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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Westboro Baptist Church Run Out of Town   

    It's official --  obviously, as with most bullies, the WBC are a buncha cowards and don't like being done to, what they do unto others.
    WBC members had gone to Gladstone, MO, US, to protest the election of Landon Patterson as homecoming queen of a local high school.   What the WBC bunch didn't expect was for students, activists and CHURCH GROUPS to come together in support of the student with signs, and shouting louder than the WBC.
    It appears [by the vid below] that the WBC protestors never even got a chance to get out of their vehicle.  They were run off before they could spew their hate.
    Sources: Gay Star News
       Warning: Some language deemed offensive by some may/can be heard  in the video.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Transgender rights in prison   

    Ya know, as I read this story, I thought, it's a shame that people must be "trained" to be decent.  To treat others with respect.  To be compassionate.
    But I guess all of life is all about learning.  Still, blows my mind that people can be mean for the sake of being mean.  In my little world, you have to do something to me for me to get mean with you.  And if it's bad enough, and you make me dislike you enough, if you push me to hate you, then I have no heartburn in being down right nasty mean - you earned it.
    Makes me wonder how some of these people treat animals, babies and old people....
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  3. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Bruce Jenner is a basic Cross dresser   

    There are varying degrees of gender dysphoria.  There are also varying degrees of individual stamina.   Discounting any outside forces, these two factors will always  play a role in what a trans person can or can't do, will or won't do, must do or can live with.  Therefore, NO, not all trans people should fight to the bitter end to keep a body they are not happy with.   And not all trans people want to be able to go back and forth in society between male and female.   And it is definitely NOT a weak person who gives in so easily to surgery.
    You cannot project your belief onto all trans people that all trans people should move back and forth among the genders, and not alter their bodies medically.  And it certainly is not imperative that trans people keep body parts they don't want.  But if that works for you, that's cool.  We are all individuals.
    It only occurred to me after reading your latest post, that perhaps you are gender fluid.  Perhaps you are a person who feels male today, and female tomorrow.  There's nothing wrong with that, and there are people like that.  But just as there are people who don't want the so-called binary system crammed down their throats in an attempt to force them into either a male or female box, those who are only male or female in their gender identity don't want people trying to convince them that they need to keep those body parts they abhor, or live in such a way that they can jump in and out of the line their DNA says they should be in.
    If a person identifies strictly as male or female, once transitioned, they do not want to return to the role they had to play.  As for the alleged many YouTubers who have vids out there discussing their regret at transitioning... that's gonna happen.  There's no avoiding that.  We all do things we later regret.  You buy a car you thought you liked.   You dye your hair a colour you thought you liked.  You bet on the wrong horse.   $*!t happens.  But I'm willing to bet there are many more trans people who have transitioned who are very happy they did.  It's probably safe to say that most of the issues transitioned people suffer are because of society's unacceptance, ignorance, bigotry, hate and fear.
    As for the talk show host... well, there are good ones and bad ones.  There are people who liked "Bruce," there are people who didn't... so naturally, they're probably not going to like Caitlyn much - after all, she is still the same person, she can just be more herself now.   And then of course there are those who idolized "Bruce" for his strength, his "maleness," being an Olympian.  Perhaps now, these 'phobes feel threatened in some way.  Maybe it makes some of them question their own sexuallity or their own maleness.  Somehow, her transition maybe lights up their insecurities.  Who knows?  If the radio talk show host believes Caitlyn is "just a cross dresser," well... not a whole lot we can do about that - everyone is entitled to their own ignorance as long as it doesn't impede another person's way.
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  4. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Bruce Jenner is a basic Cross dresser   

    Being trans, and identifying as a gender opposite that which one was assigned at birth, does not require any medical (chemical and/or surgical) intervention what-so-ever.  Therefore, if Caitlyn has not had, or does not want breast augmentation, and continues to wear breast forms, that does not make her "a cross dresser simply nothing more or less."  There are a lot of cisgender women walking the face of the earth that stuff their bras or wear bras intentionally designed with size enhancement in mind.  That these women do not go for breast augmentation to suit some socially-determined criteria of what makes a woman doesn't mean they aren't women, and so should not mean that trans women are not women.
    A cross dresser, is simply a person who likes to wear clothing normally reserved for the opposite sex.  While many transgender women call themselves cross dressers and only cross dress dressers before they finally come to grips with being, and out as trans, there are a good many cross dressers who have no gender issues at all.  In other words, they identify as, and are comfortable as the males or females that they are, and would never dream of transitioning.
    To go a bit further, there are some who cannot have surgery for medical reasons... those reason may be out of their control.  Are such people to be considered "no more than cross dressers?"
    I think if I were captain of a space ship, it would really tick me off if someone was in my face all the time, telling me I was nothing but an airline pilot just because I didn't have a pebble from the surface of some planet hanging off my keychain.........
    P.S.  Her name is Caitlyn, not Bruce.  And the appropriate pronoun is she, not he.
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  5. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Transgender woman repeatedly run over, killed in Missouri church parking lot   

    Not that this murder would have been better anywhere else, but whether a person is religious or not, you have to be one very hateful, sick, disrespectful individual to kill someone in a church parking lot, or on the grounds of any religious organization.
    I don't see how this could be considered anything but a hate crime.  Running someone over once could be called an accident.  Twice, you were freaked out and took off and ran over the person again in your panicked state.  Three times?  That means you had to come back.  You knew what you were doing.  That's some major pissed off...   or hate.
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Broken Links . . . Please Check Your Links!   

