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  1. UsernameOptional » MsBeth

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday... =) -Mike

    1. MsBeth

      I did Michael :) thank-you!

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  2. UsernameOptional » freemouse

    The sock monkey looks sad... :(

    1. freemouse

      He wasnt sad, he was contemplative. Meditating.

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  3. UsernameOptional » JaceyLynn

    Welcome to TGG

    1. blingbling


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  4. UsernameOptional

    Do ppl who spout anti-GLBT slurs & comments really think we R so stupid as 2 believe what they said was "just taken out of context" ??

    1. Lori

      They are either making excuses for their ignorance or rationalizing their bad behavior. The last thing many of these people would do is accept responsibility and apologize.

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    1. SilverSmith

      T/Y, I'm New to ALL of this. Taking my first tentative steps and i am kind of a lurker by nature. Seems like one of the better resources i have discovered.

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  5. UsernameOptional » Nathan

    Welcome to TGG

    1. Nathan

      Thank you! Are you the Admin here? c:

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    2. UsernameOptional

      I am Forum Admin/Moderator, not THE Admin - that would be Lori, owner of TGG

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  6. UsernameOptional » Julie

    Welcome to TGG

    1. Julie

      Thank you its nice to be here.

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  7. UsernameOptional » TeddyZzz

    Welcome to TGG

    1. TeddyZzz

      Thanks still trying to figure the site out like how to upload pic n do profile n all but ill get there lol

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    2. UsernameOptional

      Cool. Just let one of us know if ya need help. There is also a "Help & Support" forum if you have questions on how to get around on TGG.

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  8. MsBeth » UsernameOptional

    Missed ya Michael ;) ((hugs)) sorry I've been away so long.

    1. UsernameOptional

      Beth!! How ya doing? I hope all is well. Sure have missed you too. I hope you get to spend a little more time here at the forums. Thanks for leaving a comment... it was a nice surprise. -Mike

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  9. UsernameOptional » Bonnie

    Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Hope you have a great day. -Michael =)

    1. Bonnie

      Thank you so much, Michael! I did indeed.

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  10. UsernameOptional » MissJulie

    Hello Julie...welcome to TGG

    1. MissJulie

      Thanks hun lets Friend each other you'll be my first here =)

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    2. UsernameOptional

      Hello Julie. My apologies for not replying to your friend request. I was cleaning out my status updates today and just happened to see your reply to my "welcome." I guess I should check my status updates more often. I clikked the "add me as a friend" on your profile. I hope you are finding TGG helpful. Have a great day and see ya around the forums. -Michael

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  11. UsernameOptional » areyouhere

    Hello, areyouhere, welcome to TGG

  12. UsernameOptional » jeanhervey

    Happy B-day, Jean

  13. UsernameOptional » MsMichelle

    Happy Belated, Birthday

  14. UsernameOptional » ricky

    Happy birthday, Ricky

  15. UsernameOptional » Danica

    Happy birthday, Danica =)

  16. UsernameOptional » freemouse

    happy b-day, kim :)


  17. UsernameOptional » freemouse

    happy b-day, kim!! :)