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  • Interests I Am A Male-to-Female; Fully; Full-Time; Female-Living; Transitioning; Transsexual. I Love spending time with Our Family Cat. Her Name is Chicken Licken, and She was named by Our Friends, Who owned Her previously. She is a Beautiful White And Black Cat. My Other Interests, include Female Undies, and Female Clothes. Being A Fully, Full-Time, Female-Dressed, MtoF Transsexual, I Love Buying, and Wearing Female Undies and Clothes. I Also Love wearing Perfume. Giorgio Perfume, Is My All-Time Favourite. Plus, I Love My Pretty Sweet Ear-Stud's ! Both My Ear-Lobes, Are Pierced, 3-Times Each ! I Love Music, especially Guns'N'Roses; The Waterboys; Pink Floyd; Queen; The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; Rod Stewart; Sir Elton John; Jean-Michel Jarre, Jools Holland; Phil Collins; Genesis; Black Sabbath; Iron Maiden; Plus. Classical Music :- Widor's Toccata, ( Played on a Pipe-Organ ); Bach's Toccata and Fugue in 'D' Minor; Nimrod, (From The Enigma Variation's, ) by Sir Edward Elgar; Trumpet Tune And Air; Trumpet Voluntary; Beethoven's 5th. Symphony; Jazz: and Much, Much, More !!
    I Also Love drinking Coffee. ( I Live on it sometimes ! )

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  1. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Great weekend   

    Hiya Karen. Good on You Honey. Firstly out Driving, and then being hit on by 2 Guy's Twice. Karen, You cannot blame Them Babes, because You are A Gorgeous Young Lady. Karen, It Is Always Great to hear from You Sweetheart. Keep Smiling, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  2. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: One Door Closes, Another Door Opens   

    Hiya Emma. I Am Here, My Darling, To Wish You Bon Voyage. It Is a Long Time, since I was on here, but, that Will Not be the case any more. Emma, I Am So Sorry, to hear about Your Divorce Honey. Emma, Your Marriage, is Not the Only One, whose Marriage has died. I Am Now Officially Separated. Also, I have been Fully; Full-Time; MtoF; Transitioning; for just 12 Day's Short of 2 Year's Now. I have Officially; Legally; Changed My Name, to Stephanie, in the Last 4 Month's. Emma, I Know, that You ARE travelling, all round the Country, with Winnie Minnie. Enjoy the Journey's. Emma Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs, With Lots Of Love, Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  3. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Post Operation Thrills   

    Hiya Michele. How Are You Darling Girl ? Okay Honey, I Hope !  Michele, Congratulations, on Your Orchiectomy Darling. I hope that You are healing up Okay, Sweetheart. Michele, I Am Very Proud of You Young Lady. I have told You before, and I Will tell You Again, that You ARE a Very Pretty; Beautiful; Gorgeous; Young Lady ! Michele, I Really hope that Life is Good for You Babes. Look After Yourself Sweetheart, and I hope to hear from You soon Love. Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  4. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: A Life of Parties, Sex, Drugs and crime + HOW I ENDED UP ARRESTED!   

    Hiya Blair Jamie. Sweetheart, I AM Not going to Judge You, in Any Way, or Shape, or Form Young Lady. I Congratulate You, for the fact that You are looking to go into Detox. Babes, I AM So glad, that You and Your Sister's, have Come-Back together, as a Close-Unit. I Hope that Your Transitioning is going Okay now Honey. Blair Jamie, I Am unable to run at All, due to Osteo-Arthritis, but, I do try to Walk, as much as My Body will allow Me to. Good on You for doing Your Run's though. Please Keep In Touch Honey, and if You would like to talk Privately Honey, Please feel free to P.M. Me. Blair Jamie, Good Luck , Take Care Young Lady, With Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xx 
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  5. Steph53 added a post in a topic: Apologies for the Interruption   

    Hiya Lori. I Have just got a New Motorola Moto G 4 Phone. Is there a TGGuide App, that We can Download now please ? Thank You Very Much Honey. Take Care, Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  6. Steph53 added a post in a topic: Apologies for the Interruption   

    Hiya Everyone. I Love All You Lovely Friends. I Have missed You all. Lori, Thank You Very Much, for the Apology. Sweetheart It Is Of Course Accepted. Lori Sweetheart, Don't Worry About It, These thing's happen, and We are back again. That is All that matters. I Hope that You All have a Great Day, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes To You All. Big Hugs all round, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  7. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Lonely   

    Hello Michael. Honey, Your Poem brought Me to tears. Michael, I've BEEN there, with ALL the Loneliness, and ALL the Sadness, that goes with it. Michael I have, in the Past, made 3 Serious Suicide Attempt's.    ( I Definitely Am NOT going down that Road, ever Again. ). Michael, Loneliness is NOT Funny. Loneliness IS Horrible. Michael, I hope that You are NOT Lonely Now. Michael, You ARE Among Friend's here, as We ALL are here. If You would Like to Talk, at Any Time, if You P.M. Me, I would Be more than Happy, to give You My Mobile Phone Number. Michael, You have like ALL The Moderator's/Friend's here, Always been Kind to Me. Michael, You ARE A Gentleman !  Speak Soon Honey, and Take Care. With My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xxxx 
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  8. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Putting my hair in Nikki's hands.   

