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This completes the lists of written material containing tv/ts themes or at least tv/ts characters. I pulled this together from several different lists floating around, adding some of my own. Ones marked “not verified”, I have not been able to verify either its existence or that it contains tv/ts themes/characters. These are “legitimate” literature.  There are many small-press pornographic books published with tv/ts themes.

Any additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Last Update: 8/16/90

[ Thanks to Kristi M, Lori K, Kathy P, and Michelle for numerous additions. ]

*** Poems ***


  *** Comics ***

Issue #8 includes “Stoney End” a story about a spaceship crashed on a horrible alien planet. Acid-secreting worms are eating into the ship and the outside air is non-breatheable. Midshipman Franklin “Stoney” Stonewall comes out of his closet to face death woman-to-woman. The rest of the crew don’t really pay much attention. One guy says “Gee Stoney, gay’s one thing but did you have to go fairy princess on us?”

Walter Langowski, who turned into the huge beast Sasquatch, through a complicated series of events, loses his body and is trapped in Limbo.  In issue #45 he gets returns to life in the body of a white Sasquatch which was a transformation of the recently deceased member Snow Bird.  When he transforms back to human shape, he  discovers he’s got a female body now, which is apparently an amalgam of his own, Snowbird’s and possibly someone else. “She” uses the name Wanda and retains the female form through issue #68, before becoming Walter again.

A graphic novel by Nazario, published in America by Catalan Communications. The title character is a drag queen-entertainer who frequents the gay bar scene in Barcelona, Spain; her dream is is to
be a detective.

Supposedly there was an Archie Giant around 1954 that contained a story featuring a “cross-dress” dance. All the boys went dressed as girls.

#40,41 center around “Sister Twister”, an ex-nazi transexual who has had a sex-change and become a nun.
#47 has Badger visiting Sister Twister’s old convent, which houses a collection of “nuns” who are all men. As the “mother superior” says, “Once we put on the habit we are all daughter’s of God.”

Howard Chaykin’s new comic, put out by Vortex Comics. One of the main female characters is revealed in issue 4 to be a she-male.

Something in National Lampoon gave me the idea that this strip included a character, Hank, who possibly disguised himself as a girl occassionally. Not verified.

Reportedly had some episodes with cross-dressing in it.

CAMELOT 3000Mike Barr & Brian Bolland
A DC comics novel. In the future, Earth is being plundered by aliens and needs someone to lead them. Thge spirits of King Arthur and his Court reawaken in the bodies of some people. Tristan finds himself in
the body of a lovely female and has a lot of trouble accepting it.  Meanwhile one of his old lovers is also around and has no trouble with the idea of a lesbian relationship.

Had a series during the Vietnam war where he or his friends saved a FI, who turned out to not be a FI, but his daughter.

Featured one villain who was an attractive tv, Baby Face, I think.

A synopsis of issues #19-22 from Amazing Heroes Preview Special: Larry Trainor, seemingly cured of the radiation being, finds that the radiation being has gained sentience after all these years, and wants to move onto the next evolutionary step … in Larry’s body. Not content with just Larry’s body, the being melds Larry with a female doctor, Eleanor Poole, together to become a new being named Rebis, who has the physical characteristics of both male and female.

The latest incarnation of this character is a mystical being who is the merging of a boy named Eric and a woman named Linda. The doctor appears to be totally male (quite muscular) but in #4 Linda takes control of Dr. Fate when Eric becomes unbalanced. As she does Dr. Fate’s appearance changes considerably becoming very feminine with a nice figure.

Sid organizes a beauty contest, but they have trouble getting entrants and he ends up being one of the contestants and winning. He spent several strips in drag.

Issue #18, “In the Buff”, is about a boy who, due to radiation treatments for cancer, can assume the form of anyone he touches. He assumed the form of each of the women in Fem Force and then posed for a nudie magazine and donated the money to cancer research.

The following is a list of golden age comics with a tv/ts theme. This list was extracted by a keyword search from the 1989 Overstreet Price Guide.

