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    Am a cisgender Lesbian with an open mind. Have many TG friends in Florida, New York, and all over the world.when Exploring art. Enjoy coffee houses with live music. Visit museums and art galleries. Am on disability, using a cane. Sedate but have an active mind.

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  1. Always a joy dear lady. Keep up all you do.

    1. MonicaPz


      Thank you, my friend.

  2. MonicaPz

    Picking Up the Pace a Bit!

    Dear MichelleLea, Jessica and Christy, We all should be striving to have many LAYERS of support. It felt great when a well meaning friend recently recommended a church that was not good for me. After I looked into it, and then I returned his call, I could honestly thank him for reaching out to me but was able to tell him, no thanks, I have MANY layers of support! Can't emphasize enough about doing your research and NETWORKING with others to both give and receive resources and information. Thank you all for being wonderful, supportive friends! 😊 Yours truly, Monica
  3. MonicaPz

    The Final Solution Is Wrong

    Dear Confused, We are here for you 24/7. Someone is almost ALWAYS here to listen! Your friend, Monica
  4. MonicaPz

    Just some more thoughts.

    Dear Christy, Would love to see your list, if you are comfortable. Feel all you ladies are helping many more than you will ever know! 💄👑👒👗👙👠👡👢👚👜👝👛 Gratefully yours, Monica
  5. MonicaPz

    Restless before the rain came

    Dear Christy, You're right. Don't want to derail Dee's thread either, and I appreciate you starting a new post, so that I can enjoy BOTH threads. You girls know how to get me going! Your friend, Monica
  6. MonicaPz

    Restless before the rain came

    Dear Christy, Would like to ask you the reverse: If somebody could flip a switch, and reverse time, where you were BORN a girl, but never were a boy, would you? Why or why not? Your friend, Monica
  7. MonicaPz

    Just some more thoughts.

    Dear Emma, If it isn't too private, would you mind sharing it with us? Think it would be a great example to the rest of us on making up our own. Yours truly, Monica
  8. MonicaPz

    Saratoga Pride

    Dear Jessica and Emma, Jessica, I have been to Saratoga, NY, years ago, and it was beautiful. Focus on making ONE friend at a gathering, instead of "working the room," especially if you are the newcomer. Once you are established in an organization, you can offer your services as a "greeter." Had to learn this the hard way. If you make even one friend, you have won. It is quality, not quantity. Emma, I am not sure if I understood this right, but where you accompanying a girlfriend to a medical exam, and later, got together to talk about it? Sadly, I have to go to the dentist and doctor alone (I am the queen of medical and dental cowards!) and a great way to make friends is to be available to give a friend support visiting the doctor and dentist. Yours truly, Monica
  9. MonicaPz

    An Unexpected Savior

    Dear Blackangel, Please PM me some of your work! Am sure others are interested, too! Your friend, Monica
  10. MonicaPz

    An Unexpected Savior

    Dear Blackangel, If you were crying writing this, I want to let you know I am crying READING this! You truly have a gift for words! Have you considered writing poetry and/or short stories? This story is DEFINITELY worthy of being PUBLISHED! You may not be able to make a living as a writer, but people surely can BENEFIT READING your words! Am ONE OF MANY who are grateful you are still here! Your friend, Monica
  11. MonicaPz

    Saturday and the Banquet

    Dear Jessica, Am so glad you reached out to so many others, because often it is so painful to sit alone surrounded by so many people! Volunteering helps you to be at the CENTER of things, and I recommend it even for first timers! Yours truly, Monica
  12. MonicaPz

    Sunday winding it down & Super Bowl

    Dear Jessica, Am so glad you had a great experience, and I hope it is the first of many! Like you, I agree most strongly that the nuclear and extended family, in all its forms, is the foundation of society. Without strong family units, a society can't stand for long. Really admire you for making the most of First Event! Yours truly, Monica
  13. MonicaPz

    GOOD FRIDAY! Third day of First Event

    Dear Jessica and Christy, Thanks for not saying "old," but "senior," instead. Am 61, but pass for 50, even late 40's. Feel I have a mindset of a 40 year old. Never have been to a live fashion show. Almost went to one at Fantasia Fair in Provincetown, MA, but I got sick at the last minute and I had to retire early. Looking forward to attending a live fashion show in a month at the Keystone Gender Conference, and I will make sure I don't overeat beforehand! 🤢 Jessica, enjoy! 💄 Yours truly, Monica
  14. MonicaPz

    Second Day of First Event

    Dear Jessica, You and your friend Linda would be surprised how many cisgender women deal with baldness (usually receding hairlines, bald spots and general thinning of the hair!) Me included on all three forms of balding in women!! Your friend, Monica
  15. MonicaPz

    The Official First Day of the Event

    Dear Jessica, You are going to make life-long friends at gender conferences. Hope this is the first of many! Yours truly, Monica