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    Create your own blog at It's FREE and you can start right now. Some people blog as a sort of journal to share our thoughts, feelings, experiences and insights. Others blog to express opinions on social and political issues. Others blog to share their knowledge and experience with others. Go ahead. Express yourself! Others may be grappling with issues you blog about and your words could provide useful insight or answers. Here are some blog topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing; A daily journal about your life and experiences
    A journal documenting when you go full time
    A journal to document your gender reassignment surgery
    Dating experiences and tips
    Crossdressing tips
    Experience with makeup
    Passing in public
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    Restroom experiences
    Transitioning at work
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    What your life would be like if you still repressed your inner identity
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  1. As I had promised, here are all the mandalas so far. Those who have colored them are written on each page.













  2. Wazzzzzzzzup!?

    I know, I know, it's been forever. I've been super busy here lately and havent gotten a ton of down time to do a blog post, I'm really sorry! Plus my darned computer keyboard is dying so typing for a long while gets very frustrating since about 5 keys dont work unless I beat the crap out of them lol

    Not too much to update on really. I'm boring like that :P I've bitten the bullet and decided to finally go see a Chiropractor again and see if they could help out on my back pain. I've seen one before and it didnt help much so I'll admit, I was very very hesitant. Especially since the first appointment costs me a pretty penny of 85$. Plus I dont like people touching me.....

    Anyway, my boyfriend recommended me to a guy he went to see by the name of Dr.Bezon. I was really hesitant but went anyway, and when we went through the medical papers and whatnot I DID explain to him that although the paper legally says male, I'm biologically female so I do deal with feminine problems such as lower back pain in menstration, heavy chest from breasts and etc. He understood and didnt question any of it but wrote it down in my file for later reference. I've noticed that instead of using pronouns, he tends to just use the name. For instance, instead of saying "He/she has an appointment" he just uses "Warren has an appointment." Which is kind of nice really. Especially if you're not sure on the person's pronouns!

    So I went and I'll admit, my first appointment was rather painful and sore and I was not completely bought yet. I was impressed that he did call and check up on me after my first appointment to make sure that I was doing alright, which he apparently does to all his new patients. Very thoughtful! I've gone back a few times since that first appointment and I've noticed that the more I've been going, the less pain I'm in. It's so nice! I went in today after my 11hr shift (85% if it being seated in a vehicle) with severe pain between my shoulders. This is a common area for my pain and its usually between 7-10 on the 1-10 pain scale. I was extremely sore and hurting and slouching when I went in and he took his time to work out whatever I had going on back here. He was soooo fantastic. Normally its just some popping of my spine and neck and I'm right as rain, but today he actually did something that felt SOOOOOOOOO amazing. It hurt for a moment but he squeezed at my shoulders individually, pulling and pushing on them to "take the weight off your clavical and try and pull your collarbone away from your rotator cuff a little".

    I've cracked my collar bone in the past so it wouldnt surprise me at all if it's pushed against a few things in there. But he stretched out my shoulders and felt SO good! I lost feeling in my hands momentarily and he explained that it was because he was cutting off bloodflow momentarily so he could pull the muscles back into their original places or something like that. It felt so great....The cracking between my shoulders when I breathe has lessened a bit which is nice, and my nightly headaches have decreased drastically! I was having headaches every single night for weeks, now it's once in a while when I havent had any caffine yet. Apparently the muscle I had tension in thats on the right side of my neck (from looking left all the time while driving on patrol) was putting tension around my scalp and causing the headaches and some of my shoulder pain.


    Also (several years ago, when I was 8 years old) I was rock climbing and fell 15 feet when I grabbed a snake instead of a rock. He thinks that the fall and the way I landed reversed part of my spinal curve which would cause a lot of my back pain. He's working on reversing that which isnt easy considering all the years and years that it's been messed up. But I'm very confident that he is being a massive help! I'll continue to go as often as I can, especially since my insurance covers it 100% which is EPIC!!


    On another note, I reapply for my surgery this week. I was supposed to apply tomorrow (wednesday) but I realized that the appointment for my lab work (TSH test for my thyroid. Very routine.) was too close to my actual doctors appointment and it wouldnt give it enough time to process before seeing my doctor; so we moved it to testing tomorrow, appointment on Thursday. Which works for me, really lol So there's that, and hopefully (please please please PLEASE......) I'll get a quick (and good!!!) response on my surgery.

    Also, for the FIRST TIME EVERRRRRRRRR, I voted today lol NH primaries were today and I decided it was time to contribute. I'm really really REALLY hoping the person I voted for will reach the white house....All the other candidates spell really bad bad vibes for the Transgender community....

