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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Clip on earrings free to you   

    Just a reminder... please do not post any personal info here in the open forum (full names, addresses, etc.). Everyone conduct any and all transactions in relation to these items via personal messages.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Petition Says, "Drop the T"   

    I'm not sure what site you wish to start a petition on, but the petition in the article is located on
    Whether the two petitions ("drop the T" and the new one) can be linked is probably something that could only be done in the accompanying narrative, providing a link to the referenced petition.
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  3. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: A decade into sex-change, a surprise pregnancy   

    I think "sex change" is simply a "mis-speak" on the part of reporting - no doubt another member of the media that didn't do their homework.  You'll notice the phrase exists only in the article's title.  I didn't get the impression from any articles I've read that Coleman is going to have, or wants to have bottom surgery.
    I saw this story on another website, and that article made the ignorant statement that Coleman is the second transgender man to give birth, naming Thomas Beaty as the first - which he was not, and is not even close.  Which means Coleman isn't the second.
    While it's good to see a story about a happy couple and a treasured surprise, it's sad that we had to read through all the bull and sensationalism to get to it... though I will admit this article is better than many we see.
    And what's "gender reassignment therapy?"  That sounds to me like a therapy that is intended to change a person's gender.  Transgender people aren't "reassigning" their gender!
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  4. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Tip of the Day - Don't Lose Your Work   

    "I had a lot written out about me a few minutes ago but i was logged off for some reason and lost all of my work..."
    Some of ya's are too young (literally) to remember the days when everyone was on a dial-up.  There may even be some who don't even know what a "dial-up" is unless they reside in very rural areas.  I remember when I was finally able to connect to the internet at "56K."  I thought I was flying at the speed of light!  Nothing like technology and
    Anyway.. not only were internet speeds slow (compared to today), but time was precious - most ISPs had several packages from which a consumer could choose.  Each package came with a set amount of online time for a monthly charge.  Anything beyond that a user had to pay for by the hour - there was no "unlimited."  And of course, ya never knew when you might get "booted" - lose connection.
    Because you never knew when you might get booted, and primarily because time online was precious, users learned to compose email and board posts offline.  Once done, you logged on, went directly to where ever it was you needed to be, and copied and pasted.  Saved time, saved work, saved money.  
    Today, connection to the internet is much more stable or reliable than it was 20 years.   And of course, in most cases today, internet access is unlimited on home computers and many devices.  But still, there are occasions when a person can lose connection.   So even today, it's still not a bad idea to compose something in a word processing program first because if for some reason you do lose connection, you don't lose all your work.  
    Happy posting!
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  5. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Petition Says, "Drop the T"   

    ​I agree Gennee.  It would have been (and would be) hard for gay people, especially lesbians, to ignore trans people so easily had trans voices been allowed to be heard and be a part.  It amazes me how some of them have literally tried to erase trans history, or claim some of it as their own.  And when that is not a possibility, just invalidate and dismiss us all together.
    I have in the past commented that I thought the "T" part of the community should pull out and organize alone, but logically, I know such a move would only hurt us.  Some perfer to blame other trans people for not being out and open and vocal... but trans people are not just fighting society, we also have to fight our way through the community.  And I don't mean the trans part of the community - I mean those gays who treat us as bad as (and in some cases worse than) the straight, cisgender part of society.
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Everyone Transgender Is a Gay Man   

    ​I don't think knowledge, or the lack thereof, plays any part in this situation.  I believe the FDA, whoever the powers-that-be in the organization, the ones calling the plays, are simply exercising their bigotry under the guise of being concerned for public health.
    I'm sorry... but it's my opinion that that's all it can be.  The refusal to differentiate between gay and trans, sexual orientation and gender identity, and the assumption that all gay people (especially all gay men, which obviously in their book includes transgender women) are at the very least, HIV positive.
    Maybe if everyone threatened to stop donating all together, it would put various organizations into a frantic tailspin because of the catastrophic impact the lack of any blood supply would have on medical care, and in turn cause a major and drastic change in peoples' attitudes.
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  7. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Hair Removal   

    Hi Alyse, and welcome to the TG Guide Board.
    This thread was created in May 2015.  The OP has not been back since she created this topic.  Hopefully, she fixed her settings so that she will get an email when someone posts on this thread, and that she remembers her log-in.  Otherwise, hopefully a current active member will be able to offer some information.
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  8. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Petition Says, "Drop the T"   

    An anonymous individual has begun a petition, demanding that the "T" be dropped from GLBT.  The individual has gone so far as to use the same scare tactics as those who claim the passage of "bathroom bills" will allow "men dressed as women" to enter womens' spaces to do them harm.  
    This kind of thing, seemingly obviously the work of TERFs, will surely do only one thing - pit trans against gay.  And is just the kind of incohesiveness and deterioration the conservatives could use against us all to destroy future attempts at gaining equal footing with non-GLBT people, and could even make it easier to undo what advances have been achieved.  What the gay community (most likely primarily TERF-like individuals) is that this could cause their own achievements to unravel.
    See  LGBT Groups Respond to Petition Asking to 'Drop the T'
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Why Is Iran Subsidizing Sex Reassignment Surgeries?   

