Dr. Alexander Sinclair

Dr. Alexander Sinclair – Transgender Surgery

Dr. Alexander Sinclair, M.D. is a Beverly Hills, California based plastic surgeon with over thirty years experience in the field. One of his areas of expertize is transgender surgery and he is not only one of the best but one of the most sought-after for gender reassignment surgery, facial feminization surgery, body contouring, hair transplants and a wide range of other services that might be of help to a transgender person.

As a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sinclair is highly regarded by his clients and colleagues alike. His education is as expansive as his experience. He is the holder of a Master’s degree in Science, from the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeonsat the Institute of Human Nutrition. Dr. Sinclair has also worked in Jamaica where he studied and treated childhood malnutrition. That work sparked an interest in fat cell development which led him to do research in conjunction with the Columbia University & Rockefeller University. Furthermore, Dr. Sinclair also received his doctorate from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. (article continued below)

Specialist Subject

When Dr. Sinclair was studying in college during the 1970’s he acted part time at the La MaMa Theater in East Village, NYC. There, he encountered a bunch of people who he learned were some of the stars from the Club 82 scene, also in East Village. This was the height of the 1970’s glam period and is also where glam rock met drag. Many of his friends were transgender and it sparked a career that Doctor Alexander Sinclair could never have seen coming.

In 1979 Dr. Sinclair was doing rotation work and undertaking plastic surgery procedures at the Stanford University Transgender Clinic. However, funding was limited in those days and the programs that places such as Stanford University undertook were mostly phased out. On the down side it meant that there were fewer places that transgender people could achieve full transformation. However, on the plus side, it also left a niche market wide open for the right surgeon with a heartfelt respect for transgender people. Enter Doctor Alexander Sinclair, specialist in transgender surgery. Dr. Sinclair’s attitude toward the transgender community is one of love and respect. His obvious passion for helping his clients achieve successful outcomes is obvious whenever he speaks of his work in this field and he clearly loves each one of his clients, as he is very open about admitting. Dr. Sinclair happily states that he finds his transgender clients courageous and brave to be so sure that they interrupt the equilibrium of their family, social and professional lives in order to live their own truth.

Transgender Services and Assistance

Doctor Sinclair has assisted many members of the transgender community in completing their physical transformation. Some of the moderators, members and contributors of TGGuide.com have used his services during their very own transitions, and with some wonderfully positive results. Dr. Sinclair is a warm hearted and sympathetic surgeon who comes across as genuinely humbled by the work he does on his clients. He considers it a great privilege to be trusted with such delicate reconstruction and wants his artwork to be worthy of this clients’ praise when they see the end results. He has said he wants to be sure the level of his surgical care matches or exceeds the level of committment his patients have for their own transitions, as he considers them family. Dr. Sinclair doesn’t finish with a client and just shut the door behind them; he carries them forward. He works diligently with them at every step and he takes great care in every procedure. During this thirty-plus years’ experience, Dr. Sinclair has also learned that one is never fully an expert because there are always new methods, new ideas and new procedures that can make transition even more successful.

What Spare Time?

Dr. Sinclair doesn’t seem to have a great deal of spare time but he does like opera, which he attends whenever possible. He also enjoys a good party and he can be seen dressing up for Halloween most years, all in fun of course. Oh and running. Doctor Sinclair runs marathons, starting back with 5k’s and building up to 10k’s, and all for charity. One thing you can say about Dr. Alexander Sinclair is that whatever he undertakes, whether it be a professional commitment or a personal commitment he doesn’t do anything by halves.

More Information: www.tgsurgery.com