want to explore some more, talk to others, and settle on a plan. I'm currently heading north through Washington and soon through British Columbia to Alaska. Not a good time to mix it up with electrolysis, hormones, and all. But I will have lots of hours behind the wheel and I've ordered some voice lesson DVDs and a CD. Who knows, in a couple of months I may be able to have a much more feminine voice. I sure hope so!
    P.S. Eyebrow waxing hurts but it's over quickly. I'm told that I now need to find someone every 2-3 weeks to repeat it or risk losing the line that she gave me. I'm sure I can do that in Seattle but in the upper part of BC or Alaska? We'll see. :-)

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  8. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Need help Crossdressing.   

    Sounds like a great start to me! The way we learn pretty much anything is by actively trying, seeing how it works, and mostly, whether you love it or not. That can be expensive so be careful. I really do love Amazon. I bought a $150 gray purse through them last month. I spent more than I wanted to but I wanted something nice that would go with many (probably all, at least for now) of my outfits. Then last week I received some advice that it is a cute purse but black would much better and more versatile. Since I hadn't used it I checked Amazon and I still had a few days to return it, so there it went, back to Amazon via UPS! Now I'm shopping for a black one.
    I do suggest that you keep your eyes open and check out what women are wearing in your neck of the woods, that are, say, within 5 years of your age. Even if what they mostly wear is jeans and a shirt, well girl, get yourself some skinny jeans and a couple of tops! Consider that if you were to go dressed to the grocery store you don't want to stand out in evening attire. Sure, women love to dress up but unless it's a Friday night and you're obviously running to the store on your way to some dinner party, play it cool.
    And as you acquire things you may look at some of your clothes and find that they don't do it for you anymore. That happens to all of us, too. So consider donating them to a local crossdresser shop, or Goodwill, or something. Just be sure they are clean and have the size and care tags in them. 
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  9. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Need help Crossdressing.   

    Hi Sarah,
    Here are some thoughts:
    - Buy some clothes on Amazon or elsewhere that you think will fit you, and you will like. These days most online retailers will let you return them if they don't work out.
    - Wear the clothes at home and see how you feel. Are they comfortable? Do you wish you could wear them outside?
    - Go see a transformation service to help you learn about cosmetics, wigs, and more about clothes. Practice what you're taught.
    - Locate a nearby group of transgender women to meet with and talk to.
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  10. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: MS Man Sentenced for Hate Crime   

    What a tragedy. I hope his life and punishment has meaning for those who might repeat his actions. Mostly, though, I wish that our memory of Mercedes Williamson remains and provides meaning to her short life.
    P.S. If you believe it (and I don't) Sessions now promises to pursue more hate crimes such as this: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/05/15/us/ap-us-transgender-hate-crimes-the-latest.html
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  11. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Bad week.   

    Hi Bree, thank you for your well wishes but I'm sorry you, Nikki, and your family are having such problems. I can well imagine how you feel about having to put Logan down. It's so hard isn't it, after bonding like we do to these little creatures that ignore us so often, unless they're hungry. At times like these (including what I'm going through as I contemplate my divorced future) we need to be easy on ourselves, caring for ourselves. Consider creating a "Self-Care Checklist" as recommended by my friend Dara Hoffman-Fox that you can refer to as needed for ideas. Here's some of mine:
    Emma's Self-Care Checklist 
    Take a walkStretchHiking Bike rideRide the motorcycleArts
    Listen to musicPlay guitarPainting/drawingPhotographyCulinary
    Cook dinnerDrink a glass of wineCup of coffeeCup of teaEntertainment
    Watch a favorite TV showWatch a favorite movieWatch a new movieRead a novelTransgender
    Curl up in bed in nightgownDress in my leggings and a pretty topRead favorite blogs Shave body hairSpiritual
    MeditateTake a napLight a candleTasks
    Straighten up the RV Do laundryClean the RV None of the above are a panacea, but it helps to at least know the list is there when I need it, and it helps me. Maybe something like this will help you too.
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  12. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Horns of a Dilemma   

    Excellent point, Bree - thank you. I agree that I'd not be pleased to have someone come on strong about anything, pretty much anytime. And maybe that's the issue, to ask if they'd like to talk about it. If not that would be perfectly okay with me - and it really would be. I'll certainly keep your advice in mind.
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  13. EmmaSweet added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    Horns of a Dilemma
    Yesterday afternoon a rental RV pulled in to the campground space adjacent to mine. I didn't take much notice of it. I glanced there occasionally and was surprised to find that the couple were sitting in the cab of the truck. Kind of odd since the first thing one does is connect up the water, electricity, and waste disposal. I made my dinner and while cooking my pork chop decided to ask them if all was alright. Maybe they were unfamiliar with what to do and embarrassed to ask? 
    After eating my chop (which was delicious!) I headed over there. The man was in the cab, the woman no where to be seen. He popped out and I explained that I noticed them in the cab and was just checking to see if they needed any help. He was very friendly, in his 60s I think, and said it was just a comfortable place to sit and update his Facebook while keeping an eye on his own BBQ. His girlfriend then came out too, very big blond hair, friendly. I learned that they are from North Carolina, very small towns (about 2,000 people) near Raleigh, heading to Frisco (please, please, don't ever say that. It's San Francisco) today I think. We separated back to our RVs and the evening.
    Last night I considered which side of the bathroom bill they are on. My guess is that they are on the trans-phobic side as they also made a small sleight about a minority. So now I'm wondering if I should venture there again this morning and ask them about the bathroom bill. And if they are for the discrimination ask them what concerns them. And regardless, then tell them that I'm transgender, and assure them that while in male mode (which they see me now) neither I or anyone I know who is trans would even consider entering a women's washroom. I could do it, sure. But I'm scared to think what might happen. Probably nothing physical, but emotional? Do I want to deal with that?
    Anyway, I left my copy of Janet Mock's book "Redefining Realness" in the campground book exchange area. Maybe someone will read it and learn something. I hope so.
    P.S. That couple left the park while I was in the laundry room, so they were unaware of their neighbor, the transwoman. I suppose I'll always wish I'd gone ahead and broached the subject with them. Who knows, we might have had a nice chat over a glass of wine. Given the same circumstances that's what I plan to do the next time. Live and learn.
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  14. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: A year on update!   

    Sounds great, Faith! Don't be such a stranger; we'd love to hear more from you.
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  15. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Transgender Christians   

    Here's an interesting addition to this thread: an article in Good Housekeeping no less!
    I Had 4 Boys — Until One of Them Told Me She Was Really a Girl
    "As early as 18 months old, Kimberly Shappley's son started showing signs he identified as female. Now, the Christian mom shares how she learned to embrace Kai's transition — for her child's happiness and safety."
    In fact, after reading that article I found almost 10 more there. Simply amazing. 
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