Amazing-Man Comics 8 “Cat-man dresses as a woman”
Authentic Police Cases 5,26,33
Combat Kelly 21
Crack Comics several “Madame Fatal is a man dressed up as a woman”
Crime Must Pay the Penalty 8
Crime Mysteries 1
Frankie Comics 9
Hit Comics 3
Liberty Comics 11 “Wilber in women’s clothes”
Love Scandals 5 Tomboy story “I Hated Being a Woman”
Murder, Incorporated 2
Pep Comics 6 “Archie dresses as his aunt”
Pep Comics 59
Prize Comics 53
Scream Comics 18
Space Adventures 7
Spook 24
Suzie Comics 54
Tell it to the Marines 4
Wilbur Comics 7

#67 “Leslie Lowe, Girl Reporter” has Jimmy upset at not getting a raise. He quits, but is unable to get another job; everyone’s looking for women. He dons the disguise of Leslie Lowe and hires on back at the Daily Planet, planning to be a terrible worker and make Perry White realize how much he misses Jimmy. Everything “she” does seems to turn out right and it’s finally discovered that everyone knew it was him because he forget to take off his signal watch.  #95 “Miss Jimmy Olsen” has Jimmy masquerading as a female to get the goods on a mobster.

There was apparently some talk about giving the Joker a transvestite tendency in “Arkum Asylum”, and this was possibly hinted at in JLI Annual #2, where he was also quite effeminate. There has apparently been at least a couple of occassions where he used female disguises in Batman.

In a story entitled “#$@&!”, Lloyd enlists the help of his friend, Mister Sister, who has the unique ability to assume the form of a man or woman.

A few years back there was a comic that had a guy going up to a change machine in an airport. He put in his $5 and “ZAPP” he was changed into a woman.

In issue #6 Sammi, a delivery boy, is prodded by his uncle into going on a date with Itchy-Koo. This upsets another suitor of Itchy’s who gets into a ninja-type fight with Sammi. During the fight Sammi’s shirt is torn, revealing female breasts. It turns out Sammi’s father had boasted so much about the powerful son he was going to have, that he was unable to face people when he had a daughter, so he sent Sammi off the be raised by her uncle, never letting on that she was really a girl.

RANMA 1/2Rumiko Takahashi
A Japanese comic. A young boy, Ranma, discovers that when dowsed with hot water he turns into a girl. For some strange reason his father, when dowsed with hot water, turns into a Panda.

In the latest series by this name, there is a character, Choronzon, who is wearing stockings and garters in his first appearance. Also the character Desire is unusual. “One body, one sex is not enough for Desire” and (s)he apparently changes at will.

In issue #4 the Beyonder changes his body to that of a female, but only for one panel.

“Claire Kent, alias Super-Sister” has Superboy turned into a girl by a female alien who was upset with his chauvinistic actions and thoughts. He pretends Clark went to visit out-of-town relatives and his cousin Claire came to visit the Kents. At the end of the story he finds out it was all a dream caused by the alien’s ray gun. He This was reprinted in Superman Giant #1.

#349 (July 1980) “The Turnabout Trap!” Mr. Myxyzptlk reverses the sex of everyone on Earth except Superman and also creates a “Superwoman” to battle him.

Issue #16, “Space Vixens”, contains a story “Fair Play” by Bruce Jones and Dave Stevens about Connie and Brick who go to an isolated forest planet for a “honeymoon home”. Brick is a classic male chauvinist and Connie finally decides to leave him. She returns several months later to find Brick has changed into a woman due to the local “funny-tasting” water.

At least two issues apparently had stories involving sex changes. If anyone has the issue numbers we would appreciate the information.

WHAT THE-?!Marvel Comics
#2 has Woof’R’Eam (Wolverine) disclosing that he likes to wear women’s underwear.

Yann LeCoc et Nous!… A French comic album about the crazy adventures of Yann LeCoc. This one contains a beautiful hermaphrodite.

There were reportedly other comics with TS themes. A couple of stories have been reprted from some old sci-fi comics.  One was an involved story about the first flight to Mars just as war ended life on earth. A man and woman were aboard. They crashed on landing and the woman wandered off in a daze and did not return for months. When she came to her senses and managed to reach the ship again she found another woman there. The man had dispaired because men had caused so much trouble through war and being a biological scientist, turned himself into a woman.. no explanation given. The other story was of a spaceman who went to another star and visited a planet. It was very earthlike and he fell in love with a woman there and married her. The only oddity was that he was never permitted to see the children of the planet. One day his curiosity got the best of him and he managed to peek into a nursery. He found a lot of children with snail shells on their back (apparent premise- they had evolved from snails). He rushed home to discover that his wife was now a man and waiting for him to turn into a woman (snails change sex).

