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  1. You might want to add Ensure to your diet until you dental woes are over. It will supply you with necessary nutrients and protien that you might miss out on due to dietary restrictions at the moment. Today there are about four or five flavours and at least two strengths. -Mike
  2. What experience do they need? We are all people. They went to school to be doctors to care for human beings. All they need to do is get over what parts they believe any individual should or shouldn't have. The only thing that makes us different is "them" and that we require HRT and a few other little medical interventions that should have little to no bearing on whether they can diagnose your arthritis, pneumonia, aneurysm, treat you for an in-grown toenail, lance a boil, or remove your hemorrhoids. "Trans" is not the issue. Transphobia is.
  3. I doubt that being a witch has caused an issue. There have been other members declare their status as witch. There could be any number of reasons why no one has commented - one of which could be there are no other "strega" witches, so no one would have anything to relate to in order to further discussion. Additionally, you might note that this thread was begun in August 2018. After several posts, it went dormant until it was revived by a new member who happened to run across it in January 2019. Take heart - lack of interest or reply does not mean something is wrong. 😉
  4. I have a personal acquaintace who works in the health insurance industry who asked HOW something like this could happen. Their thought is, if the procedures were not covered, thus not requiring pre-authorization, why is it this info wasn't or couldn't have been imparted to Moore. That UMR contacted Moore's employer after the fact, makes me believe that someone realized they (UMR) made a mistake, and they were covering their tracks. In my opinion, if it was a case of the UMR rep not knowing, or was not experienced, or not paying attention to the case at hand, I still say UMR should "man up," so-to-speak, cover Moore's surgery and compensate him in some way (though it will never erase or ease the hurt) for the loss of his dog.
  5. So many companies record phone transactions between representatives and clients/customers. If this company does, Moore's surgery should be covered simply because the dim-wits on the other end of the phone said it was. Seems there's more to this also because today, medical facilities and hospitals know what requires authorization and what doesn't. They also know what companies require that patients get authorization. Moore does not indicate there were any issues or questions on the part of the hospital and surgeon(s). That makes it sound like all was good to go. It is the job of the hosptial admitting staff to make sure all these things are in order. How'd Moore's surgery slip through the cracks there too? I hope the ACLU can help Moore (AND teach one more bigot company a lesson)...sounds like the screws were stuck to him all the way around.
  6. Members - Lately, we've begun experiencing an up-tick in a few issues: 1. Threads are being started in forums that do not fall within the intent of the particular forum. It appears that where some threads were created was because it just happened to be the first forum the poster clikked on. Please take a moment to read the description of the forum in which you are about to create a new thread. 2. Threads are being driven off-topic. While any discussion can drift and wander some, the initial topic is usually brought back to center stage - that's not been the case lately. When a topic is taken too far off-track, it destroys the original intent of the thread, and often the OP is completely forgotten as many people have a tendancy to read only the last post in a thread, thus continuing with the runaway topic. Please try to keep threads on topic. Ref: Our Rules and Guidelines, 1. Forum Rules, a. 3. We are also suddenly experiencing the bumping of threads. Please do not bump threads - if members are interested, they will read and/or post to the thread, or clik a "like" button. Bumping a thread will not make people more interested in it. Bumping also usurps the position of legitimately new threads and posts. Ref: Our Rules and Guidelines, 1. Forum Rules, s. (Bumping is generally unacceptable on most boards.) Following these simple rules makes participation easier for everyone.