    Anyway, not much else going on. I have become rather good friends with all my alts now. To my knowledge, there are 6 of us. (One popped up randomly recently but I kind of like him lol he's funny :P He's like a caffine-filled chipmunk with ADHD lol)

    Milo (sliding scale age, but normally around 8 years), Mathias (age 16), Abriella (age 23), Alexandru (age 23) and Benji (age 18). 

    It's so SOOOO weird to refer to myself as they/them/we sometimes. I'm still getting used to the idea of having Multiple Personalities but at times...I'm thankful for it. It makes me more open minded and I'll be honest, its nice to sometimes not have to deal with work and just tune everything out and 'sleep' while Alex takes over....Call me lazy but it's kind of nice.


    Anyway, that's enough out of the insane nut in the peanut gallery.





    A HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!, to Emma for her amazing gift towards my surgery. It was a huge spirit lifter and made me feel insanely good :) You're amazing! Unfortunatly Gofundme made me withdraw the funds from the account due to inactivity or something. But I'm going to get an unopenable money bank to put in my room and the whole check is going in it to keep saving up! I sadly had to spend a lot of my home-earned funds for bills :( school vacation really cut back on my hours for a long month so I lost a lot of hours and $ on my paycheck, so I had to use some of my earned funds on rent and registering my vehicle (ITS INSANE HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE YOU FOR THAT!!!). 

    All in due time ^_^ I'd love to send out thank-you cards to everyone who has contributed to my surgery funds so please (if you're okay with it!) let me know your addresses? It's the least I can do!!! (If you're not comfy with it, that's totally cool too, just know how much I greatly appreciate you!!)



    Updated pic :P Seriously loving my tattoo and rare manliness....


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    So while we were cleaning out the closet today so that Bri could hang up more of her clothes without my male clothes eating into her space and remove a lot of things and we went through some of her clothes since we're planning on sharing some of her clothes and mine.  Well that's when she mentioned her tights and if I wanted to try them as they were still too tight for her. I jumped at the chance. While dressing up in female mode I don't usually get physically excited, emotionally yes as I'm getting to be what I fell at that moment, but one of my kinks in either mode has been stockings, tights or pantyhose, either on me or my partner. Bri noticed this when I tried them on and between the two of us hatched a plan.

    After cleaning out the closet she looked online and found a local place that had thigh high's in my size (those are also a big kink hit on top of that) and so we went out to get those for me. I was riding a pretty big emotional high through all of this, but then Bri snuck in a present for me while I was looking for compression hose at the same time. She picked out a necklace with a chain in my size and a really pretty clear gemstone in it. I loved the gesture and the necklace. It was a really sweet thing to do and really touching. When we got home things escalated quickly after I tried the new thigh-highs on along with the necklace and one of our shared baby dolls and we both had a blast. 

    I really love that she did this for me and I do love sharing this little kink with her, I mean I had in the past but it didn't necessarily click, but well, we're all on board now.

    I guess the stockings are part emotional along with the kink as well as I really associate these with my female side and the fact that Bri was able to get into this with me so much really hit a lot of my buttons physically and emotionally and made me very happy and very satisfied. So overall this was an interesting day for all of this.

    Work was going well until a few snags really hit a few buttons. Stress at work usually isn't a trigger for me, but since I've been more open about it with Bri, it's been on my mind a bit more. I did get fidgety a bit at work while it was going on and a bit after, but talking to Bri about it settled it. I'd wanted to get into girl mode after work yesterday and especially after the doctor's office visit but it wasn't practical and there was too much going on. I made do and Bri really made letting my doctor know what was going on that much better. She's been a rock through this, well at least when she's been talking to me about it.

    I am really excited as my breast forms I ordered should be arriving tomorrow. I will definitely be going into girl mode when those arrive and letting Bri destroy the water balloons I've been keeping around since she found out about all of this. I imagine she'll have fun and it'll be fairly therapeutic as well. ;)

  3. womans_self_pleasure_part_two_by_obessiveoreo1.jpg

    When I first buckled down to move forward with gender reassignment surgery research showed that vaginal orgasm could take upwards from twelve to eighteen months while clitoral O’s would be around six weeks after surgery.

    The important thing here is nothing and I mean nothing is guaranteed to the above.

    I had clitoral sensation in four weeks while vaginal sensation is just beginning. With that back in the beginning of January of this year I had a sexual encounter where the clit was fully aroused way before I jumped in my car for a twenty minute drive to my partner’s place and the entire time I was fully aroused.

    We took our time, pleasured each other and all in all had a fantastic time.

    Then several weeks go by, I am busy and have zero time for physical sex or even thinking about sex.

    So several nights ago I tried to pleasure myself, attempted to get into the mood but nothing, zero, nadda. Nothing worked and yes I was concerned.

    So yesterday while driving into work (takes about 15 minutes) I did a rocking motion to see if I could get anything going on down there. Just as I was ready to give up, bam, there it was if fully swing.