    Hiya Bree. The Bar where My Photograph was taken, is The Attic Bar, which also has a chill-out area, and also a Pink-Room, where You can do Your Make-Up, Re-Style Your Hair, and so many People use The Pink-Room, for taking selfie's. L.O.L.  Your Photo's in the P.M. area Bree, are Lovely. You two ARE such a Lovely Couple. I bet You'll Both have fun, with the hair-dyeing again. For Nikki's first time of Bleaching Your Hair, Wow !  He has done a Superb Job. Nikki - Well Done ! Bree and Nikki, You are Very-Well-Loved here at TGGuide, Both of You. You have Both come such a long way, since You first joined, and You have supported so many other's already. Good on You, and Thank You Very Much. Bree and Nikki, I Know that You have Both, got Great Senses of Humour as well. Take Care, Keep Smiling, Big Hugs, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  9. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Putting my hair in Nikki's hands.   

    Hiya Briannah. Your Hair, is Lovely. It Would be so Nice, to see Your Lovely Face though. Briannah, If You would like to see a Photograph of Me, taken Last Friday. Go to           Then Press Menu; Then Press Galleries; Then Press Photo Gallery; Then Press Friday, 16th. September, 2016. Then move the Photograph's, 78 times, to The Left. I Am wearing a Maroon-Red Flowery Dress; Black Patent-Leather Ballerina Shoes; White-PearlNecklace; White-Pearl Ankle-Bracelet'sAnkle-Bracelet's; Red Lipstick; Dark-Brown-Hair. Pink Punters, is the Lesbian/Gay/Bi-Sexual/Transgender/Nightclub, at Fenny Stratford, near Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire, in England, in The United Kingdom. I have been going there, for over a Year now, on and off, on Friday Night's. I stay at The Campanile Hotel, which is 3 minutes Walk, across the road, from Pink Punters. Briannah, I hope that You and Nikki have done Okay with Your Hair. Briannah, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes to You and Nikki, Big Hugs, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  10. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Putting my hair in Nikki's hands.   

    Hiya Briannah. You and Nikki WILL Both look Great, I Am sure. Briannah, I have been growing My hair long, for 2 Year's now. ( At the beginning of September, 2014 ; I had a Grade 2, all over. ).  Since then, My Hair has been getting Washed and Blow-Dried, and Combed-through, and in the last 16 Month's, it is left loose, or the front held out of My Face, using clip's, or My Hair gets put in a Pony-Tail.  I absolutely adore having long hair, and putting a Pretty-Pink scrunchie in My Hair. Combining having My hair in a Pony-Tail, with wearing Make-Up, helps Me to feel more Feminine, especially when wearing a Pretty Dress !!   Briannah,  let Us Know how Your Hair, and Nikki's Hair goes. Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  11. Steph53 added a post in a topic: What are you wearing right now?   

    Hiya SurreySubCD. Wear Your favourite Dress, is My Suggestion to You. By the Way Honey, where in Surrey are You ? If You would like to speak, let Me Know. With My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. 
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  12. Steph53 added a post in a topic: What are you wearing right now?   

    Hiya Lexi. You could try buying Footwear and Clothing, from Long Tall Sally. I use Their store on Chiltern Street, in London's Marylebone Village, just a short walk away, from Marylebone Station, or Baker Street Station. Long Tall Sally have stores in The U.S.A., and other Countries too ! is Their website.  It might be worth a try. As I Am Personally, a Fully; Full-Time; Female-Living; and Dressing; MtoF; Transitioning; Transsexual; I Love wearing My lovely Black - Bra's; Knickers; Suspender-Belt's; and Stocking's; also lovely Pretty Dresses, or lovely Pretty Skirt's with Top's/Blouses. I Also wear Flat Black Ballerina Shoes. At night, I love wearing My Female Pyjamas/Nighties/Neglige's !!            Lexi, Good Luck Honey, and continue enjoying being " The Real You ! " Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxx 
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  13. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry: Autumn Sad   

    Hiya Bree. How Are Yourself and Nikki ? Okay, I Hope ! Bree, You ARE The Voice of Common-Sense and Reason. I Respect You So Much for that, Young Lady !  I Know that You do Not like Autumn. I totally dislike Winter. The reason being, is that I have got Osteo-Arthritis, and in Cold and/or Wet Weather, the Arthritis can become Very Painful. Bree, Yourself and Nikki, I hope Can enjoy some more Pool Weather, while You have Both got the chance. Bree, I Am glad that the Anti-Depressant Medication is a help to Nikki. Bree,Young Lady, Yourself and Nikki, Have a lovely Evening. Speak Soon Honey. Both of You Take Care, Because I Care. With My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs to You Both, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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  14. Steph53 added a post in a topic: Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    I Wear Suspender-Belt's and Stocking's All the time. I Love them. However, I dislike Tights, and I have Not worn any, for quite some time. Suspender-Belt's of Decent Quality, and Black Stocking's, are quite hard to get, here in the English South-Midlands. 
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  15. Steph53 added a post in a topic: Miniskirts are making a comeback   

    Hiya Bree. Sweetheart, Wear what You are Comfortable wearing. My favourite colour for top's is Pink, and I have got one Pink Flowery Skirt, that I Love Wearing. I Wear Black Skirt''s, or Black -Background Patterned-Skirt's. Today however, I have got one of My favourite Leopard-Skin-Print Dresses on. I have got quite a lot of Lovely; Pretty; Dresses. What does Nikki think about Miniskirts ? Bree, You and Nikki Take Care, Big Hugs, And My Very Best Wishes to You Both, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 
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