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    • Missy444

      My transition is going well. It is a very exciting time.
      · 1 reply
    • Dawn13

      Went in to a Horton's yesterday and the woman there said to me and my wife "how are you doing ladies."  I was dressed a bit feminine but not overly so.  Still being coded almost daily as a woman and I really an not trying to go out of my way to make myself look like a woman.  Dawn
      · 0 replies
    • Michele800226

      Not the best mood but hey, feelings of disphoria, only because I'm realizing I'm not todays children anymore.  Grey poked out and said, hello mama you look sexy todat, but remember your older then the norm you look like.  Blooming B had me in tears for a few minutes.
      Then my highlight came, happy mother's day Ou Vrou (nickname from my other half meaning Old Woman, but its the name he calls me when everything is well.  My name either signifies being angry or worried about me, yes the tone tells me which one).  Reminded that even though I'm not the biological mother, I'm still their mother for the love and support I give our babies.  Even the danger or unknown I've stepped in to help them.  What a learning curve this has been for me.
      Happy Mother's Day you lovely ladies.  May your children and other half (sometimes better and sometimes worse)
      · 1 reply
    • Lori

      Messing around with the forum layout. Sound off if you have feedback. You can post a status update within your profile control panel. Feel free to check out the chatbox. Just remember our members come and go at different times.
      · 2 replies
    • Dawn13

      It appears the site is working again - Hurrah!  And I do like the new changes in format.  Dawn
      · 2 replies


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    • It's expensive but when you add up the costs for weekly electrolysis (which may take 5 years for full and permanent clearing) the economics are right in the ballpark. The first session is the most expensive since it takes anywhere from one 12-hour day to a day and a half to clear. But they only charge you for the time it takes (plus the costs of the anesthesia) so that later treatments cost less since they are shorter. I'm hopeful that my next appointment in September will be only 7-8 hours instead of 12.
    • I did not know such option was available  I had none done on my first treatment it hurt  And I teared . Gee a had no idea I could 
    • Ellen,  please try the following: 1. Go to: http://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/products/330/D3400.html 2. Download the Reference Manual to your computer  3. Read pages 84, 85, 86: “Image Quality and Size”. See if you can follow their instructions and find out what image quality and size that the camera is currently set for. Write that down! 4. Now, set the image quality to “JPEG basic”, and the image size to “Small”. That will produce photos of about 6MB is size which may still be too large. Try an experiment with websites you’ve had difficulty with and see if it works now. If it still doesn’t work then you will need to buy a simple photo editing program for your computer. It should have the capability to open your JPEG images and resize them smaller. The cost should not be high for this. I know this sounds like a lot of hassle. The “problem” is that modern cameras take very large photos, even when the smallest is selected. It’s not that your Nikon camera is bad. You’d have the same problem with Canon or any other brand.  Good luck!
    • Monica , it's a Nikon D-3400 I got it at Target
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