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Caitlyn Jenner’s Amazing Transformation

caitlyn-jenner-twitterCaitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is certainly not the first famous person to come out as transgender. However, she is the first person to do it very publicly and in front of billions of people in the media. There is probably very few people who have not heard of Caitlyn Jenner, even within the first 48 hours after her coming out, but for anyone still in the dark, let’s just refresh our memory and remember for a moment the reason she came into being; Bruce Jenner, not just a reality TV star as part of the Keeping up with the Kardashians, but a gold medal Olympic Decathlete in the 1976 Olympics which were held in Montreal.

In the 1970’s Bruce Jenner was the all-American Olympic hero who brought it home for the American people. He was big and strong and sexy, and on the Wheaties box. It seemed his life couldn’t get better than that. What no one knew at the time was that in some ways it couldn’t have been worse for Bruce. Inside, Bruce wasn’t Bruce at all. He struggled with an inner secret that set him apart from more or less everyone he knew. He kept that secret to himself but did take personal measures to ‘fix’ the problem, but with no success. (continued below)

After his marriage to Chris Jenner—Mom to the Kardashian kids—and father in his own right Jenner became part of the media uproar that was ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. The reality TV Show—love it or loathe it—was the most watched reality TV show on the network and besides following the Kardashians about town it also highlighted some other ‘incidental’ changes that were taking place, and people started to notice.

The media began putting out articles of how Bruce seemed to be looking very different these days, how feminine he was becoming. They chided him, mocked him and followed him endlessly; making his life ever more miserable until finally, in 2015 he sat down with Diane Sawyer of ABC News and told her exactly what was going on with him.

The Bruce Jenner Interview was given prime time airtime, and the two-hour show, which aired on April 24th pulled over twenty million viewers—the highest ever rated news magazine telecast—and it covered the in depth story of Jenner’s struggle with himself.

What came out was the as a kid Bruce didn’t feel as though his body matched his inner feelings. He had been living a lie, a pretense that he had kept up with for his entire 65 years on the planet. His interview revealed his feelings, his mental state and his solitary life as a woman that he entertained in private. He revealed that he had told his family and his kids that he intended to live as a woman and he had ‘introduced’ his family to ‘her’ before going public. He never wanted to hurt his kids and he had been surprised at just how supportive they were. During the interview he also showed Diane his ponytail he had been growing in order to begin the public process of coming out as ‘her’—whose name he did not at that time disclose.

Diane Sawyer asked Jenner how she identified herself sexually and Jenner responded that she currently sees herself as ‘asexual’ because it was more a matter of how she felt about herself inside than how she identified with others sexually.  The announcement that Jenner was considering reassignment surgery came as no surprise and Diane Sawyer was even granted a personal viewing to the dresses that ‘she’ would wear. Jenner referred to her alter ego as ‘she’ because the name had not yet been disclosed.

However, on June 1st 2015 Caitlyn Jenner suddenly appeared on the cover of the new Vanity Fair (June edition) Magazine, dressed in a cream bodice and looking every bit the movie star with long flowing curls and subtle and beautiful make-up. Caitlyn Jenner was born at the age of 65 and she came out with a bang. The last couple of days have been filled with Caitlyn and we understand that novelty will wear off; she will get on with her life and yet still be seen every so often. Her brand new Twitter account already has 2.6 million followers and counting at the time of this publication.

What we also understand is that Caitlyn has appeared at a time when the transsexual and transgender community really needs some positive publicity. She is doing for us what no other form of publicity could ever do and for that we thank her. We also wish Caitlyn every happiness and success in the future and we are certainly going to follow her progress! Welcome to the world, Caitlyn.

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