  7. Me too. :) Welcome... and our apologies for the troubles. -Mike
  8. We lost some content once before... about 3 or 4 upgrades ago. There was no rhyme or reason, but it did appear that a lot of the missing threads and posts were new, having been created just hours before the upgrade. Some things were retrievable, some weren't. For those of you who are new, if we delete something because of content, we will notify you to explain why. If the problem is minor, we will usually simply hide the entry and give the member a chance to edit it. -Mike
  9. I feel bad for Brazil... and a HUGE chunk of it's population. Some of the things I've heard/read about Bolsonaro: *wants to commandeer indigenous lands *made it so that GLBTQ concerns are no longer considered *wants to reduce the rights of indigenous peoples *regrets that Afro-Brazilians have any rights *was once on trial for racism *is expected to do away with the organization that worked to promote diversity in schools *is expected to abolish the human right ministry *he's been charged with inciting hatred and discrimination (sound familiar?), but a court dismissed it all *is a homophobe to the Nth degree and is quoted as having said he would be incapable of loving a homosexual son *he has expressed a "fondness for the country’s past military dictatorship" *he has mysogynist views *has put an evangelical pastor in charge of a newly created ministry, that pastor has stated, "It is time for the church to govern." *opponents have compared Bolsonaro to Hitler The disgusting list seems inexhaustible. He's been nicknamed the "Trump of the Tropics." As in this country, somehow, Bolsonaro got even those he desparages to vote for him and put him in office. It was already bad in Brazil for transgender people - especially transgender women. No doubt it will only get worse from here...
  10. Edge was born with Microsoft's pipe dream of an almighty browser-to-end-all-browsers, and came with Windows 10. To the best of my knowledge, Edge is not compatible with any previous versions of Windows operating systems. Though it is just my opinion, it really doesn't matter as I truly believe Edge is just IE "re-branded." Sorta like Windows 7 was just Vista - fixed. But at least Win7 worked... LOL. And like the Win10 O/S, there is user control that has been taken away from this latest version of MS's browser. And you must be signed in to a Microsoft account in order to adjust/change/tweak other settings. I agree that RAM is not the problem as you would be working with the same amount of RAM with the same size image. If RAM affected your ability to upload to the Gallery, the problem would present itself here in the forums, too. Since you are able to upload from your phone, this could very well point to a browser issue. With todays programs being written and tweaked so much in order to work across phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops, and the various browsers particular to things like phones and tablets, we're bound to be plagued by the occasional glitch. As Emma suggested, it may be a simple thing as switching browsers. Or at the least, use a particular browser whenever you want to upload to your albums. But there again, being able to upload to one area of the board and not the other is confounding. I don't know what would be in a browser that could arbitrarily dictate what corner of the site you can upload to. Another idea would be that the Member Gallery is perhaps hosted by another entity, or has a different server, or however that stuff works... though I don't know if that is possible. I would think the entire site is all in one box. -Mike
  11. ROFLMAO!! Michelle... your wife, Monica's Mum and my Mum musta all been cut from the same cloth. Like Monica's Mum, mine also IRONED. EVERY. THING. Sheets, towels, UNDERWEAR. EVERYthing! If it came out of the washer, it got ironed. I will admit though, that she stopped ironing sheets after she started buying "permanent press" sheets. I had decided it was just a woman thing until today when I read that Monica is content to fold or hang straight outta the dryer. I think because of my Mum (she made my brother and I iron occassionally), I hate to iron and will iron nothing except my button-up shirts. For some reason, I gotta have them looking neat, crisp and spiffy. 😊 Maybe a touch of OCD....
  12. We all remember what Brother Pence did in Indiana. And considering we have a 250+ pound, orange-tanned, tantrum-throwing, bottle-blonde, kindergartner in the WH, I truly believe that good ol' Brother Pence is behind some of the roll-backs of trans advancements achieved over the past 10 to 12 years. Therefore, it's no surprise that Sister Pence has taken a job at an institution that embraces hate, bigotry and discrimination. In my opinion, the saddest part of all this is that we have a vice-prez (I say that with as much sarcasm and facetiosity as calling him "Brother Pence") who is supposed to be leader and servant to the people of this country, and 2nd Lady, who EXCLUDE a huge chunk of the population from society and life because they don't jive with the religious beliefs he and his dear wife try to cram down peoples' throats.
