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    Am a cisgender Lesbian with an open mind. Have many TG friends in Florida, New York, and all over the world. Exploring art. Enjoy coffee houses with live music. Visit museums and art galleries. Am on disability, using a cane. Sedate but have an active mind.

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  1. Dear Blackangel, If after you follow Jessica's advice, it continues, you may be wise to ask your doctor about adrenal fatigue. Yours truly, Monica
  2. Dear DeeDee, In my opinion, a "good woman," whether transgender or cisgender, is judged by her character. In my book, DeeDee, you are a good woman! Your friend, Monica
  3. Dear Jessica, Will ask my friends from Keystone who are marriage/relationship/family experts if they have any books/literature about coming out to adult children, but it seems like you pulled the trigger already! LOL! 😄 Please note it is not "sexual preference," but "sexual orientation," as it is now understood that we do not choose our sexual orientation, but that it is inborn. Also, your sexual orientation is in reference to your true gender (female). You are wise to let love wait as you have a lot on your plate. Your friend, Monica
  4. Dear Princess Leah, Am confused by your comment, "trying to include her." Do you mean sexually? May I ask, is this an open marriage, because you mention having a wife as well as boyfriend. If you are having relations outside your marriage, please take precautions. Yours truly, Monica
  5. Dear DeeDee, Many people don't realize this, but removing the root of the tooth during a root canal kills the tooth, leaving it prone to chipping and cracking. This is reason why they place a crown over a tooth that has received a root canal, to protect the tooth from chipping and cracking. Older people are more prone to a tooth breaking during root canal treatment, and that is why many dentists prefer to pull the tooth in a senior, unless the patient strongly objects. Am very sorry to hear of your experience, DeeDee. Your friend, Monica
  6. Dear DeeDee, May I suggest Dickinson's witch hazel. Have found it the best for me. Also, I know a lady pushing her 90's, and she has been moisturizing daily since her late 20's to 30's, and she STILL does not have a wrinkle on her face! Your friend, Monica
  7. Dear Blackangel, May I suggest you gargle with warm salt water every 4 hours. Please NEVER gargle with hydrogen peroxide, as it may cause a painful condition, known as "dry socket." Get well soon. Yours truly, Monica
  8. Dear DeeDee, There is an Aloe Vera gel available in the pharmacy. It looks like razor burn. Yes, there are cisgender women who have 5 O'Clock shadow. Have a goatee I have to shave almost every day. Also, I have a friend that has a goatee that grows to about 2 inches, and the staff at my adult social program, have to shave it off for her. They have high standards for grooming, and I have seen the staff wash people's hair, cut the hair of a man and shave his scraggly beard, and groom people's fingernails. DeeDee, I wish all cisgender people were as concerned about their grooming as transwomen and transmen! Think my turn at being groomed by the staff is coming sooner than later! LOL! 🛀 💈 🚿 Your friend, Monica
  9. Dear Anunitu, You have brought up a great question, "aging while trans." There is excellent organization, called SAGE, for elder T/LGBs. They operate a warmline, (NOT a crisis line): 1-888-234-7243 Mon - Fri: 4 PM - 12 Midnight Sun: 12 Noon - 5 PM About social workers . . . I have a medical social worker. In Florida, I had a visiting medical social worker. My first visiting medical social worker was a Gaymale, and he was the best! Realize that it is not easy to "fire" a social worker, because there are not many to choose from, as in aides, so you are forced to accept the one assigned to you. What I do before seeing ANY professional, no matter what kind, is write down a list of my concerns, questions, and requests. Try to make the most of the little time they have to spend with you. Your friend, Monica
  10. MonicaPz

    Pedicure! Shopping?

    Dear Frank, Please consider women's clothing catalogs and studying the size charts before ordering. Here are two excellent catalogs that I recommend: https://www.womanwithin.com https://www.roamans.com Do you have an understanding cisgender female or transgender friend who could study the catalogs with you? Our members are kind, supportive, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. Please keep in touch with us. We are here for you! Yours truly, Monica
  11. Dear DeeDee, Part of your pain is that your wife is getting involved with a man she hardly knows "on the rebound," possibly to spite you, but what she is not yet aware of is that she is about to shoot herself in the foot. Am concerned her "fiance" is not truly free to marry, and that he has an acrimonious relationship with his "ex-wife." If she could just get out of the place where she wants to spite you and save face, she could calm down and slow down. It would behoove her to get to know her "fiance's" friends, family, and most importantly, ex-wife. If you love your wife and can see beyond your pain, I beg you to visit this website: https://www.lovefraud.com Please study it carefully, because I am sure your ex-wife is about to be skinned alive by this man! Once you have educated yourself (it is a very information-dense website like TGGuide), I beg you to share it with her. NO DECENT MAN RUSHES THE RELATIONSHIP! Please keep us posted, as we all are thinking of and praying for you. Your friend, Monica
  12. MonicaPz

    Weird Sensation

    Dear Jennifer, A cisgender woman's nipples get erect under two conditions: when she is cold, or when she is sexually aroused. Makes me recall getting my senior picture took as a high school senior. When the photographer said, "think about your sweetheart," my nipples stood out like toothpaste caps! Was wearing a knit bra and over that, a knit dress. When I got my pictures back, I was devastated. Certainly didn't buy them, but they were in full color in the yearbook! LOL! 😕 Your friend, Monica
  13. Dear Anunitu, When I got encephalitis from a mosquito bite in Fishkill, N.Y., that led to my life-long disability, (epilepsy, chronic fatigue, among other sequelae), I, too, wondered if I would have been better off if I passed. Turned out I did more as a Disabled woman than had I never became disabled at all! What hurt me the most was how judgemental people were who did not understand the full extent of my disability, because at first glance, I looked very well. Learned I had to tune such people out, and for those people I wanted to give a second chance, to patiently explain it to them. Don't give up! Your truly, Monica
  14. Dear DeeDee, Wish I had a sister. (All my siblings are all boys and older.) Asked my mother for a sister when I was 10 years old, and my mother gave me a female dog, telling me she didn't want to hear anymore about it. LOL! 😉 Consider all my female friends my sisters and all my male friends my brothers! 💮 DeeDee, welcome to sisterhood! Your friend, Monica
  15. Dear DeeDee, You may be an intuitive, which is a very sensitive person that tends to absorb the energy of others. Yours truly, Monica
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