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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity   

    Drumpf & his GOP continue their slow and intentional destruction of the advances made in the past few years ...
    Lena H. Sun and Juliet Eilperin December 15 at 6:53 PM
    The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in any official documents being prepared for next year’s budget.
    CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity
    "Kelly did not say why the words are being banned, according to the analyst, and told the group that she was merely relaying the information."  --
    They're banned because it would make discussion about those topics and topics affected by certain issues/illnesses/diseases difficult at best.  And without discussion, it gets pushed to the back burner and eventually forgotten.  After those topics are forgotten, the haters and bigots can sneak in and remove any rights and benefits they want to strip people of.
    This country is going to hell in a hand basket... and if yer not rich, white, heterosexual, cisgender, male and entitled, yer screwed.  We should all probably start practicing how to kiss our own butts "good-bye."  I guess I better start losing a little weight to make the feat a little easier.

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  2. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Rihanna wont use trans people marketing tool   

    Kudos to Rihanna.  I've commented a few times here around the board that I felt some were simply "going after" trans people to capture some sensational angle... and thereby making a rather nice payday for themselves.
    If Rihanna does employ a transgender person... just as she says it's not her business if a person is trans, it should also not matter to anyone else.  You either like her beauty products or you don't.   After all... is that not the market she's in - beauty products, not human grandstanding?
    Nice catch of an article, C2P.
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  3. UsernameOptional added a blog entry in Michael's Blog   

    Karma DOES Indeed SUCK!
    So, I've been here at my Mum's house long enough now that the time came to get my vehicle's license plate replaced.  I've got a new plate and now I blend in with the locals.   I've also been here long enough that my old driver's license was about to expire and I had to prepare for a new one.  Being that I was going to end up getting a license in a new state, I figured I'd go online and see what all would be required... what paperwork/documentation, or whatever, to prove I'm a legal citizen of the good ol' U.S of A.  While doing my homework, I discovered that I could actually start the process for getting a license - online.  Okay...that was cool.
    For getting a license for the first time in this state, you have to fill out an application and then go thru the list of required documentation and pick out the ones you are able to provide, or must find a way to obtain.  While filling out the application, the Devil crawled up on one shoulder, and David Michael crawled up on the other shoulder.  Being that most humans have only two shoulders, naturally, there was no place for that little Angel that likes to be across from the Devil to counteract any of his shenanigans... LOL.  The Devil and I were gonna get along juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.
    Anywho... I came upon two boxes - one for male and one for female.  There have been many a story about people who's driver's license had the wrong sex marker on them.  And of course, anyone can make a mistake...  so, I accidentally on purpose hit the box for male, 'cause, well, the idea of having to check female yet again, was distressful.  It's becoming more so, more and more.  I figured the hell with it - if anyone asks, I'll simply tell them I was in a hurry at the time, only half paying attention, an' obviously hit the wrong box.  <shrugs>
    The days were dwindling.  I had only about seven days left on the current license.  Reluctantly, I hauled my sorry butt to the DMV to get a new driver's license.  Armed with BC, marriage license, application number and current DL, I stood in line waiting for the next available agent.  Finally, a free agent.  I walked over and sat down, layed all my stuff on the counter, said "hello," and gave the lady my application number.  She pulled up my application and went to work.
    Now... this woman had three documents in front of her that clearly stated my birth sex.  I assumed she either didn't see the "M" on my application since she didn't question me, or she just took it upon herself to make the "correction."   I sat quietly while she got everything filled out and entered into the system.  She pulled a sheet of paper from her printer and advised me it was a temporary license and that I should keep it on me until I get the permanent one.  I forked over my money, she collected everything I had given her,  the temporary license, and handed it all to me saying that my permanent license would arrive in the mail within 15 days.  I thanked her, we wished each other a good day, and I left.
    A couple days later, I pulled my wallet out to get that temporary license - I had folded it up before I had even left the DMV parking lot, not wanting to see the information on it.  But then, I had to see what sex was on it - if it was on there at all since it was, after all, only a temporary license.  I slowly unfolded the paper, and then tried to hone in on where I thought the sex marker might be.

    MY GOD, SHE DIDN'T SEE IT!  And yeah - - it looked THAT glorious!  I thought my heart was gonna pound it's way straight thru my sternum.  I allowed myself a minute or two of sheer, unadulterated, child-like giddy excitement, then stifled it, and came back down to reality, believing there could be the possibility that between then and whenever the permanent license was created, someone might spot and "correct" that "M."  I re-folded the temporary license and put it back in my wallet.
    Just a few days later, the permanent license arrived in the mail.  I slowly opened it, bracing for the worst.  I fully expected to find a "corrected" license and a letter to announce/explain such.  Instead, an "M" nearly jumped off the card at me.  I was very happy.  Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, I was happy.  I didn't even care that the name and the sex marker contradicted each other.   I sat at the desk for a moment just looking at the license.  And then I spotted it.  That twit had entered my entire name... not just full first name, but full first name AND middle name - SPELLED OUT.  If there's anything I hate worse than my first [given] name, it's my middle [given] name.  And the bad part is... the application indicated that entry of a middle name or initial was optional, and all that was on the old license was an initial.  I surely wasn't expecting that!
    Karma. Freakin'. SUCKS!
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  4. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry: what a great Day   

