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    "The Transgender Manifesto"

    If you missed that November 5th dated, this book is also available free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
  2. This is cool. I wonder if the program will benefit both men and women?
  3. "Transparent" is one of the few creations including a trans character that I have enjoyed. While I am sorry to hear of the allegations against Jeffrey Tambor, who played Moira, I can't help but wonder how his departure from the program will affect the storyline. Will they get another actor to take Tambor's place and keep Moira... or will they find a way to write Moira out? Without Moira, without the transgender parent, it's just my opinion that "Transparent" will just be another primetime-like drama. I haven't seen "OITNB" - perhaps it's time to check it out....
  4. UPDATE -- November 21, 2017 "In ruling that the ban likely violates the federal constitution, the court found noted that “A capricious, arbitrary, and unqualified tweet of new policy does not trump the methodical and systematic review by military stakeholders qualified to understand the ramifications of policy changes.”" -aclu.org Federal Court Blocks All Aspects of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban
  5. Anyone notice how in several incidents, the suspects (if/when found) were charged with only second-degree murder? From the DailyBeast article ---The story about a woman who was murdered, and then her body burned, REALLY got me, "surveillance video led police to arrest 45-year-old Michael Davis and charge him with second-degree murder and first-degree arson. As the Journal noted, police investigators determined that there had been a “personal relationship” between the alleged killer and the transgender woman." It's as if the arson is considered the more heinous of the two crimes!! WHY??
  6. So true nature is unkind to both - trans women get the better genitals if they opt for GCS, and of course they don't have to deal with scars on their chests. On the flip side of that coin, though we're missing the right plumming... many trans men are rarely if ever noticed as anything but men. I didn't mean to come off as ungrateful - I am glad to see more in the media about trans men. And it's funny you mention that "sisterhood." I've always known it existed - I just never understood it. I'm not even sure I really know what it feels like or what the requirements are. I do know, however, that any female past the age of the onset of puberty seems to sense that I don't belong. It's very unsettling. Best wishes to you also for a happy T-day... -Michael
  7. It's nice that TIME saw fit to give some face time to men. Ironically, I find that the sexism is still blaringly obvious in that, the article highlights how society treats a person once they are perceived as male. Just under the surface, no matter how progressive this society prefers to claim it is, men are still more important than women. Makes me wonder if the author of that piece even realized or entertained the idea that trans woman are also subjected to a sexually cultural change, in that they are no longer treated as men, and therefore are no longer afforded "male privilege." Or if it would even have mattered. After all, they're only women...
  8. UsernameOptional

    Trans Women Storming the Political Arena

    I'm not sure how or why the links were the same for all three women in my update above... but I've fixed them. And while I'm at it, I hate to say anything to over-shadow the wins of people from our community... but, I was a tad disappointed that these accomplishments didn't seem to get much coverage in mainstream news. Talkshow hosts sure jumped on it though... they thoroughly enjoyed that karma jumped up and bit many haters in the posterior!
  9. I don’t think that’s the point, no one picked a fight. I think the shows are excellent as they show the humanity of what it can be to be transgender. We also see good role models for customers. Very educational for unaware cis people. ​Not to mention, these are staged incidents to get the reactions of people who witness the situations - so it wouldn't be fair to avoid those entities. I think one of these vids is floating around in another area of the Board, 'cause I KNOW I posted a comment...
  10. UsernameOptional

    Transgender News Channel

    ​I've added this link to the "General" links on the chat Resources List...
  11. UsernameOptional

    Trans Women Storming the Political Arena

    UPDATE - Three more trans women have snagged elected positions: Raven Matherne - Stamford's Board of Representatives Stephe Koontz - Doraville, GA City Council Lisa Middleton - Palm Springs, CA City Council
  12. Last night, in the thread "Trans Women Storming the Political Arena," I mentioned that there was a trans man running for a seat in Minneapolis also - the same City where Andrea Jenkins just won. Phillippe Cunningham, a former staffer to the mayor and teacher, has won Ward 4, putting two trans people on Minneapolis' 13 seat City Council. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania another trans man has won a position on the Erie Public School Board. Tyler James Titus, an openly transgender man and clinical therapist, ran for and won one of four open seats on the board.
  13. ​::: stands, pounds fist on table, raises glass with other hand ::: Hear, HEAR !!
  14. By Bil Browning · Wednesday, October 11, 2017 "Also appearing will be House Minority Whip Steve Scalise who was recently wounded in a mass shooting in DC. Scalise’s life was saved by a lesbian police officer who shot and killed the attacker. Scalise has said the incident did not change his mind about gun control or LGBT rights." -lgbtqnation.com Trump will become first president to speak at hate group gathering
  15. ​You GO, girl! Congrats.. Dara Hoffman-Fox must surely be very greatful for your in-put.
  16. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman says trans troops should continue to serve.... http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/gen-dunford-transgender-troops-continue-serve-50109847
  17. UsernameOptional

    About a Girl

    Despite the fact that the new Fox series, The Orville, is a comedic parody of Star Trek, it's third episode was about gender and had some pretty serious undertones in my opinion. It took me by surprise, and raised some fairly strong emotions. The episode covered everything from perceived bigotry, ignorance, tradition, judgement, revelation, understanding, acceptance.. you name it. In the episode, it's also learned that one of the couple (parents of the baby involved) had been born a different sex than he is now presenting as. In the end, the couple only wanted the best for their child. If you are a Star Trek fan, perhaps you're already watching "The Orville," and therefore probably know that gender has been an occasional topic in the real Star Trek series. If not, check out the episode clips, "About a Girl," especially the 2nd, 3rd and 5th clips. The episode will re-run in some areas on 23 September - check your local listings. NOTE: This episode really got to me - maybe the moon was in the wrong place or something, I dunno, but to be safe, I am warning of possible trigger content Some content may not be suitable for all viewers
  18. UsernameOptional

    Making Up for the Wrongs

    Kimberly Truong Sep 7, 2017 5:05 PM "Not only can surgery be expensive, but transgender people are also often excluded from proper health care — about 20% of trans people lack any form of health insurance. The donations would help relieve the significant cost of procedures to help them feel affirmed in their bodies. Moreover, Faithfully LGBT is hoping to help alleviate the discrimination trans people have faced in the Christian community." - refinery29.com A Christian Group Is Paying For Transgender People's Surgeries To Atone For The Church's Discrimination
  19. UsernameOptional

    Indian FB Video Goes Viral

    YI SHU NG | Jun 19, 2017 "The video was published by Kerala Information, the state's public relations department. It now has 1.2 million views and 27,400 shares on Facebook, since it was posted over the weekend. "The women are employed as part of Kerala's Kudumbashree state programme, which aims to empower all women by giving them jobs and opportunities." -- mashable.com India government puts out viral Facebook video in support of transgender women
  20. I think when some of these people were born, they slipped the doctor's grip, being all slippery-like fresh outta the womb, and hit their heads on the delivery room floor....
  21. Mabye there's hope in TX afterall....
  22. For any who don't have Amazon Prime, and hopefully have the Sundance channel.... Award-Winning Series TRANSPARENT to Debut on Sundance TV 8/9
  23. LOL... yeah. I spotted that vid on YouTube. I liked it.
  24. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt... but I finally lost all respect for her even before Drumpf 45 made his sickening tweets about trans people in the military. I still say that "republican" and [insert any minority here] do NOT go well in the same sentence... no offense intended to any here who might be republican, but if you're here, you surely understand why so many of us feel that way.