Transgender Voice Training

Nothing beats transgender voice training by a professional for transition, especially for male to female transgender folks. However, the reality is that many of us can’t afford professional training. What is a girl to do? We have compiled a set of transgender voice training videos for the MtF trans woman who wants to develop a passable female voice. It is not impossible. Not at all. As with most everything else when it comes to transition, persistence will pay off. These videos are likely to give you some ideas for developing your femme voice without the high cost of professional coaching.

Top 5 Strategies for voice feminization

Here are a few strategies laid out for voice feminization. Take some notes, these are great suggestions!

Suddenly Sara Voice Training Vlog

Here are some great tips on voice training. We love the encouragement shown in this video too. You couldn’t have done a better job on this Sara! Thank you!

A NEW Way To Help Voice Feminization

Here’s a whole new way to help with voice training. The reviews seem wonderful on this. If you try this, please send us some feedback on it and let us know how it works for you!

Online Voice Training Lessons

*Another option for voice training is the online transgender voice lessons by Kathe Perez. Ms. Perez is the developer of the Internationally acclaimed Voice Feminization Program. Her program is now available as a 30 day Voice Feminization Boot Camp. There are five classes with live-streaming instructional and practice videos, downloadable notes and worksheets.