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    Am a cisgender Lesbian with an open mind. Have had many TG friends when I lived in Florida. Exploring art. Enjoy coffee houses with live music. Visit museums and art galleries. Am on disability, using a cane. Sedate but have an active mind.

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  1. MonicaPz

    Off to bean town

    Dear Friends, Hamilton had a lot of history in New York City and State! Beautiful theater! Yours truly, Monica
  2. MonicaPz

    Ain't gonna purge NO MORE, NO MORE!

    Dear Cynthia, Absolutely love them! Presently looking for holiday-themed clothing for myself! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Your friend, Monica
  3. MonicaPz

    Hair Removal

    Dear Friends, Most cisgender women after age 40, Straight and Lesbian, have unwanted hair, that they either have removed or dyed skin tone. Recall shopping in a supermarket and meeting a 60 - 70 year old cisgender Straight lady, with a thick moustache, dyed to her skin tone, that would have made any man proud. My heart went out to her. Of course, I said nothing to her. In my case, I have to shave my chin at least once every 3 days, and, often, more frequently. You are not alone. Your friend, Monica
  4. MonicaPz

    Am I a Woman?

    Dear Emma, The bullies in my building just turned on me OVERNIGHT, WITHOUT any provocation from me. The social worker couldn't believe it! You are right, they are bonded by mutual dislikes and gossip. Am looking at another Senior Adult Day Care on November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving. Will let you know how it goes. Got bullied again today. They've got the whole lunch room against me. These people went from friendly to mean in the space of 24 hours! The good people just left and are holed up in their apartments. The social worker is seeking grants for me to study under an artist in my community. Asked a good friend of mine why I can write here but not create art here. She said, "that's easy, writing comes from the head, but art comes from the heart." The sad part is that I thought I had made good acquaintances here in the last year. Where I live is not an emotionally safe space. Many of my neighbors are recent ex-convicts, street homeless and mental patients. The only solution until I can move to Seattle is to keep busy elsewhere, and only sleep in the apartment. Learned my lesson, and I am signed up for family housing, NOT senior housing! It is not by coincidence that we have a HIGHER DEATH RATE than HOSPICE! Jokingly, I told the social worker that the Coroner and Funeral Home should each have dedicated parking lot spaces! Volunteered at Hospice in Florida and Brooklyn, so I know what I am talking about! Your friend, Monica
  5. MonicaPz

    Am I a Woman?

    Dear Emma, Am a cisgender Lesbian woman and I see you as much as a woman as I am. What are you? You are a woman. Just like some people look at the hump in my back and in their eyes, I cease to be a human being, but I am a cripple instead. Likewise, they look at you and you cease to be a woman but a transgender instead. You look like you have a circle of loyal friends who see you as a woman. Today, I thought I had a circle of friends, but found they were intimidated by a group of bullies (senior on senior bullying is a big problem in the United States, unfortunately), to abandon me and socialize with the bullies instead. This is why I am on the waitlist for Seattle FAMILY housing. Carefully CHOOSING that inner circle of friends is key. Your friend, Monica
  6. MonicaPz

    10/27/18 - Diary entry

    Dear Christy and Jonni, Am using a lot less artificial sweeteners, and when I treat myself to a raspberry iced tea, I take it with natural instead of artificial sweeteners. Not only do I watch out for hidden sugar, I look out for "cheap carbs." Hoping to get it off and keep it off forever. Know I will look "saggy," but I am doing this for my health. My doctor tells me my cholesterol and triglycerides are still high, but a lot lower! Thank you for your encouragement. Your friend, Monica
  7. MonicaPz

    I started a petition

    Dear Ellen, Admire you very much and I feel women like you have a lot to offer in all kinds of leadership, from the president on down. Am proud of the great number of transgender and cisgender women running for and gaining office. Also, I want to see more transmen running for office. Looking for more people of color running for office, too. My thoughts and prayers are for this country. PLEASE, everyone, don't forget to VOTE! Your friend, Monica
  8. MonicaPz

    10/27/18 - A little exposition

    Dear Jonni, You may want to consider attending a gender conference, where there is a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere. Please stay away from Craigslist, which can be very dangerous. Perhaps some of our members can recommend some gender conferences that are near San Francisco. Your friend, Monica
  9. MonicaPz

    10/27/18 - Diary entry

    Dear Jonni and Christy, Got to 269 lbs. at 5'8" and I realized I was only 31 lbs. away from 300 lbs.! Have been struggling with weight loss all my adult life. Lost 20 lbs. the last 6 months, and hope to lose another 20 lbs. in the next 6 months. Told my doctor I rejoice she's seeing less of me since my last visit, and that I hope she sees even less of me in our next visit, 6 months from now. Have noticed that I lose pounds, then inches, and vice versa, as I drop weight. Also, I hope to keep it off, as I historically have lost weight and inches, then kept it off for 2 years, and then put it back on, plus more. My mother started to lose weight permanently at age 60 (presently I am 60, and I will be 61 on January 19th), and I hope that will be the case for me. Presently I have given up all sodas, rarely eat out, and when I eat out, skip dessert and have only water for my beverage. Mostly, I work on portion control. Also, I let my friends know I am trying to lose weight, so they can hold me accountable. Your friend, Monica
  10. MonicaPz

    I started a petition

    Ellen, may I ask who?
  11. MonicaPz

    On again/off again- In and OUT

    Dear Christy, Became friends with a group of Gaymales. Had a conversation that was a first for themselves and myself, which prior to this conversation, they only discussed among themselves. They found the smell of women offensive, no matter how clean. Also, they liked the smell of men. Interestingly, as a cisgender butch Lesbian, I find the smell of even clean men offensive, and I like the smell of women. Your friend, Monica
  12. MonicaPz

    My wife brought this up to me. I said “What?”

    Dear Friends, Anne Vitale has made one 12 minute YouTube video in 2012. You can search for her under "Anne Vitale" in YouTube. Hope this helps. Yours truly, Monica
  13. MonicaPz

    Message Forum Upgrade

    Dear Dawn, Hope someone can help you. At my local library, there are two wonderful technical librarians who have helped me with tech issues in the past. Perhaps your local library have tech libarians/volunteers? In your photograph, you look slim and trim, which has inspired me to lose weight! Your friend, Monica
  14. MonicaPz

    My wife brought this up to me. I said “What?”

    Dear Friends, Am going to check out her YouTube videos! Thanks for bringing her YouTube videos to my attention! Your friend, Monica