    Actually... it's not a good model to follow, as the majority individuals who are being "forced" into SRS are gay - changing one's sex is not a "cure" to being gay.  The powers-that-be are only hell-bent on eradicating homosexuality and do not care that sexual orientation and gender identity are two very seperate and distinct conditions.   It's been proven that gender is hardwired and cannot be bent, skewed, altered, removed, changed, or turned on or off.  Therefore, a gay man is a man and not a woman and never will be; a gay woman is a woman and not man and never will be.  Trying to turn either into the opposite sex is folly and is born only of ignorance and a blind adherence to a fanatic interpretation of a religion.  Anyone in the TGLB community (especially in the trans part of the community) should be well aware of the tragic case of David Reimer - the case that proved you cannot commandeer a person's gender identity.
    Likewise, a person cannot be converted, either straight to gay or gay to straight - the main reason various governments in the U.S. are slowly coming around to banning and making illegal conversion therapy - especially on minors.  It is dangerous and damaging.
    While proponents of conversion therapy swear by some sort of misplaced success, they are playing with fire, false stats and peoples' lives.  Those who claim to have been "cured" by such therapies are either walking around in a very deep state of denial, or they were never gay to begin with.
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Easy Log In To Transgender Guide Message Board.   

    Yeah... those are different.  I have a set of horizontal lines, one-over-the-other in one of the toolbars of my browser.  Like the dots in your browser, it has to do with settings - in my case, customization of the tool bar itself.    BUT... I have noticed dots and dashes on other websites lately (since the advent of this topic), and it seems that at the moment, there is no standard as to what's associated with these sets of dots and lines.
    Must be a conspiracy to keep us all confused....   
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Showdown in Houston over LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance   

    I will be glad when the time comes, when all these people screaching and screaming in trumped up "fear" realize how ignorant they sound, how ignorant they look, how ignorant they are.
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: America's Largest Supermarket Chain Will Soon Offer Transgender Health Benefits to Employees   

    It's a step in the right direction... but I'm wondering how much research Anthem BC/BS put into that lifetime monetary max?   Seems to me  that max could sorta screw over the guys who want to go as far as genital surgery (phalloplasty) as nearly anyone knows that costs for bottom surgery for us far exceeds that for women.  Not to mention, quite often, everything cannot be accomplished in one surgery.   Seems to me that once a guy has jumped thru the mandatory therapy hoops and loops, is on "T," and has top surgery (since most guys will have top surgery before any other surgery), there might not be enough of that $100K max left to have bottom surgery fully covered.
    Last time I discussed U.S. costs for genital surgery with other guys, phalloplasty was about $80K.  Top surgery today can run anywhere from $4,000 to more than $10,000 depending on the surgeon and the process.  Keyhole is less expensive than DI, but many guys aren't elegible for the keyhole process due to size.   If a young guy went to work at Kroger's, and made it a career...seems to me he'd run short on something sooner or later and would then be right back where so many people are now - paying everything out of pocket.
    It would be nice to hear from people who transitioned twenty, thirty years ago, to see if they can offer a ballpark figure as to what they've spent over the years in HRT since that is potentially something a person must remain on until death.
    Would that $100K max negatively impact even women who've done therapy, seen the shinks, been on HRT, and goe for genital surgery over time?
    Does Anthem BC/BS realize that the number of people who will transition, and transition clear thru to genital surgery are so few (compared to the rest of the population they would be insuring), that the lack of a max would most likely not impact the insurance plan?
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Easy Log In To Transgender Guide Message Board.   

    I think those three dots are associated with "android"-like devices - I see those dots, along with three horizontal lines stacked one above the other whenever I use my browser on my tablet.  I think they've become as "iconic" as symbols go, much like the play (sideways, right pointing triangle) and pause (equal sign turned on end) symbols on videos, or the partial circle intersected by vertical line at it's opening as an on/off symbol.   It took me a while to figure out what the dots and dashes on my tablet were for.
    Hope this info helps.

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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Westboro Baptist Church Run Out of Town   

    It's official --  obviously, as with most bullies, the WBC are a buncha cowards and don't like being done to, what they do unto others.
    WBC members had gone to Gladstone, MO, US, to protest the election of Landon Patterson as homecoming queen of a local high school.   What the WBC bunch didn't expect was for students, activists and CHURCH GROUPS to come together in support of the student with signs, and shouting louder than the WBC.
    It appears [by the vid below] that the WBC protestors never even got a chance to get out of their vehicle.  They were run off before they could spew their hate.
    Sources: Gay Star News
       Warning: Some language deemed offensive by some may/can be heard  in the video.
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  15. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Transgender rights in prison   

    Ya know, as I read this story, I thought, it's a shame that people must be "trained" to be decent.  To treat others with respect.  To be compassionate.
    But I guess all of life is all about learning.  Still, blows my mind that people can be mean for the sake of being mean.  In my little world, you have to do something to me for me to get mean with you.  And if it's bad enough, and you make me dislike you enough, if you push me to hate you, then I have no heartburn in being down right nasty mean - you earned it.
    Makes me wonder how some of these people treat animals, babies and old people....
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