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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Duggar Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations   

    "Well, well, well."  --Gennee
    LOL!  There's a show on the cable channel ID called "Lt. Joe Kenda: Homocide Hunter."  He seems to have a dry, wry sense of humour.  Occasionally, when things turn out as he suspected from the very beginning (or if something is not surprising), he will say, "my, my, my."  Ya kill me, Gennee!
    Not only did it blow my mind that these people have been sitting on this while they have preached their BS and condemned trans people... Tony Perkins seems (based on his response in this article) totally unconcerned about the fact that Duggar had acted sexually inappropriately, but seemed to simply agree that Duggar would not be able to do his job without the distraction caused by all the attention arising from this issue.  It leaves me to believe that had Duggar not resigned, he'd still be with FRC.
    Seems to me the FIRST thing Perkins and any of his cronies should have been thinking was, do I want this guy around my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and all their little friends?   Next concern should have been, that they don't want someone representing them who violates all they claim to stand for.
    It sounds like they want to excuse this as Duggar having been "only a child" when this occurred, stressing that this happened 12 years ago, and that they prayed the pervert away.  He was 15.  There have been 15 year old kids charged as adults in some crimes because it was determined that they knew exactly what they were doing.  In a family that has churned out a new bigot every 1.6 years (on average), I can hardly believe that Josh Duggar was totally ignorant of sex and what is right, wrong, acceptable, unacceptable.  I also don't believe that he "confessed his sins" to his parents.  I think the little $#!*@$-+=! got caught!
    As an aside... according to one tabloid-like source, Mama June Shannon has already threatened a lawsuit if TLC doesn't cancel "19 Kids and Counting."
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Duggar Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations   

    Trudy Ring | May 21 2015 9:04 PM ET
    "“Today Josh Duggar made the decision to resign his position as a result of previously unknown information becoming public concerning events that occurred during his teenage years,” FRC president Tony Perkins wrote in a statement posted on the home pages of both FRC and FRC Action. “Josh believes that the situation will make it difficult for him to be effective in his current work. We believe this is the best decision for Josh and his family at this time. We will be praying for everyone involved.”"
    Josh Duggar Resigns From Antigay Family Research Council Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations
    Talk about a buncha lying, hypocrits!!!  A PERVERT among them, and they covered it up... all while calling trans people child predators, and fighting against TGLB protections. 
    I've always felt that TLC should have canned that show years ago when it was discovered that this family might have been a part of the "Quiverfull" movement.  In my opinion, they should DEFINITELY cancel this show now, and never allow any previously aired show to be seen again.  That's what they did with "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."  What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!
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  3. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry: When You're Trans, Fantasy Trumps Reality   

    Yep... I googled "Electra Woman," too.  I also looked at the 1976 calendar to see why I couldn't really say I remembered the show.   Seems it's regular timeslot was on Saturday mornings.  Perhaps about the time the show came on, my brother and I might have been doing chores, or there were cartoons on that we preferred to watch.
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  4. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Professional Voice   

    You might also want to check out
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  5. UsernameOptional added a blog entry in Michael's Blog   