*** Classical Mythology ***

The great leaders of poetry and art as well as drama, among whom we have Homer, Statius, Aeschylus and Sophocles, would portray the adventures of the mighty Achilles in female dress. That is, the noble Achilles was known to be a female impersonator. A Roman poet wrote that his mother once dressed him in female garments, called him Pyrrha, taught him the art of femme mimicry and helped him adopt mannerisms of deception so that he could live as a woman among the 50 daughters of King Lycomedes. This enabled him to escape the military.  This is but one written fact on female impersonation that has survived the many centuries. There is much written proof about Achilles in female dress even after the threat of military drafting was over!

Adonis, a modern symbol of masculinity, was bridegroom to Aphrodite, but also served Apollo as a girl.

The Phrygian Agdistis, whose followers castrated themselves and dressed as women, was a bisexual being that castrated itself to become female.

The Cypriots worshipped a bearded Aphrodite called Aphroditos, with a woman’s body and clothes, a beard and male genitals. When they sacrificed to Aphroditos they cross-dressed.

Also known as Bacchus. Traditionaly considered androgynous. Archaic Greek vases show a bearded Dionysos wearing a women’s veils.

According to historians, Hercules shed his male habits, put on female clothes and then labored under the rulership of Eyrystheus.  Another story has Hercules undergoing effemination in order to serve Omphale.

Son of Hermes and Aphrodite. He was very handsome and when, as a young man he left home, the Naiad Salmacis fell passionately in love with him.  He repulsed her, but when, later on, he inadvertently bathed in her spring, she embraced him and pulled him down into the pool, praying to the gods that she and he might forever be united.  Their bodies joined into one, becoming a hermaphrodite.  As a result of Hermaphroditus’ prayers to his parents, the spring exercised a like effect on all men who bather in it thereafter.

Jupiter changed himself into a female and posed as Diana.

After imprisoning Dionysus, Pentheus is inveigled into going up Mt. Cithaeron and spy on the Maenads, whom he  suspected of sexual licence. While the women of his family, under the influence of Bacchic frenzy, roamed the mountains with the Maenads, Pentheus, disguised as a woman, climbed a tree to watch their revels. His mother and aunt saw him there and in their madness, thought him a lion and tore him to pieces.

Archaic Greek vases show a virile Priapus with breasts.

In Norse mythology, Thor was a female impersonator. In one story, the Giant Thrym had Thor’s hammer Mjolnir stolen while he slept and hid it eight miles under the earth. He agreed to return it if Freya was delivered to him as his bride. Freya was unagreeable, so Heimdahl suggested they send a phony Freya. Thor dressed in Freya’s bridal garments and Loki travelled as her bridegroom to trick Thrym and get Mjolnir back.

Besides TV, there is a famous mythological TS story about Teiresias; namely, he stumbled on a pair of copulating snakes (this is the same symbol as in the caduceus of Hermes & the modern medical profession) killing the female in process.  He was “punished by being turned into a woman” and later was called on to settle an argument between Zeus & Hera as to whether men or women enjoyed sex more.  He backed Zeus’s contention that women like it better, and Hera blinded him.  (Zeus gave him prophecy in recompense; somewhere in all of this he had his gender re-reassigned, probably “automagically” at the end of seven years or something like that.) The point of Zeus’  position is that it was “justification” for keeping women in purdah (not the Greek word for it, but it gives the right idea.)

This Goddess responded with sympathy and understanding to the yearnings of feminine souls locked up in male bodies. When the Scythians pillaged her temple at Ascelon, she’s alleged to have been so enraged that she made women of the plunderers and decreed that their posterity should be similarly affected.

Zeus supposedly posed as a woman in order to seduce a lesbian.

According to legend in the Mahabharata, a king was transformed into a woman by bathing in a magic river. He went on to bear 100 sons to go with the 100 sons he had previously fathered. He later refused to be changed back because he felt “a woman takes more pleasure in the act of love than does a man”. Unlike Teiresias, he was granted his wish.

When the Sun Goddess met her unruly brother Susanoo, she dressed in male clothes.

The Sierra Estrella, a mountain was said to have a transvestite living inside and both that mountain and another  nearby had the power to “sexually transform men”

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