  13. This still blows my mind. Because you can post images in the forum but not in the gallery seems to defy anything that makes sense. Though I knew I'd find nothing, I went into the control panel to check your settings. There appears to be no issue with bandwidth. There are no restrictions or ommissions on your account. From what I can tell, there is also no restrictions on te number of albums any one member can have. I thought about file size, but the image above is only 58kb. DPI is 300...but that's what I use all the time. I would say DPI would only play a part in larger file sizes, perhaps 1MB or larger. However, I successfully uploaded a 1.81MB file that was set at 300 DPI. On the other hand, another file that was 2.21MB/300 DPI got an error when I tried to upload it. But there could be an issue with that particular file. I uploaded an image to the Gallery - not an album. I then MOVED that image to an album. GIve that a try and let us know if it worked. If it does, that may turn out to be a work-around for the issue. Whatever the problem is, and you are apparently the only member experiencing this, it may end up being rather costly for Lori to try to ferret out a problem that no one has yet to reproduce in order to diagnose. -Mike
  14. Change is still slow... a lot slower than we prefer to believe. I happened to be looking around another board this morning and was running down the General Transgender Discussion forum index page when I spotted a thread with the title, "Trans but still in the closet." The thread was created in April 2018. There were only eight replies to the thread to date. However, that thread had been viewed nearly 16,000 times. I can think of only a few reasons why the view count is so high: 1. Curiosity - why is the person [still] not out 2. General reading - individuals who just read every new thread/post 3. There are still a LOT of us, who, for whatever reasons, are still in the closet and went to that thread because they can relate Only one other thread comes anywhere near having as many views at just over 1,800. Obviously, 1,800 is not close, and this despite a thread title of "Need to talk." Talk about what? One would think that sheer curiosity would bump the view count way up there. This same board has an "adult" forum, and even in that area of the board, of the 36 threads, only two have more than 1,000 views. What's ironic is, despite the purpose of that particular forum, the two threads with the 1k+ views are NOT "adult-themed," but threads asking for [non-sexual] information. I am inclined to believe that the reason the view count is so high on that thread falls under #3 above. Bigotry, unacceptance, social stigma, fear, lack of access to appropriate/adequate medical care, anti-TGLBQ+ laws, lack of or absence of inclusive/acknowleging rights, etc., etc., etc.... still serves to keep so many of us in hiding. We can all rally 'round and proclaim there have been great strides accomplished in the name of change - perhaps to make us feel better. Fact is, those changes have come at the pace of a half-dead snail going uphill thru molasses in winter. To exacerbate the issue, there are forces whittling away at what few advances have been gained over the last few years. And let's not forget we have a vice-prez who is rabidly anti-TGLBQ. God (or whoever) help us if 45 is impeached or otherwise vacates the Whitehouse and the VP becomes top dog. You think dummy is hell-bent on a damn wall... yer white-haired, beady-eyed VP is hell-bent on converting everyone to straight cisgender christians. We STILL have a painfully LONG way to go. And at this point, I seriously doubt I will see in my lifetime SIGNIFICANT positive, beneficial change that allows for all people all along the gender spectrum to move freely and safely throughout society, with all the rights as any other person. -Michael
  15. UsernameOptional


    I believe bullying will be around until man can learn to accept all people no matter where they come from, what path they walk or have walked. Society mandates too many vain, petty, ignorant, irrational and insignificant rules. These rules adversely affect people causing a variety of insecurities, some of which can manifest as cruelty in one form or another. Bullying will also continue to plague this society as long as you have those who grow up to utter things like, "they're just kids," or "they'll grow out of it," or "I was bullied, and I survived," ... etc., etc., etc., and then turn the other way. Or worse, they've grown up, still bullies, and pass that behavior on to their own children. Bullying will continue to plague this society as long as there are parents and other adults from all corners of society who do not condemn the behavior, and teach future generations that differences are natural and normal, and that no one is a lesser being than another. It's sad that we can all relate to being bullied....
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