    Me being me thinks to myself, don’t want this to stop but if I wait too long my coffee will get cold, dam it but after a five minute walk to the third floor and to my desk the movement of me walking kept things going and let’s now jump to today.

    Today I do the same thing but everything jumps into gear in several minutes, wow I am a very happy camper.

    At 8AM I have an all-day meeting, you know it’s required and no way getting out of it.  So I start doing my little movements and here we go again which I kept going from about 8:30 until noon, yes I was in a happy place, smiled all the time. Same happened in the afternoon and right now.

    So the point of what happened is not about me pleasuring myself but instead it’s about (as I see it) being in the right frame of mine, a desire and realizing there might be a mental or heaven forbid a physical issue which I did consider and I want no more operations down there unless absolutely necessary.

    During one’s first year post-op there is a great deal of change and sometimes (speaking for myself) the sex is pushed to the backburner and as I learned it might take some doing to get back into the right frame of mine.

    Caveat, Marci Bowers, my surgeon discussed with me that there is a high probability that the simple acts of walking or particular movements might very well make me go into the state of arousal without even trying. Well the past two days it has and let me say, a walk style of left leg crossing over to the right and similar for the right can keep me in a nice state of arousal. So for those who are moving in the direction of gender reassignment surgery keep this all in the back of your brain.

    In closing, the female experience sexually is nothing like the male experience. The male experience in regards to orgasms is not very long while the female O’s are long lasting and spread out to various parts of the body.









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    EmmaSweet suggested I start a blog, and I think she has a point.  And never ask people for advice if you're not willing to try it!  So here I am, sorting out a lot of changes in my life. 

    So today, it's time to tackle a joint issue we both share.  Hoarding.  We're not going to show up on a tv show or anything, it's not the dramatically bad.  However, it runs in my family on both sides.  My mother is a hoarder, and getting worse as she ages.  And my father's mother was nearly tv show ready except that she managed to keep it mostly out of the living room and kitchen areas.  But every other room in the house was filled with stuff.  And I mean filled, there was a tiny aisle to walk through.  And you literally risked your life going into the attic, those piles were not stable.  So I noticed while I was going through my closet looking for things that were worth sharing (a lot of my clothes needed to be thrown out, holes/stains, but there were a lot of good pieces Nikki actually liked), my eyes fell on the shelving in the back.  FIlled with boxes.  That some of them I think I packed to move in with Nikki when I spent the first year in EXTREMELY TINY TOWN and we accidentally ended up living next to the KKK dudes, which was a problem since our son is biracial black/white.  Yeah, that was fun.  Nikki agreed to take us back to the larger town I had been living in for offspring's safety even though he was scared to leave the familiar small town he did it for us, and I think really enjoyed it.  :) 

    I"m sorry, I ramble a lot.  The add makes my brain go from topic to topic.  So I've seen that hoarding is not a sudden behavior, but a long slow buildup just like the junk.  So it's time to deal with this boxes, determine if things in there that I haven't thought about wanting for fifteen or so years are really worth keeping, and if they are but not worth dispaying, then into rubbermaid totes and the basement.  There is a practical side to living with Nikki's newly open reality, he literally has two wardrobes.  It's a really good thing he's into sharing!  I think I have half a wardrobe that currently fits/functions.  But he has a LOT of clothing.  Including eleventy billion tshirts from his job, they LOVE to tshirt people, it's actually kinda creepy how many tshirts come home from work with him.  I threatened to make them into a flag once and hang it from the roof. 

    So after work, we are tackling the closet.  Together.  So it doesn't eat anyone.  Although I"ll probably be the one in the bowels of it on the basis that i"m shorter and it's a slanted closet.  For once my height works in my favor!  But he'll have to scrunch for heavy stuff.  After getting my abdominal hernia fixed when I incarcerated it last summer (man, I scared my poor Nikki, they were talking about me dying if i didn't get that fixed right away) I either pulled it partically back open or ripped a new one just above it.  It's more practical to lose weight and then get it fixed at this point, so heavy lifting is out. 

    It's why we have a rowing machine, it's the only thing that is both strength/cardio that will help me lose weight at all, every other machine is one or the other.  But most importantly, after Nikki put in a serious research binge, it's safe for me to use with  my hernia issue.  It won't encourage another incarceration event (where I basically caught six - eight inches of intestine, but luckily felt sick and Nikki got me help so fast I didn't actually injure my inner bits) or force it to tear open more.  I feel loved, he put so much effort into finding me something that will work and is safe.  I repeat that to myself as I row and fight my inherently lazy nature wondering why I'm torturing my body voluntarily. 


    Today's Good mindset: Nikki and I can do anything working together.  We're strong and we will weather whatever happens to us, internally and externally.

