FtM Transgender Videos

FtM Transgender VideosFtM Transgender videos provide information for the female to male community by sharing the tips and the helpful guidance of others who have successfully transitioned. It’s truly amazing what can be achieved through a thoughtful approach and perseverance. These trans guys are at various stages of their transition and we think they look great!

FtM Transition Videos

We have curated this collection of FtM transgender transition videos for you to watch. We hope these FtM videos help give you the inspiration to go out there and be the confident man you are meant to be. You might notice we use the butterfly as a representative photo on our transgender site. It is because the butterfly so aptly represents the transition of a gender dysphoric person into the person they are truly meant to be. The transformation in a trans man can be amazing.

Body Morphology – FtM transition timeline: The effects of 3 years on testosterone for this trans man.

This video shows the amazing difference that three years on hormones can do for the female to male trans body. This is truly inspirational to everyone in the transgender community. Remember, share your transition stories and build each other up! We’re all amazing!

One year on testosterone FtM transition video. See the significant change!

Milan shares his top 5 tips for FtM haircuts

Spoiler alert: Milan prefers going to barbers. He has discovered the significant cost difference between barbers and hairdressers. As we all know, your physical appearance is incredibly important when it comes to passing. We have a gentleman here who has some great tip and REALLY great hair!

A Guide to FTM Passing

This is a great guideline to start out with. A very entertaining segment from a great passing FTM. This video covers binding which can be very helpful! take a look!

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