Transsexual Fascination

Fascination with Transsexuals in the Porn Community By Jessica Caine

For those who care about such things and notice what the porn community is doing and responding to, people like myself – the pre-op M2F – are the current Flavor of the Month. The so-called “Shemale” is the focus of thousands of relatively new porn sites. Nearly from its inception, there has always been a thriving porn business in America that specialized in presenting the exotic and forbidden. There were always magazines and books devoted to showing black people and there were always magazines for showing the very young, and there were always outlets devoted to showing us Asians and bestiality and… well, you get the idea.

Why are there suddenly so many sex sites devoted to showing M2F transsexualism? I suspect the answer is not so much that we are exotic and mysterious as it is that we are seen as safe and relatively normal. Until recently Western society, and North American society in particular, still threw up tremendous roadblocks in the way of any bio-male wishing to express simple, honest affection toward another male. Growing up in a little red-necked town full of John Wayne clones, the general perception was that those Europeans were all a bunch of fags because the guys sometimes hug each other. The degree of homophobia was incredible. Any male who expressed an interest in anything feminine or sissified was immediately tagged as a potential homo.

And yet every male has the potential to be warm and loving toward another male, we all have the desire to show what’s in our hearts and if we only had the courage to break through the social taboos we would do so. But the stigma of queerness is too much for many males and so they live a lifetime of artificial maleness, suppressing their natural desires in order to meet society’s expectations. For some males, the early prohibitions against anything that might be seen as homosexual behavior and the horror of being tainted with the disgusting stench of femaleness are just too strong.

We have all marveled that heterosexual biological femmes fall into lesbian encounters with absolutely no shame or guilt and are utterly capable of being warm and loving to another female in a way that heterosexual males cannot be with another male. Why should it be so different? It is different simply because of the way we bring up young males to revile any hint of homosexuality. And of course, this sort of training doesn’t work because it is so horribly unnatural. Males grow up with their sexual curiosity about other males left unsatisfied. And that curiosity is there and there can’t be any doubt about that. Every man has had sexual fantasies about other males. Every male has had the desire to play the sub role and go down on another male.

WE ARE THE BRIDGE between femaleness and maleness for such males. With us, they can indulge their natural impulse to be loving toward another male without being judged queer. When your date looks like a woman and smells like a woman and walks like a woman and talks like a woman and wears a dress like a woman and wears lipstick like a woman…. then it’s okay to perform fellatio on her. There’s no horrible feeling of wrongness because you can see her as a woman and that makes everything alright.

I used to go to a lot of chat rooms for transsexuals and there would always be males there who would strenuously deny that they were gay or abnormal in anyway except for this fascination with transsexuals. Since I used a highly provocative screen name, I was a target. They homed in on that name. I sometimes handled 10 or 12 Instant Message boxes at a time. In one six-month period, I talked to perhaps 300 such males. Almost invariably one of the very first questions would be: “Can you pass?” They wanted to spend time with someone who would not mark them as homosexuals for dating us. And almost invariably, their greatest desire was not to penetrate but to be penetrated. Of the 300 or so males I talked to in those chat rooms during that one six-month period, I would guess that 290 were primarily interested in performing fellatio.

Sexual exploration is a natural and normal part of growing up and in a society where we demand that our young people do the impossible –suppress the strongest sexual urges they will ever experience in this lifetime– for several years, the frustration of this urge leads to sexual frustration, misery and the burgeoning of a porn industry devoted to giving males glimpses of what they are forbidden to have in reality: the warmth and affection of their peer group.

Under such insane circumstances, it is hardly surprising that our society is so screwed up. What’s surprising is that it continues to lurch along at all. But we pay a high price for the way we treat young people and the way we restrict our natural sexual urges. That price can be seen in the rape statistics, the insane corporate culture we’ve created, the strange inability to experience compassion by so many of our citizens, the weird perception of freedom as something scary and intolerable.

But mainly we pay the price in simple human misery. The vast majority of our citizens skulk about the world looking for ways to express their natural sexual urges and finding no way that society will approve. Nearly all these people are unhappy and most of them are miserable.

And so they search for an outlet for their drives. And there we are. We are the acceptable sex objects for their homosexual longings because we wear dresses and lipstick. So long as society continues to place straight jackets on our sexual behavior toward others of the same gender, there will always be a large percentage of the population, mostly male but with a lot of females also, that finds the need to indulge its desires in acceptable ways. And we are the sex objects of choice for the moment, not because we are exotic or strange but because we are seen, in a very strange way, as being closer to the norm than true homosexuality.

Jessica Caine

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