    Today's Stupid Fear: I'm intruding on Nikki's private world and don't belong, even though he says it feels supportive and connective to him that I am so involved.  And the squirrel staring at me through the window wants to eat me. 

  4. Latest Entry

    Had started coming out a lil bit ago to a few people here a few there then to one job i knew would be supportive.  Slowly told some friends and then put it out publicly and just emailed my other job bosses to let them know so that they hopefully heard it from me first.  Now that that's done even though I am incredibly nervous about how it will all pan out i am happy that I have nothing to hide now.  No one to hide from.  Everybody knows ... if they judge me then that's not my problem.  I can express how i want or anything ... its like stepping out of a cage into a new world ... as a new person.  No more secrets about who i am at home or what i think in my heart.  It's incredibly nerve racking to be in this spot where i am ... however its all downhill from here.

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                   Wait for me
    Notions depraved want for your soul,
    every moment passes taking its toll.
    Remind me, I can not remember if it was lost or something they stole;
    Forgive me, forget me, do not weep.
    As I will only sink further drowning in the deep. 
    With but a faint whisper, be quiet, be still. I just want to sleep. 
    There is only silence beyond the cold
    A throat that which sorrow took grasp, took  hold.  
    Cry out! Cry out! I can not breathe;
    Is there nothing I can do? nothing I can say? 
    To implore you to holdout for another day.
    Perhaps I am your friend or a stranger you have yet to meet.
    Just take my hand I will help you to your feet.
    Look me in the eyes and just stare,
    You will begin to realize I do care.
    Open your heart let me see, 
    I will come, please wait for me.
                                - J Anderson.
  5. This is basically part 2 of my previous entry about work issues.

    I totally agree with everyone who followed-up suggesting holding out until surgeries are done, I can't imagine starting a new job and then telling them I'm going to be out for X weeks, so better to do it now, which also lets me get more experience.

    The problem is that that's an "exit strategy," but it doesn't address how to cope on a daily basis with a job situation that I find basically humiliating.  I don't like the idea of trying to just see it as a job, but that might be the only way.

    The other important piece that I came across recently involves performing  - and doing something that I feel passion about.  As some may know I have done some performing during a friend's drag show (earlier I would say that I was doing drag, but that isn't accurate anymore).  A couple of weeks ago I did this and after I was done thought I had decided that it was time to give it up.  The issue was that while I kind of enjoyed doing it, I didn't feel like I was bringing enough to it to warrant it (I don't sing, I can't dance...what else?).  But then last week I was at her show - not performing just to see it - she had another guest so at one point she says "I'm going to do one more song and then bring up my guest."  I had a strange feeling of excitement.  I knew it wasn't me, I wasn't performing, but I still for a second reacted like I was.  That's when I realized that I do still want to do it - I just have to find my angle.  So yesterday I signed up for a beginner's jazz dance class :-)

    Passion is definitely something that I'm missing, so I'm excited to pursue this possible venue!



  6. I like many others, some not even in the UK, face changes of responsibility, although in my case not of demotion. Public sector employment in the UK is being decimated by the Conservative (tory) government, they are giving public service jobs to their private contractor mates, so far my job hasn't been privatised, but the implication of privatisation is that I have less to look after, due to whole sections leaving local government employment, thus making the Council that I work for smaller.  I'm  just hanging on for my pension, which when it's large enough I'll retire. My partner also has very similar problems being a consultant paediatrician in the NHS, which isn't really National anymore, it's been so fragmented that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing.  The media is mostly anti EU and wants the UK to leave, the media is mostly pro tory, not much that is derogatory to right wing views and ideals gets published in the majority of the press or aired on the BBC. I have said before that the public are mostly sheep the press are the wolves who feed on the sheep and the tory politicians are the perverted shepherds who should be looking after the sheep. It's a really cosy relationship, a very subtle sort of corruption really. But there's a new dimension now with corporatism creeping - uh?, no, leaping in with Corporations pulling the strings of the idiot politician puppets, and it seems aided by the media.

    It's funny but I don't feel very free anymore, we used to pity the communist countries in Eastern Europe a few decades ago, thinking that they didn't have any freedom. To think that we have much freedom of speech, is quite laughable with a media so biased toward the new regime, who will take much notice of whatever I say whether or not it's on social media or printed in the fringe press?

    Don't think that I'm anti free-enterprise though, I'm all for it, but I'm very much against giving public services on a plate to private contractors.

    I want to leave the UK and live in Europe somewhere, and not be bothered with the antics of right wing idiots.





  7. I am having chest surgery in four weeks. I am super excited, and a little terrified.

    Nobody in my family knows.

    They're not supportive, and I don't want any passive-aggressive comments to bring me down.

