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  1. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Hurry Up and Wait   

    You didn't drive me away! I've never been much of a chat room-er!
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  2. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Decision time   

    I agree, good decision. But you may change your mind in a month, a year, five years. And that's okay too.
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  3. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Dresses   

    Good for you, Michelle! New dresses are always a joy. And broken sprinklers are not!
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  4. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Ignorance on Display   

    I agree, Kitrah, if I had just told him that I'm trans. But I had done it earlier, he'd provided his support via email, and earlier in the dinner told me that he'd told his parents who knew me well when I was a child and in high school. His father remarked that I'd make a pretty woman - which was a big surprise! I thus think that his "genital mutilation" comment came from what he really thought although it wasn't given with any disdain or negative baggage. 
    He did respond to my email and apologized, saying that his ignorance was really on display. So, we're all good!
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  5. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic: Making Up for the Wrongs   

    Wow! I'm impressed.
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  6. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference - wrap-up   

    Good for you Chrissy! Being comfortable - and happy - in our own skin is what it's all about.
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  7. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: positive vibes   

    Good for you, Kitrah! Tomorrow I'm meeting a doctor where I hope she will prescribe what I need to start HRT. I am very much looking forward to it!
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  8. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Ignorance on Display   

    I agree, Chrissy. I was really taken aback. He said it without any disdain or attitude but clearly that's how he considered GCS. Hopefully the email I sent to him will clear that up.
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  9. EmmaSweet added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    Ignorance on Display
    Last night I met a male friend for dinner whom I've known since first grade - quite a long while. I'd told him via email that I'm trans a couple of months ago and he was supportive, so he wasn't particularly surprised when I appeared in skinny jeans, athletic pumps, and with studs in my earlobes. He's a successful corporate attorney and is friendly, very articulate, and handsome with designer glasses, died hair, and clothing that while very casual were color- and style-perfect for the occasion. But as an attorney, and a man, he consistently talked over me, peppering me with questions and thoughts while I tried to hold up my side of the conversation. Things like:
    "You're not going undergo genital mutilation, are you?" I was able to tell him that for me that's a bit over the horizon but also possible. I wasn't able to educate him on the fact that this surgery is in no way any kind of 'mutilation' with what that implies. I will be sending an email to him on that subject.
    "You're not interested in men?" I tried to tell him that sexuality and gender are orthogonal and unrelated but here again all I could tell him is that I'm only interested in women; I'm a lesbian.
    None of his comments or body language were delivered in any kind of negative way or overtone. He's told his parents who said that they wish me the best too, and his father (whom I haven't seen in over 40 years) said that he thought I'd make an attractive woman. I was just kind of taken aback at his assumptions and ignorance. As I said I'll send a follow up email to clear this up but imagine how hard it is to effectively us to people whom we've never met?
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  10. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Irma--the prelude   

    Hey Michelle,
    You be careful now, you hear? And as best you can, let us know how it goes for you. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.
    Best wishes,
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    I wouldn't have believed it without your posting this article.
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  12. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Shoes and Stockings   

    It's certainly worth it! Have fun, that's the most important prime directive!
    That said, try to look and be aware of how women dress in your area for various errands, nights out, etc. Yesterday I talked with another trans woman who's planning to attend a gender conference soon. My advice to her was to wear something comfortable (and sure, pretty) with flats. 
    You're certainly prepared for a night out on the town, though. Don't be shy to strut your stuff girl!
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  13. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Flowering   

    I have also experienced how the stars are aligning for me of late. I've made tremendous progress too. I never imagined I'd be able to go out and about dressed as a woman and now it's getting close (but not yet) to be simply another woman living her life. I go to restaurants, therapist, and medical appointments, which involves all the normal city stuff: parking garages, walking along the sidewalks. I've even received several nice compliments. Your post isn't about me of course but I thought you d be interested.
    i think it's terrific you've painted your nails. I've never done that... yet. A girlfriend suggested that she, another girlfriend, and I go have a manicure and pedicure together and I'm all for that. And then, OMG, go shopping. I really need to do that as winter will soon be upon us and I only have one London Fog raincoat that I bought used. I need sweaters and at least another coat of two. Probably a hat and gloves.
    Keep it up, Michelle! Keep pushing your boundaries, perhaps in small steps, that's fine, but enjoy your progress. And yes, enjoy how people and events will continue opening up for you!
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  14. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: First move is happening. Save me.   

    ​Good for you and Nikki, Bree! Your mom is lucky to have you cleaning up her house. I can't imagine having to deal with spoiled food and crap from over a dozen years ago. Three hours to just get through the pantry? What was she using it for, a dump? "Mom is getting the better end of this deal, really." Ya think? !!!
    Good for you too that your feeling better and Nikki is holding his own. You're both troopers!
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  15. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry: Working   

    I also congratulate you both for your job as well as becoming yourself, Michelle. I feel that our becoming ourselves is like the genie coming out of the bottle. There's no stuffing her back in! I just feel more and more happy and content as Emma.
    i also echo Chrissy's sentiment that it's too bad that your progress seems to be tied to your wife's passing. They say that one dour closes and then another opens. True but no one is forced to go through the newly opened door. You are and I commend you!
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