    When You're Trans, Fantasy Trumps Reality

    A couple or three months ago, I discovered a new channel in my cable channel line-up, and in doing so, spotted "Starsky and Hutch" in the primetime programming.  I hadn't seen it since it went off the air, though I did see the 2004 movie.  I've been watching the 1975-79 show since then, enjoying the action, and seeing things I never saw before.
    I watched "S&H" religiously.  I even remembered that the show, at least for a while, came on on Wednesdays.  So why wasn't I able to sit back and watch the show and think to myself on occasion, "oh yeahhhh... I remember this episode!"  It was like I was seeing each episode for the first time night after night.   After about two weeks, I started googling stuff about the show - something you couldn't do back in 1975. 
    How can someone who was such a fan, remember only the characters?  Oh, and the opening theme song.  I also liked that big cannon of a .357 Magnum that Hutch used.  And I remember that brown and white cardigan that Starsky wore on occasion.  I even had a similar cardigan.  I loved that cardigan.   However, show after show, I failed to recognize any of the episodes.  Every so often, it seemed like a memory was about to be triggered.  And eventually, there was a scene in one episode that I thought I remembered.  Or maybe I just convinced myself that I remembered because it got to the point that I felt like I had to remember.  I should remember.  I didn't even remember the touchy-feely-makes-you-wonder-if-they're-gay-lovers-but-they're-always-after-the-girls kinda characters.
    After a couple more weeks of watching "S&H" reruns, and still not recognizing any of the episodes, I started wondering why.  Yes, I liked Hutch's gun - I had a toy gun similar to his when I was a kid.  And I liked Starsky's cardigan.  Did I mention that I really like that cardigan?    And that sweater I had made me sorta feel like Starsky.  Then it hit me - I couldn't remember the show itself because of Starsky - I wished I was Detective David Starsky.  With that .357 Magnum (instead of Hutch).  That's why I can't really remember any of the episodes.  When I watched the show each week, I apparently "stepped into the TV," pretending to be Starksy.  I was the cop that got into shoot-outs, wild chases in that slick lookin' Torino, always lost out on the pretty girls to my partner.  Hutch was annoying like that.
    Now that I'm older, and have found different ways to be me...I can sit back and watch "S&H" for the first time.  But I guess somewhere deep down, I still sorta wish I was Starsky...
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: I feel like a guy, but i believe in God...   

    Hello Mikey... and welcome to TGG.
    First, I don't think your parents hate you.  They might be surprised.  Maybe upset.  They don't know how to process what's going on.  And then of course, there's the whole "teenagers-and-parents-are-like-oil-and-water" thing.  Least ways, I hope that's all it is.  If you've been struggling to admit your true identity to yourself, imagine how they feel - they've been thinking for 15 years that they had a little girl!
    As for God... well, if there is a God, and he created all things, he created you.  Since he created you, I seriously doubt he hates you.  Though there are people who would have you believe that.  In reality, when someone tells you or makes you feel that God hates you, that is simply them hating you and using God to hide behind.  You can identify as a man, and still believe in God.  There are many religious gay and trans people.  There are a number of religious people on this board.  And... look at the title of the forum you just posted in.
    If your school has a LGBT group, or a Gay/Straight alliance or something... maybe you could join.  I doubt you are the only trans or gender non-conforming kid in your school.  Might be helpful if you could meet other kids.  And then of course, until you can find something local that you can get to... you found TG Guide. Lots of good people here, and enough topics and blogs to keep you reading until you graduate.  Okay... maybe not that much reading...but there's a good deal of stuff here.
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  7. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    ... and I'm working on creating a post for members who may need help getting around in the gallery 
    But it looks pretty easy so far.
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  8. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Oklahoma Says 'LGBT' Is 'Sexual In Nature'   

    UPDATE --
    Sunnivie Brydum | May 14 2015 3:14 PM ET
    "A spokeswoman for the Tax Commission told The Oklahoman that all such requests are handled by the legal department and offered assurance that the commission responds to all open records requests. The newspaper did note that the Oklahoma Tax Commission provided it with a list of currently restricted license plates, which included "2,136 letter and number combinations that have been deemed inappropriate or offensive by staff.""  --
    Oklahoma Man Won't Yield in Fight for Pro-LGBT License Plate
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: U.S. Continues to Lag Behind Some Countries   

    Mitch Kellaway | May 09 2015
    "Upon originally having her visa application neither approved or denied, Soni told the Times she was surprised to face such "discrimination" in today's world. "When the Indian government recognizes us as the third gender, why is the U.S. government indeceisive about it?" she stated. The U.S. consulate has since resolved the issue of Soni's visa according to the Times but has declined further comment."  --
    Trans Indian's Predicament at Border Shows the U.S. Lags Behind
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Deleting Messages/Conversations   