    I'm sad that I feel I can't share this milestone with them.

  8. I'm really excited to be playing around with a new microphone. Recorded a new song: HERE and here: . It's fantastic to have proper working equipment and I got this microphone for a real bargain too. I traded some old stuff for it. Unfortunately you can also hear how out of practice my voice is. Time to do proper warmups before actually recording a song.

    I realize I post way too much. In so many ways I'm still that young child who takes their art for approval. I actually wrote about this tendency of mine way back in 2009:

    From and Empty Page to... 

    I write my poetry here
    It’s an empty page
    Well, not any more
    Now it’s full of letters and words
    Like a glass filling up far too slowly
    The patron begging the waiter to fill their glass 
    Just a little bit more
    Just a little bit more wine
    Just a little bit more self-indulgence
    Just a little bit more fat and grease

    This is where I write my poetry
    Or rather slather it on the page
    As I spit out the chewed bones
    And somehow feel fed
    Now the page looks like a used napkin
    Stained with the remnants of myself indulgence
    And I hand it to be read by people
    Like a child expecting praise after having wiped their face

    (Source: )

    Anyways, I'm off to bed.



  9. "You're too sensitive."

    I've heard that so many times in my life. Worse, I believe it. 

    I should not be hurt by rude people at work. I seem to be the only one who gets hurt. So no, I shouldn't be affected.

    I should not like how I feel when I wear my dresses. After all, it's just cloth. A fabric of threads. And I'm not supposed to like them.

    I should not be scared. Scared that people will discover how scared I am. Of being hurt. 

    I should not even write this here. After all, I'm a mod; mods don't cry. 

    "It's always all about you."

    That hurts too. A lot. So if I didn't feel then it wouldn't hurt snd it would not have to be about me.

    I should be happy, not sad. What have I got to be sad about? "I'll give you something to be sad about."

    Shoulds suck. I should forget that word, delete it from my vocabulary. I like it when I feel my truegender. Inside and out. But it's just a feeling and I don't know if it's okay to feel. Is it? It doesn't seem like it. 

    My cursor gently blinks as I ponder clicking the Submit button. Maybe this is what blogs can be for. Sometimes to pour out my heart. Show the world that I feel. I don't like it and I don't know what to do with it but there it is. 

  10. Things that make me smile…

    Seeing the leaves appearing on the trees in spring. Watching winter give way to spring always makes me happy. The leaves are bright and vibrant and fresh. It seems that, suddenly, everywhere appears to be more alive. People smile more and I guess it’s because they are more hopeful and filled with expectation now that the darkness and cold of winter is becoming a memory.

    Blue sky. Don’t get me wrong, I love clouds (I’m even a paid-up member of the Cloud Appreciation Society) - but you can’t beat a blue sky. There’s something basic and primeval about the way humans react to certain colours - and the blue of the sky is one of those colours that homo sapiens have reacted to for millennia. It’s ingrained in our DNA, I believe.

    Seeing Valentino Rossi win a race. Go Vale!!! You’ll always be my hero. #46

    Jumping on one of my bikes when the sky is blue and heading through the countryside never fails to put a smile on my face. If you’ve never ridden a bike, you’re missing out on what could well be one of the best experiences of your life.

    Watching children jump into puddles left by the rain. Or watching them play in the leaves when it’s autumn. Reminds me of when I was a kid.

    The smell of good coffee. Heavenly. Also the smell of nutmeg or cinnamon.

    Talking of smells... There’s this aftershave (cologne) that I fell in love (or lust) with when I was a teenager. It is called Aramis. One of my teachers wore it every day at school. If I ever catch a whiff of Aramis, I grin like a fool.

    Music. Music always calms me. Or it invigorates me. I’ll listen to many types; there aren’t many genres I don’t like. The only exceptions are musicals and country music - I’ve never managed to get into them. But most other types of music will make me relax and smile.

    Writing. That’s another thing that calms my mind and makes me happy. Except when I have a block.

  11. As the saying goes, "As one transitions, those around them transition as well." I am reminded of this fairly frequently, but more-so this week. My mom and sister have been struggling with my transition.

    My mother and sister still live in the Northwest Ohio area. I told them of my transition and being transgender at different times. I came out to my sister back in April 2014. I came out to my mom later that year. I have struggled with my gender identity my whole life. My mom was vaguely aware of this struggle in my early years. Eventually, I was put in therapy when I was 14 years old to address what was going on with me. My parents really did not know why I was dressing and going out in public. They thought I was acting out. That I was engaging in risky behavior. But they did not understand or know what it was. I did not know what it was either.

