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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Homosexuality not inate   

    ​I did consider deleting the OP until I spotted the mention of trans people in the article also... and of course, the purpose of this particular forum is for news, information and discussion that is not necessarily or directly trans related, but could potentially affect us.
    I tried to spot a link to a legitimate medical or scientific website among the returned search results when I googled this topic, but saw nothing (didn't really spend too much time on it though).  It would be interesting to know exactly where this came from, and if it was really worded they way these conservative websites have done.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Homosexuality not inate   

    While this article could potentially throw EVERYONE not heterosexual and cisgender smooth under the bus... I want to highlight the fact that the article indicates not that homosexuality is not innate (despite its headline), but that allegedly, SEXUALITY is not innate - that includes heterosexuality.
    It also appears that the website is a faith-based site, and will no doubt jump on anything that would indicate or imply that being homosexual, bisexual or transgender is a choice.
    From another website, "two top Johns Hopkins University psychiatrists say there is insufficient evidence to conclude people are born with heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual attractions."  Again however, the website on which the quoted text can be found, according to wikipedia, is "influential in American conservative circles."
    What's scarey is that the bigotted politicians of the country could use this kind of thing to undo every advancement that the the TGLB community has rightfully achieved.
    NOTE:  The OP's comment, "I don't know if the posting thread is in the right category but anything involving sex should be in intersex forum's," is obviously out of place:
        1.  The post was originally in the intersex forum, and was moved
        2.  There is either a misunderstanding of what intersex is, or a misunderstanding of the purpose of the intersex forum
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  3. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: How to Upload a Profile Photo   

    Are you trying to upload a photo to use as an avatar?  If that is where you are getting the message, then it means the image cannot exceed that file size.  If it is for your avatar, you could upload it to the member gallery if you like, then I can download it, resize it, and upload it so that you could then use it.
    Otherwise, I would really need more info in order to figure out the problem.
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  4. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Salem police investigating explosion of LGBT newspaper box   

    The attitude of the police is disgusting.   
    Considering the "explosion" could be heard a mile away, this obviously wasn't a firecracker.  Had it been a firecracker, I could understand the hesitation to call it a hate crime, as something so small (in the scheme of things) could be considered a stupid act of vandalism.
    That the mailbox has been "vandalized" TEN TIMES IN THE PAST... would seemingly qualify this latest incident as nothing but hate, thereby making it a hate crime.
    But what the heck do I know?? 
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  5. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: U.S. Judge Grants Nationwide Injunction Blocking White House Transgender Policy   

    "The preliminary injunction would mean that, until that lawsuit works its way through the courts, the 'status quo' would be maintained and the guidance could not be considered enforceable."
    No, what it means is that, until that lawsuit works its way through the courts, the "status quo" would be maintained, and the zealots and bigots could continue, for a while longer (and hoping for forever), to exercise their dearly and closely held discrimination.
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Changes on the Transgender Spotlight Board   

    Members -
    You all were probably familiar with the the "old" Transgender Television & Movies  forum, where one could post about television shows and movies in which there was a transgender character, or the storyline documented the activities or life of a transgender person.
    The forum, located in the Transgender Spotlight  board, has been expanded to include radio and online podcasts:  Transgender Television, Radio & Theater  -  Share and discuss your favorite TV, web TV and webisodes; radio and internet podcasts; and other web series and broadcasts that feature a transgender theme or character.
    Check it out!
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  7. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Athlete Worries About Competing in NC   

    Mosier Featured in Nike Ad
    Mari Brighe
    August 09 2016 8:48 PM EDT Updated August 10 2016 3:28 PM EDT
    "Mosier will not be in the Olympics, as the duathlon is not an event in the Summer Games in Rio De Janeiro. He has noted that there are no out trans athletes in the games — there are reportedly a couple who have not come out publicly — but this year's Olympics are the most open for trans athletes ever. New rules issued by the International Olympic Committee this year removed all surgical requirements for trans people to compete in events concordant with their gender identity."  --
    Team USA's Chris Mosier Is First Transgender Athlete Featured in Nike Ad
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  8. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Athlete Worries About Competing in NC   

    Mosier on Making History
    Lauren Steele | August 2, 2016
    "During his time at Northern Michigan University, he edited the school newspaper, hosted a radio show, played rec sports, and performed as the school's mascot – Wildcat Willie. He did anything he could to stay busy, because busy felt safe. "I didn't have enough time for relationships, to put myself out there, or have people get to know me," he says. "I didn’t have to have these critical conversations about who I was.""
    Mosier on Making History as First Trans Member of Team USA
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: #WeAreNotThis   

    Wow, that little victory didn't last long....
    See related posts --
    Gavin Grimm, Transgender Teen, Fighting To Use Men's Restroom At School
    What a federal appeals court’s ruling could mean for North Carolina’s bathroom law
    It's a GREAT day to be a Virginian !
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: UK top court split on transgender woman's pension right   

    The UK is certainly no more messed up than the US.  There are times however, when I look at the UK and consider it much further along (at least as far as law goes) than the US is when it comes to transgender people.  I know that many Brits complain about the NHS, but let's face it, at least the NHS has services for trans people (though apparently emotionally barbaric and difficult to navigate) - in the US, you are considered lucky if your insurance covers any part of gender related medical care.
    Considering same-sex marriage has been legal since 2014, enabling trans people who decide so to remain married to their spouses, I fail to understand what the issue is.  I also think it is crazy that there is one age for women and another for men for eligibility for pension.  And really, that men must be 65 and women 60 is stupid since on average, men die sooner than women.  Seems like allowing women to collect benefits at a younger age would be more of a financial burden on the system.  LOL... even in the US, ages for retirement and social security keep being raised... no doubt because the older a person is before they can collect, the less time they'll be in the system!  But I digress.
    Seems that it would be easier on everyone if the powers-that-be would forget about yesterday, and give this woman her pension under today's laws.
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Woman Harassed in Bathroom   

    "...I kept my head and had my documents supporting me, no so for many."  -- stephani
    It's sad that a person has to have "documents" just to pee
    ::: looks at stephani :::   Where the heck you been, missy??
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: UK top court split on transgender woman's pension right   

    There are so many things that seem totally messed up about this situation.  Just when ya think the Brits have their stuff together when it comes to trans people... something like this happens... and you stand back scratching your head, wondering, "what the heck are they thinking?"
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: New WHO Diagnostic Labels Perpetuate Transgender Stigma   

    Alexandra Ossola | August 4, 2016
    "But this classification has been controversial. "The conceptualization of transgender identity as a mental disorder has contributed to precarious legal status, human rights violations, and barriers to appropriate health care among transgender people," the study authors write. In 2011, the European Parliament asked the World Health Organization (WHO), which writes the ICD, to remove gender dysphoria as an option for diagnosis."  --
    from vocativ
    The long battle to remove 'transgender' from the list of psychiatric disorders
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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: North Carolina's HB2 Anti-GLBT Bill   

    ""Any harm to plaintiffs due to lack of access to restrooms designated for the opposite sex certainly cannot outweigh the privacy and safety risks presented to the public," McCrory's lawyers said in a court filing opposing an injunction."  --
    Okay.  Am I reading this wrong?  Have I now lost all comprehension skills?  Is this fool actually [implying] that it's better someone get the holy freakin' doo-doo stomped outta them and left in a heap on some nasty bathroom floor than to chance some fanatical far-right bible-thumpin' ignorant bigot getting freaked out over someone simply coming into a bathroom (the RIGHT bathroom I might add) just to relieve the pressure mother nature has placed on that person's bladder?
    I need to go back to bed.....
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