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  1. Pretty damn sad when a person runs for their life from one country only to lose their life in another country - a country that is SUPPOSED to be welcoming of ALL people, and a haven for those seeking asylum. The U.S. should be ashamed. Our government should be ashamed. Yeah. Fat chance at the moment...
  2. UsernameOptional

    Won't Be Erased

    Steph... you PM box is jammed full and busting at the seams - no one can PM you. Ya need to delete a few PMs. -Mike
  3. UsernameOptional

    Transgender driving license issued in Pakistan

    Kudos to the Islamabad Police for issuing the license. It's unfortunate that like here, there are some who seem to have an issue with transgender people having the same rights (or privileges) as cisgender people. And it seems that "Aliimran1" believes that Laila should be grovelling at someone's feet, over-flowing with thanks for being looked upon so favourably.
  4. UsernameOptional

    Hair Removal

    Since this thread has been revived, but the OP has never returned, the following info (in addition to what has already been offered) may be helpful to those who live in or near, or willing to travel to, the Hallandale Beach, FL area - Laser by Michelle List of Services YouTube Testimonials
  5. UsernameOptional

    Won't Be Erased

    Jessie Earl | November 14 2018 5:04 AM EST "Over 200 members of the transgender community submitted videos for our "We Won't Be Erased" video in order to recognize and honor Transgender Awareness Week. It's been a difficult time, with the recent report that the Trump administration is trying to define transgender people out of existence; news that follows last year's transgender military ban and the repeal of Obama-era guidance to protect trans students in schools. Yet the community has continually shown resilience..." -- advocate.com 200 Transgender People Share Why They Won't Be Erased
  6. "Equality Stafford, an LGBT rights group in Stafford, Va., wrote in a Facebook post that instructors at Stafford County Middle School forced the student to sit alone in the gym because they could not decide which bathroom or locker room to send her." -excerpt from the article on thehill.com If there was an actual emergency - no matter what that emergency was - would it, in the moment when people are running for their lives... MATTER WHAT ROOM ANY CHILD OR OTHER PERSON DUCKED INTO TO HIDE?? REALLY? And it seems to me they had the answer all along. The girl shoulda been sent with all the other girls to whatever lockerroom or bathroom all the other girls went too. GEEZ! I think I'm getting old...this stuff burns me up a lot more than it used to!
  7. UsernameOptional

    Trump Is Back On The Attack

    Drumpf has made it a point, made it his mission to UNDO anything and everything that Obama did - good or bad. When it comes to the community, I believe he is getting help from his VP - I'm sure you all remember where that beady-eyed homophobe came from and what he cost his state. What's scarier is that no one is putting a stop to Drumpf... so I'm not gonna say that remaining protections are safe, or what titles, decisions or anything else "should" protect us from any further stripping of previous advancements or improvements. I don't think we'll be safe (subjective as that may be) until this clown is out of office.
  8. UsernameOptional

    Uploading Images

    Hi Dawn... That almost sounds like the issue is with the Gallery and not your O/S. I would think if the O/S were the problem (like a conflict with the latest forum upgrade), you wouldn't be able to upload any pix anywhere on the board. As for accessing the blog... Monica was having trouble before the upgrade which was quite a mystery. It was never solved either. Both these issues are over my head - I will pass them on to Lori. -Mike
  9. UsernameOptional

    The leaderboard and days won?

    Hi Mikayla - The board was recently upgraded, and the Leaderboard is new for us. So, as much as I hate to admit it, I don't really know much about it, or the criteria that places a member in any particular position. But it's likely that Briannah's answer is right. All I would add is that I think in addition to the "likes" a post might receive, how active a thread is might also play a part in where a member is placed on the leaderboard. I'll try to see what I can find out. -Mike
  10. I can sort of relate to your studying various religions - I don't study them, but I do enjoy watching documentaries. The stories are interesting, and of course, often explain how and why so many religions developed, and the need for so many people to have some entity bigger than themselves to believe in. It seems the belief in such has existed nearly as long as man has existed.
  11. Hi Blackangel... and welcome to TG Guide. I was raised in the Episcopal church, but I began moving away from religion in my early 20s, and as I've aged, I've freed myself of any dependence on religion or any god(s) or goddess(es). There are just too many holes in Christianity and other religions... though I think Christianity is by far, the sketchiest of all. However, no matter my belief (or, disbelief), I respect how others believe as long as they don't try to cram their beliefs down my throat. Religion is such a touchy subject, and in a country that alleges Christianity is the major religion, I can certainly understand why you are having trouble finding other polytheistic people. There are surely other polytheistic trans people...but considering we ourselves are supposed to be such a small minority, that no doubt exacerbates your search. Good luck. I know it is always nice to be able to find like-minded people. -Michael
  12. Does appear to be clik bait simply because of the title. But I'm wondering if that was a ploy to get those who NEED to hear that information to check it out. We KNOW what "transgender" and "gender dysphoria" are, and we know they are not mental illnesses. It's the people who think we are mentally disturbed who need to learn something. Perhaps the vid was aimed at them.
  13. Well, at the risk of beginning to sound like a broken record, seems the world around us is moving forward by leaps and bounds... leaving us behind to deal with haters and bigots, and watch as the current regime slowly chips away at the few advances we achieved in previous years.
  14. UsernameOptional

    State Department Revoking Passports

    Need anyone further doubt that this country is still a patriarchal one... full of homophobes?? Why is this aimed at only trans women?? This country is progressing BACKWARD at the speed of light under the current adminstration. What's gonna be next? Transition being illegal?? One day we're gonna wake up and find out that the national language is Russian and there will laws on the books dictating what you are allowed to wear or not allowed to wear... BASED ON YOUR SEX.
  15. David Boddiger | Today 2:20pm "Today I was denied a renewal of my US Passport and told I would need to get a judge to unseal child welfare records from Foster care in order to "prove" my US Citizenship. Despite having had all "Female" ID since 1999, they are now demanding "Proof of Transition" for the 1st time" -- Danni Askini The State Department Is Retroactively Revoking Transgender Women’s Passports, Report Says