    After a year or so of therapy, my therapy ended and was considered "successful". Successful in helping me repress my true gender identity and successful in fooling everyone that I was "normal". Whatever "normal" is. So fast forward 30 years. My father passed away a year and a half ago. My mom is struggling with his death and all of the ramifications of that. And she is struggling with my transition. Not just coming to terms with it. But also trying to understand how this could happen. Naturally as a concerned parent, she is looking back trying to understand how she missed this. She is also trying to fill in her history with the story of my experience.

    This past week, she has struggled with the coming "death" of my male gender and what that means to her.  Getting used to having a new daughter and no longer a son. Does she call me by my female name? Or my male name? I told her to call me whatever she felt comfortable calling me. That it was okay and natural and that she needed time to get used to this. My hope is that eventually it will be difficult to call me her son. But I understand that to her, I am her only boy. She was concerned that I would demand that she refer to me as a daughter and that it was going to take her time getting used to it. I told her that as long as someone's intentions were not malicious that I wouldn't be upset if someone misgendered me or forgot to call me by my female name.

    My sister is having the same difficulty with having a sister versus brother. The sense of loss is very real. Even though I am the same person, in this very bigendered world, we wrap our identities in our gender roles. Those around us interact based on how we present ourselves and are perceived. This is more-so the case in a close knit family. And when we no longer act or present in a way that represents our gender roles since birth, this is considered an act of rebellion, an affront to  "normal" people who consider this "abnormal". How people deal with this, depends partly on them and their relationship with me.

    Regardless, my expectations are the same. I expect to be treated with respect and expect to be accepted without understanding. My word taken at face value. Yet, I will cut everyone some slack. My transition will take time for people to adjust to. Some more than others. I have been struggling with my gender identity for 40 years. If it takes people some time to adjust and get used to it, not having that experience, it is totally understandable.

    Everyone take care. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week.








    This video is about my tips to help you with anxiety and depression. 
    fInd me on all social media via my youtube account xx


  13. How ever one satisfies as transgender people we strive to further improve your inner core! We all know about online dating since my article will focus on dating & sensual pleasures of tranz folk. Let's begin without further wasting, we know online dating doesn't work for most.  For me a male to female transition to on & off straight orientation to bi sexual orientation. I find many pleasures of dressing up as her, with all kinky things attached being & living as girl without sex. Well sexual pleasure are good either way, but its the small things to turning into big things with being her that matter the most. The other day I went dressed casually to cinema as her with a couple of girly friend's and their friends. I had the most amazing time sitting between model personality if not babes. Everything was unplanned, I've learned the more you plan better you fail. So spontaneous is my answer. Maybe I am living as a girl too much. Today the most amazing thing happen to me at the ladies gym in changing room. I am not on harmones, or had any surgery thus far. I am 1 happy cross dresser as of today. Imagination goes bonkers wildly when I go for harmones in future or breast pills etc!! As a cross dresser I admire feet or having a feet fetish, I spend on average in a month $200 for pedi`s! I wear silicon breasts to show off bust. I am totally passable to average Joe. I can't think of what more I can do beside beautification facial surgeries(without GRS, SRS surgery god forbid)? I haven't done electrolysis yet prefer every 2nd day shaving my body & facial hair!!!  Remember the Chewbacca syndrome that's me from mid east typical dude. I luv dating with men on 1 particular website, where I have been picked up 4 times in last year alone!!! Will not get into that.  I am trying to date a girl who is super model. My family supports me all the way, which I wouldn't be anywhere without them. I am going at the rate of washroom of VIP clubs of turning down glances of babes feeling the urge. My all close girl friends want to date me 1 by 1. But I don't drive

    my Volvo S40 for over speeding. I drive a moterbike with my heels yet strap on rubber long boots every now or than. My fetishes can start from a stick to all the way to beauty of feet, legs or breasts. I don't know which way to go yet being spontaneous guides my surges in right path. I look like average girl but there is wild boy waiting to leash or be pleased. Visit on YouTube Shazy Jeo or

  14. Latest Entry

    I have been on spiro for five or 6 months...I have to start taking estrogen soon so I don't get osteoporosis...the other option is going off spiro but I don't want to go back to producing testosterone...I'm scared and alone


    Basically the gist of this is never casually joke about suicide and incest, ever.

    I've found that support for myself as a transgender person among other transgender people is almost non-existent. So the gloves are off. I'm coming right out with my worst secret and wanting it public.

    This post isn't a fancy infographic and it hasn't any gifs of gyrating bodies.  It has no pictures or selfies or cats.  It has no links to news stories or articles.  This post is a news story all its own.  It's one of the worst things you will ever read.  All of it is true.  God knows I can't put hours into one of my other posts and exist.  My posts require you to read. So here goes: no setup, no build, no background. No one's reading this far anyway.