    Has anyone noticed in the past few days that links are not working.  I noticed it a couple days ago when I clikked on a link and it went no where.   I dismissed it at the time and intended to return to try to fix it, but then forgot.   Then today I clikked on a link and the same thing happened.   Now, it just so happened in the case today, the link was indeed configured wrong, but even after I corrected it, the link would not open the website.   If I right-clik and choose "open in a new tab," then the page will open.  I notice also that the link will open in a new window if I hold the shift key and clik the link,  or a new tab if I hold the Ctrl key and clik the link.   I have made no changes to my preferences, and allowed no recent updates to my browser (Firefox), so it doesn't seem that the issue is with my browser.
    I then went to a thread from over a year ago to see if the issue was only affecting new content, but the same thing happened.
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  7. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Religious Freedom Laws-My Thoughts   

    ​To keep those who will try to deny any person or group a constitutional right.  By creating a law, a person will face consequences if s/he insists on trying to do so.  And we all know there are always people ready to deny other people the same rights.  In most cases, their reasons are well steeped bigotry.
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  8. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: A transgender teen used the girls’ locker room. Now her community is up in arms.   

    ​Caitlyn Jenner has not "forced" anyone to come out, per se.  She might have helped some rake up the courage to come out...but still, what ever a person is subjected to at the hand of ignorance can hardly be blamed on Jenner or any other famous trans person.  And the only reason Jenner is getting so much press is because she was well known before her transition.  That the media is acting like a buncha idiots is also not Jenner's fault.  If anything... I think all the press has done nothing but garner her a bad rap.
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Conflict arises between Fresno police, transgender activists over identification of murder victim   

    So... just outta curiosity -
    Let's say you were standing at your window, and saw a vehicle pull up and see a person in a dress and carrying a pocketbook walk up to that vehicle, and then all hell breaks loose and the female-attired person falls to the ground, bloody, and the vehicle peals off.  You call #911, but you don't wanna get involved so you stay inside hoping the female-attired individual will get help fast. 
    If a detective knocked on your door, and advised s/he was there to find out if you heard anything or saw anything concerning the fatal stabbing of a man, would you:
                     1.  Tell him/her you didn't see a man get stabbed and close the door in his/her  face?
                     2.  Exclaim, "that was a man  that got stabbed?"
                     3.  Relate to the detective what you saw, referring to the victim with female pronouns in the face of his/her ignorance, insisting that you did not see a man get stabbed?
    Let's say the detective knocked on your neighbor's door...   using the same three choices above, how do you think your neighbor might respond?
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Chelsea Manning found guilty for prison contraband, including Vanity Fair’s Caitlyn Jenner cover   

    Expired toothpaste and a magazine cover... "contraband?"  WTH?! 
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Man Recounts Year Pretending to Be Gay   

    BY  Daniel Reynolds | August 20 2015 8:26 PM ET
    ""I'd rather have found out from a doctor that I had terminal cancer than I have a gay son,” she wrote."  --
    Christian Man Recounts Year Pretending to Be Gay in Ted Talk
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Broken Links . . . Please Check Your Links!   

    Ellen -
    Would you mind showing step-by-step what you do to attempt to create a link?  Hopefully, if you can provide that info, perhaps we can figure out what the problem is - but that would be the only way I know of to help.
    Are there any other members having issues with creating links?  Please post on this thread if so, and provide the steps taken in your respective attempts at creating links.
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Broken Links . . . Please Check Your Links!   

    In addition to checking links to make sure they work, here's a quick tip -  create links before doing any formatting of a post.  For whatever reason, if you format any of your post, and then try to create a link, it will not work.
    NOTE:  It would also help if members would PM a moderator when they run across links in old threads that no longer work.  Sometimes we can track down new links, or find content by a different media outlet to replace what was.  When we can't, the link is removed, or a note is put on the post advising members that the content is no longer available.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry: Dysphoria 100, Warren 0   

    I wish I had some suggestion or solution.  I have issue dealing with what I have... so I can pretty well imagine what you're feeling like.  Just think... if humans were like every other mammal on the planet, the damn things wouldn't exist until pregnancy.
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  15. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry: Discomfort and Disappointment vs. a Smile   

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