Systemic Trans Marginalization
Systemic Trans Marginalization in the U.S.

Systemic Trans Marginalization in the U.S.

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Coinciding with Trans Awareness Week, Human Rights Watch released a November 2021 report showing that transgender people in the U.S. are at significant risk of violence and harassment. Of course, we’ve known this all along. Recorded reports of transphobic murders and other acts of criminal violence are at all-time highs. This all begins with systemic marginalization and discrimination experienced by trans people, particularly trans people of color.

Trans Marginalization in the Legal Landscape

What got us to this point? Trans people have hardly had a fair shake from government leaders and religious leaders who often influence the “moral fabric” of our legal landscape. Trans people are unfairly targeted by misguided legislation portraying them as predators stalking the bathrooms. That is only the beginning of discrimination against transgender people. Transphobia spreads to families and to entire communities. Transgender people regularly face ridicule, taunts and physical violence among their peers, in schools, in the workplace and even in their homes.
Discrimination Based on Gender Identity

Currently, less than half of U.S. states prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. Trans people are routinely denied basic human dignity and the right to fair access to housing, education and employment opportunities. Until the U.S. government proactively steps up to protect its vulnerable transgender citizens we will continue the fight for equality.

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