Transgender Makeup Tutorials

Transgender makeup tutorials are provided to help you finish off your perfect look! Learn techniques to cover beard shadow, contour your face for a more feminine look and present yourself as the lovely person you are!

MTF Make-up Secrets!

This is a wonderful tutorial that covers all the bases on how to do your make up according to your facial features. Don’t be afraid to follow along with your make up! Transsexual make-up is a difficult process but becomes easier as time goes on.

Cover The 5 O’clock Shadow

How to cover the 5 O’clock shadow. Possibly one of the best things to learn to do sooner rather than later. As you transition you’ll notice your hair disappear more and more but until then these are some great tips that can really help you out!

Eyebrows Are Always Important

Eyebrows are a very important part of make up for both transsexuals and bio women. They can really help with the shape of your face and help you to pass. Take a couple of notes and make sure you’re not over doing it or under doing it. Most of all have fun ladies!

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