What to do and What Not to do

Clothing Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts of dressing from fall to summer. Transgender women of all shapes and sizes can use these videos to help customize their look to fit them perfectly! A big thanks to Jamie Mackenzie, The maker of this beautiful video!

Pantyhose: Mastered by you!

Mastering the art of pantyhose can be a frustrating thing. Most biological women don’t like it either but they make your legs look flawless! That’s something that we strive for in the trans community, flawlessness.

Feel Girly All The Time!

Feeling girly when you’re transitioning is the most rewarding feeling there is. It further supports your decision as who you are as a person and we want you to feel natural and normal. Feeling natural and normal is half the battle! If you feel it ladies, you look it!

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