    My Mom knew I was a girl.  But, she also had a thing for teenage boys and everyone including my friends knew it.   When I was 11 or 12 she stripped naked in front of me and showed me how women masturbated. At some other point, we had intercourse.  She was attracted to me.  She needed her fix of teenage boys through me.  We kept this a secret because we knew how violently my biological father would react.

    Later on, we knew we couldn't live with ourselves.  I was suffering from an eating disorder, bipolar disorder and gender dysphoria.  I was vulnerable.  At some point, we made a suicide pact.  We would at least die on the same day, if we couldn't die together.

    On March 17, 2009, the suicide pact was finally enacted.  She died, I tried but didn't.  Why I am still alive is a story for another time.  Recently, I tried to tell my biological father that my anorexia had relapsed and I wanted to get some help getting something to eat.  He chose to humiliate me in a public place instead.

    I went home and stared at a suicide note I had written a while ago, thinking they would be my last words.  My biological father has permanently surrendered his right to talk or look at me again.

    It is a miracle I am still alive and I get no credit for my strength of character to avoid suicide.  I am not the rich spoiled brat transgender woman that tv news and daily newspapers favour.  My pain is much, much deeper than getting bullied at school.  But I am invisible.

    I do not hate my Mom.  Her illness was not unknown and she clearly overcame it when my sister and youngest brother were most vulnerable. No physical damage or consequences came of it, like pregnancy or an STD.  I love my Mom and I think in penitence she has become my guardian angel.  She is a very good guardian angel.  I also had a  vision of her as The Shepherdess of the Garden of Twilight, the title of one of my novels.  But her role as such a Shepherdess is for another post.

    No, it is my other family I hate because of this.  They should be taking care of me and helping me heal.  Instead, they think I am better off never hearing from them, and if I never contacted them, I could accurately say I have no family at all.

    I have been through 23 years of therapy for my damaged childhood, and my family.  I will not be polite about it amymore. It has ruined my ability to enjoy sex with partners. But I said to my biological father "my anorexia has relapsed" and he chose to humiliate me anyway.  My anorexia relapsed because trauma about my sex with my Mom had been released. My therapist thinks I'm cured just by saying I was sexually abused. I don't think any other therapist will help, please have empathy and do not suggest any.

    I confessed these things because no one is reading.  This is a long-form entry like my others and because it requires reading skills that high school students are no longer required to have, this blog entry is as invisible as I am.

    My name is Debora Simon. My email is | My twitter handle is @areaeightyfour | My facebook page is easy to find under Debora Margaux Simon | Please DM me on twitter or PM me on facebook or email me to contact me.  

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        Today my mother and I went out to get a tree. I picked out a blue spruce. It's really pretty and smells good. We are still putting on the ornaments but it looks really nice.

        Christmas will always be my favorite holiday.1449353216100-2129794634.thumb.jpg.088ecTheres our tree!

  17. Today, Friday, 20th. November, 2015, is the Annual; International; Transgender Day Of Remembrance - ( TDOR ) .  Let's Wear Something Purple, in Support Of The Rainbow Flag.  If We Can't make it to A Comemorative Event, then We Can still show Our Support, for those Less Fortunate, than Ourselves, Who have lost Their Lives, at the Hands of Other's, or Have Taken Their Own Lives. Here in the UK, We should remember the Transgender Lady, Who had been put into an All-Male Prison, at Leeds, in West Yorkshire. Sadly, She took Her Own Life, in the Last Few Day's !  I WILL Wear Something Purple Today, as I Am a 53 Year-Old; Transitioning Male-to-Female Transsexual, Myself. Please, join Me, and Other's around the World, in showing Our Support Today, this Transgender Day Of Remembrance - ( TDOR ) . Thank You Very Much. Regards, Stephanie. 


  18. I never thought of it like this...


    Okay, we all probably never thought of it, okay make that the persons who never gave the world a chance to influence and change your gender.  I've always been trapped in a body with a body part belonging to someone else.  And even as a child I would ask everyone, "WHERE DO YOU SEE A BOY, BECAUSE IF YOU TALKING TO ME, I'M NOT LISTENING AS I AM NOT A BOY!!!"


    So did I give my parents the chance to grieve the loss of a son they never had, or is my mother just trying to be a royal pain in my ass.  Okay, my dad never used the right pronounce, and he treated me as softly as he could.  But I never wanted to be a soft girly girl.  I needed to know how to kick the boys into submission and how to shoot at a target with a proficiency that most grown up would cry over getting.  And how to handle a car and still look like a model on a catwalk.  Yes I am, and I obviously want to stay my daddy's little girl.  And somehow I was treated like all the other girls in the area, because I know he knew that he wouldn't ever get a boy in life from me, unless I come home with a guy.


