TGGuide Chat Moderators

Transgender Chat Moderators Guidelines, Selection & Training

The following pages outline the chat moderator guidelines, selection process and training.

Transgender Chat Moderator Guidelines – This page has been developed to assist moderators in understanding chat room rules and enforcement policies. By accepting the voluntary position as a chat moderator you agree to abide by these policies.

Transgender Chat Moderator Selection & Training Process – Moderator selection is based on a number of qualities deemed vital to our mission in this community.  We will observe a member for roughly a year, before determining candidacy is considered. Once a candidate is selected they will receive training including, but not limited to the following;

1. Instructions for Chat Room Moderators
2. A broadcast sheet including resource links, room commands and staff contact information
3. A breakdown of gender categories and stages
4. Transsexual/transgender definitions
5. Suicide prevention
6. Domestic violence
7. Mission reminder
8. A moderator summary
9. Chat software help page