    How to delete messages/conversations:
    ............1.  Empty the entire inbox - wipe it all out in one fell swoop
    .................a.  clik on the "gear" found to the right of "My Conversations," just above the list of PMs down the left
    .................b.  in the menu that opens, clik on "Empty"
    .................c.  a box will open requiring that you either confirm the action or cancel it
    NOTE:  If you clik "OK," this action will delete all your messages.  If you are not sure you want to delete all your messages, you can delete them one by one --
    ............2.  While in any PM:
    .................a.  clik on the down arrow next to "Message," found just above and to the right of the open PM
    .................b.  clik on "Leave conversation"
    .................c.  a box will open requiring that you either confirm the action or cancel it
    If you clik "OK," the confirmation box will close, and the action will delete the message.

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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Insurers Can't Deny Preventive Care   

    Mitch Kellaway | May 11 2015 8:27 PM ET
    "Breast cancer screenings, for instance, are just as necessary for cisgender (nontrans) and transgender women over age 50, but can often be denied coverage by insurers if a woman's birth gender is listed as "male," notes the Journal. Alternatively, for example, certain trans men are unique among men for potentially needing cervical cancer screenings, but could be denied coverage if they had previously updated their medical records to reflect their authentic male gender."  --
    Federal Gov: No, Insurers Can't Deny Transgender Patients Preventive Care
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Writing posts or replying to them re: Enter key not working   

    Is this something that has just started with the upgrade to the forum?  Or has this always happened?
    Also, how are you initiating a reply to a post?     
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  13. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry: My Name Isn't Official Yet, So Dignity Doesn't Matter.   

    "She called me by my birth name over text (because she doesn't like to hear the truth when she asks my opinion, apparently). I corrected her, and her response was, "well it's not official yet!""
    While I'm sure this probably stung, maybe it's not as bad as it seems.  I questioned my brother's actions a few years ago, but members helped me pretty much see that he most likely really didn't mean anything.  I think the biggest problem was that I called him on something, and he became defensive.  That could be where your sister's comment, "well it's not official yet," came from.  That doesn't excuse it, but it might explain it.
    "This is the most shocking because she has actually had diversity and sensitivity training with her job, which included an LGBTQ section and focused on transgender discrimination."
    Now that I've somewhat defended her... I will say this much about employer-mandated sensativity training:  such training is not going to change someone who doesn't want to be changed.  And really, I'm pretty sure that sending employees to sensativity training is just a company's way of covering it's rear, to make sure their employees treat "anyone different" respectfully.  It's to cut down on grievances and possible lawsuits.  Sensativity training normally is not elective.  Too often, many people don't like being forced to go to them.   And most of them see it as a challenge to their [sorry] character.
    Hopefully she'll come around.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    I think perhaps the "New Content" is a form of a search.  In Firefox, when I hit "New Content" and the back button twice in rapid succession, Firefox advises that the document has expired, and that "as a security precaution, Firefox does not automatically re-request sensitive documents."   I'd be willing to bet this is a feature to thwart spammers, and also to keep the system from being overloaded with requests.

    Reference chat -
    I'm sure that many have now noticed the chat tab now advises how many are in the chatroom.   What I just discovered today is that, if you simply navigate away from the chatroom rather than use the "Leave Chatroom" button, the system apparently considers that you are still in the room, and the notification on the Chat tab will indicate that there is still someone in the room, or that there is one person more than what is really there.  I've found this to be so in both IE and Firefox.
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  15. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: System Update 2015   

    "I tried to get into the Male to Female (MtF) Transsexual Discussion forum but each time was taken back to the main forum. Beings that I am persistent I search for one of my post there and could get into this forum that way but still can not from the main forum page."  --Karen
    I tried this little trick and it worked.  I then tried it for the MTF CD Discussion forum with no luck.  In fact, I ended up with an error page.  The error almost makes it look like a "permissions" issue (but that shouldn't be the case for a moderator), or it is the closest error the system can spit out to explain the problem.
    "Sorry, there is a problem.  You do not have permission to view this content.  Error code:  2F173/H"
    Hopefully this information (the error code) will be helpful in finding out why that entire forum is MIA.
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