    So I came to the conclusion that my mother will never let go of the gender assigned to my birth certificate which I will and can't ever respond, because that will and can't ever be me.  I'm looking down at my lilac nails as I type this and think.  Okay, so she (my mother) is trying to cultivate another interaction like that of my brother with her.  But it will never happen, I would become her last born and the girl she can run to if she could accept me for who I am, but till this happens, I am not going to give me anymore heartaches at trying to convince her that this is for me to be at my best.


    Hormones is another sore issue with us, as she would like me to stop, and the only time that I actually hear that she sort of cares for me is when I told her that without it I will probably kill myself and not think twice about it, because I can't live as the person that she wants me to be.


    Okay, this statement will make most people jump at their phone books to call and tell me it's not the end of the world.  Well, let's see how long did it take you to realize that you need to do the changes.  How many suicides are there in the world because of persons not allowed to transition.  I wouldn't kill myself, but I might do something that will still result in me dying (running into a gang fight with no bullet proof vest and get shot, but making certain that I took out as many of them before they could shoot me, and if they can't shoot, I would probably shoot myself through the crotch).  Okay, that is one of the thoughts I have in my head.  But seeing that I know I am the last line of defense for my oldest sister, and I don't want her to be injured or anyone to attack her.  I wouldn't want to leave her behind as I wouldn't be there for her.


    I have also learned that for every argument I have that I can die, I have an argument to stay alive, because if I don't do the fight that others are afraid of to do, who will do it and how will the nation I live in ever decide to change the way they treat us as human beings.


    Yes, I am not going to do anything to me, because I need to keep on with a fight in the world.  First South Africa and later, move into other nations because, equality is the way forward, not the way people want to change everyone.


    Cheers, stay safe and love life.

    Michele H

  19. Andrea

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    Sometimes things are happening in a rush, like when the river hits the rapids. All you can do is try to hold on and keep your head above water. . . and just hope you miss the rocks. There have been at lot of those rapids during this  6 month trip. In fact the flow has been mostly rapid. what a ride. And amazingly I look up and see that familiar face, The one I've been looking at for 11 years, 10 of which she really had little clue about the girl that was stuffed deep inside me. When Annette met Andrea.we both felt this bond, hard to understand and I won't attempt to explain, but the emergence of a previously unknown woman, who brought with her many unknown things, didn't seem to really be significant, the bond was mysteriously very strong. As I first stepped onto my road to transition, she stepped with me. And I look up while swirling thru the rapids and there she is, her face showing a web of emotions, that look that shows exactly how I feel. What a totally exciting, scary, thrilling, mind bending trip. . . for 2!

    The crashing wave of this last rapid is called 'delay' forces beyond our control add 7 more days to the countdown. We have been on a schedule these 6 months, we can do this by turkey day and we can get back to work before all the money disappears, After 67 years I have a 6 month window to make Andrea Jean's dream come true. This is really my first opportunity, ever, but it is a limited time offer

    I had a moment yesterday morning, the thought that it might not happen, I might be this close, but never able to make the 'cross-over'. I thought I may be sentenced to a life of unacceptable gender bending form. I felt the weight of real depression overwhelm me.I cried, and became amazed at the strength of my feelings, I had never felt it as powerful as I did then. I was just so driven to get my body right, I was numb.

    I woke up this morning and set out to make sure this gets done, a mind set and a course of action, be sure it happens ON THAT DAY, anything else is unacceptable. My fear, that moment of absolute clarity, and absolute depression has inspired me, I am going to do what it takes, no surrender, no prisoners, no failure. With a touch of logic, I believe I can do this. . .I see the surgeon on Tuesday, the moment of truth.

  20. Today I was wondering what a good haircut for my face shape would be.

    I daydreamed a bit about how nice it would be to have a list of celebrities with my facial shape. Then I could just look at their best looks. OK I was being lazy....

    Anyway that led me to this site which it just so happens does not require an account or social media login. 

    I just uploaded a "casual" pic wearing light makeup and a cheap wig.

    Apparently I need to step up my game. The cruel and unforgiving masculinity meter tipped to 53%. It did however offer me 3 cis female celebs that I resemble to varying degrees of fidelity. A quick googling later and i had some hairstyle ideas! 

    Now its off to Amazon to looks at wigs. Wheeee


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    I have always had abandonment issues. I guess I always knew that things will eventually get to this point in my life where not only everyone I love and hold dear no longer have the inclination or strength to stand by me but I, myself have to abandon my own life which has been built on a lie.
    It this point I feel helpless against the current pulling me towards my transition. I tried to stem the tide and pretend it is not so but, I lost the battle and like before have no otherway but forward. 
    People say I am selfish but, from where I stand the selfish thing to do is suiside which again seems quite attractive as apposed to faking another 30 years of my life.
    No I will move forward and live my life by embracing myself and the people who have the courage, like me, to live life against the ods.