    "Journey from Grit to Grace."   I like that.  Sounds like the makings of a book.   Good title anyway...
    Congrats to ya's both.
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  5. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: New training program for gender affirming surgery in Philadelphia   

    This is cool.   I wonder if the program will benefit both men and women?
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  6. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Judge blocks enforcement of Trump's transgender military ban   

    UPDATE --
    November 21, 2017
    "In ruling that the ban likely violates the federal constitution, the court found noted that “A capricious, arbitrary, and unqualified tweet of new policy does not trump the methodical and systematic review by military stakeholders qualified to understand the ramifications of policy changes.”"
    Federal Court Blocks All Aspects of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban
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  7. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance Day   

    Anyone notice how in several incidents, the suspects (if/when found) were charged with only second-degree murder?  
    From the DailyBeast article ---The story about a woman who was murdered, and then her body burned, REALLY got me, "surveillance video led police to arrest 45-year-old Michael Davis and charge him with second-degree murder and first-degree arson. As the Journal noted, police investigators determined that there had been a “personal relationship” between the alleged killer and the transgender woman."
    It's as if the arson is considered the more heinous of the two crimes!!
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  8. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: TIME: "Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides"   

    So true nature is unkind to both - trans women get the better genitals if they opt for GCS, and of course they don't have to deal with scars on their chests.  On the flip side of that coin, though we're missing the right plumming... many trans men are rarely if ever noticed as anything but men.
    I didn't mean to come off as ungrateful - I am glad to see more in the media about trans men.  And it's funny you mention that "sisterhood."  I've always known it existed - I just never understood it.  I'm not even sure I really know what it feels like or what the requirements are.  I do know, however, that any female past the age of the onset of puberty seems to sense that I don't belong.  It's very unsettling.
    Best wishes to you also for a happy T-day... 
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  9. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: TIME: "Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides"   

    It's nice that TIME saw fit to give some face time to men.
    Ironically, I find that the sexism is still blaringly obvious in that, the article highlights how society treats a person once they are perceived as male.   Just under the surface, no matter how progressive this society prefers to claim it is, men are still more important than women.  Makes me wonder if the author of that piece even realized or entertained the idea that trans woman are also subjected to a sexually cultural change, in that they are no longer treated as men, and therefore are no longer afforded "male privilege."  
    Or if it would even have mattered.  After all, they're only women...
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  10. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Trans Women Storming the Political Arena   

    I'm not sure how or why the links were the same for all three women in my update above... but I've fixed them. 
    And while I'm at it, I hate to say anything to over-shadow the wins of people from our community...  but, I was a tad disappointed that these accomplishments didn't seem to get much coverage in mainstream news.  Talkshow hosts sure jumped on it though... they thoroughly enjoyed that karma jumped up and bit many haters in the posterior!
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Transgender News Channel   

    ​I've added this link to the "General" links on the chat Resources List... 
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  12. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Trans Women Storming the Political Arena   

    UPDATE -
    Three more trans women have snagged elected positions:
    Raven Matherne - Stamford's Board of Representatives
    Stephe Koontz - Doraville, GA City Council
    Lisa Middleton - Palm Springs, CA City Council
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  13. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Trans Men Storming the Political Arena   

    Last night, in the thread "Trans Women Storming the Political Arena," I mentioned that there was a trans man running for a seat in Minneapolis also - the same City where Andrea Jenkins just won.  Phillippe Cunningham, a former staffer to the mayor and teacher, has won Ward 4, putting two trans people on Minneapolis' 13 seat City Council.
    Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania another trans man has won a position on the Erie Public School Board.  Tyler James Titus, an openly transgender man and clinical therapist, ran for and won one of four open seats on the board.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Trans Women Storming the Political Arena   

    In at least two places in the country, people have beat out homophobes, haters, and just run-of-the-mill sheeple -
    A woman in VA wins an election over an incumbent homophobe who brags about being Virginia's "chief homophobe," and "earlier this year introduced a 'bathroom bill' that died in committee."  That woman, Danica Roem, an openly transgender democrat and local journalist.
             AND, wait for it --- THERE'S MORE....
    In Minneapolis, Andrea Jenkins won in a race for City Council, representing the city's Eighth Ward.  She was endorsed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and she beat out three other candidates for the seat.   She was also endorsed by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.
    Also, two other TGLB people are running for seats in Minneapolis - Phillipe Cunningham (trans man) and Jillia Pessenda (cisgender lesbian).  The results of their races were not in a the posting of this news.
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  15. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic: Judge blocks enforcement of Trump's transgender military ban   

    ​::: stands, pounds fist on table, raises glass with other hand :::  Hear, HEAR  !!
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